The Most Popular Items In Rocket League

The Most Popular Items In Rocket League
The Most Popular Items In Rocket League

In Rocket League, items are a very important commodity. Sure, ranking high and scoring great goals is important, but looking stylish on the field is just as important. There are a huge variety of items present within Rocket League, each with their own unique style, themes and colour schemes, leading to some items being more desirable than others. So it can pose the question, what items are actually the most popular amongst players.

Well, we have taken the time to find out what items have spent the most time equipped to vehicles by players. Allowing us to come up with a list of items that you should definitely add to your collection, because believe us, everybody wants them. So here is our guide to the most popular items in Rocket League.

Most Popular Car Body: Fennec

First up we have the Fennec which is the most popular car body among Rocket League players. This car in terms of appearance is a mix of an American Muscle car and a land cruiser, leading to a final product that looks fast and agile but still packs a punch too. This car is also popular as its runs of the same body typing as the Octane, the pro player’s favourite car body. So with this one, you can play well and look classy too. This car even comes with Esports decals due to its surge in popularity recently. So be sure to pick up one of these if you can via blueprints or trading.

Most Popular Decal: Germaphile

Now we have the most popular decal and this happens to be the animated decal ‘Germaphile’. This design is a biologically themed one that shows little amoeba scurrying about your car. It sounds a little of putting but we assure you, aesthetically its very becoming. This item is also pretty cheap as well as players can pick this up for around 400 credits if they know where to look. So if you want to bring bacteria back into fashion, this is the decal for you.

Most Popular Wheel: FSL-B

Now we have the FSL-B wheels which are the most popular wheels in Rocket League. These wheels come in a variety of neon colours, are animated with a smooth pulsing effect and in terms of design, the neon wiring runs along the side of the wheel, making these stand out from other animated options within the game. We would say that orange variants are the coolest as they give the impression that they are on fire. You can pick these up for 50-150 credits too, making them a pretty inexpensive option.

Most Popular Boost: Beat Saber

Now we have the limited boost ‘Beat Saber’. If you are familiar with VR gaming, then you’ll know that Beat Saber is one of the best VR experiences available at the moment. The red and blue contrasting shapes that fly from the exhaust of your vehicle look great on the field and its a great way to show love for this fantastic game. Plus, this one is an unlockable boost if you are a legacy player, so simply play and eventually, you will be gifted with this excellent boost.

Most Popular Topper: Pixelated Shades

Do you remember the days of Call of Duty no scope montages? Well, then you will probably be familiar with these particular shades. This topper pays homage to the descending shades often seen within meme culture. So thanks to this, plus the fact that they are aesthetically very cool, this topper is the most equipped of the bunch. These shades are purchasable from the in-game store so if you want them, they are readily available. So get out there are grab a pair.

Most Popular Antenna: Nagitana

Now we have the Nagitana antenna which is the most popular in its field. This antenna showcases a Naginata, a Japanese spear/blade used famously by samurai. It’s an aesthetically pleasing option for any vehicle and perhaps you can use it as a warning to any players on the field. Mess with you and you’ll show them just how sharp your skills are. This one can be picked up for roughly 200 credits which is a fairly reasonable price. So pick this one up and express your inner samurai.

Most Popular Goal Explosion: Duelling Dragons

Speaking of Japanese and Asian culture, it doesn’t get much more traditionally Japanese than dragons. This goal explosion shows two oriental dragons tussling in a spiral motion as soon as the ball nestles in the goal. It’s a very impressive design that enhances the level of serotonin you’ll get from every goal you score. Now, this one is far less affordable as you would expect with the quality of the item. This one will set you back about 2,000 credits, so be prepared to spend if you want this superb goal explosion.

Most Popular Trail: Ruckus

Now we have the trails on offer within Rocket Leauge, with Ruckus taking the crown as the most popular. This trail isn’t too far removed from the default flame trail. However, its slightly closer in design to the Ion trail and its natural colour is a deep crimson red. Overall, its for those that like the default trail but just want something a little different. It’s also pretty cheap at about 50 credits so if you want one, you won’t have to spend through the nose.

Most Popular Player Banner: Sunset 1986

Not to be confused with the Sunset wheel variant, this banner is the most popular within Rocket League. This banner is a pretty simple design with a dark navy base, with a blood orange design in the left corner which showcases a palm tree with a sunset backdrop. It’s a very cool yet minimalistic design that gives us summer vibes. This design is priced at around 50 credits so you won’t have to break the bank for this seasonal banner.

Most Popular Avatar Border: Spring Pogoda

Then lastly, we have the most popular avatar border which is Spring Pogoda. This engulfs your avatar in a springtime scene in an oriental garden, complete with petal blossoms cascading down towards the floor. It’s a very classy option and its a breath of fresh air compared to the level related avatar borders many players use. This will cost you anywhere from 200-400 credits, so shop around and try to find the best price for this one.

Be On Trend

So, there you have the most popular items in Rocket League. Just to clarify, this data was taken straight from Psyonix themselves, so you can rest assured that these are indeed the community’s favourite and most used items. If you want to get your hands on these, you’ll have to buy them via the in-game item shop, buy from 3rd party sites or trade with other players. This will depend on the item in question. So, we hope this helps you built your ideal car setup and happy hunting.