How to fix error 67 in Rocket League

How to solve error 67 in Rocket League Easily
How to fix error 67 in Rocket League

When playing Rocket League, although there are facilities to play offline it can be said with some confidence that the game earns its plaudits through its community and multiplayer assets. The online gameplay is immensely enjoyable and allows for a plethora of fun and varied game modes.So you can understand how frustrating it might be if you cannot connect to online matches. Then even more frustrating if you are simply given an error code to indicate the issue. A code that you likely don’t know the cause of.The code in question is often referred to as ‘error 67’.

This error code is one that is possible to get across all platforms, whether that be console or PC. It will present itself when you are aiming to join an online match.It will appear in a red script where the code shows your status when finding a server and match to join.What this red script essentially means, is that you are unable to participate in online gameplay until this issue is resolved. No matter how many different matches you aim to join, this situation will remain the same sadly.

Why does error 67 occur?

Though you may be wondering, why does this error keep happening? Well, this can occur for more than one reason which can often lead to a troubleshooting procedure until you find the root of the problem.One reason why this error can occur is due to steam running without authorization from the system admin. This is, of course, a PC only issue and a common one if the system has multiple users. Without permission to run as the administrator, this can cause online components and ports to be inaccessible by Rocket League causing issues with matchmaking.This is not the only PC only issue, however. If players are running antivirus software or firewalls that prevent third-party server access, this can also cause this error and make online matchmaking impossible.Other common issues linked to Error 67 are that required ports are not forwarded causing issues with the IP address and therefore the connection.Then the last well-known issue linked to the error is that UPnP is not activated. UPnP stands for Universal plug and play and relates to a set of protocols that effect networked devices. It allows these devices to seamlessly link with one and other. So without its services being active, this can cause problems with connectivity and therefore matchmaking.

How to fix “error 67” in Rocket League

Though these problems perhaps sound rather technical and daunting, there is no need to worry.For each occurrence, there is a simple solution that will get you back on the Rocket League pitch in no time. We have compiled a guide for each situation so no matter what obstacle you have to overcome, we can give you the tools to do just that.

Method 1 – Run steam as the administrator

When it comes to running problems without administrative privileges, it simply requires the player to allow said privileges to get things back to normal.Though you may be wondering, how do I get steam to run as the administrator on my PC? Well, thankfully the process is very simple. Though you must have the ability to enter the administrator login credentials if needed.What this means is that if you are using a computer with multiple user accounts, there is a possibility that your account may not be the admin. In which case, either have this person present or get the applicable details before continuing with this process. If you have access however, then this fix is not difficult at all. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it:

  1. If you have steam currently open and it’s running without administrative privileges, simply close down steam.
  2. Once you have closed steam, locate the shortcut for steam either on your desktop, taskbar or in your program files. Once you have done this, right-click on the shortcut.
  3. when the right-click menu shows, what you should select is ‘run as administrator’. If you need to enter login details it will prompt you to do so.

Once you have changed this and ran steam as an administrator. The program should have access to the ports and online components that are needed and you shouldn’t have any issues regarding error 67.Though this is not the only reason that this error occurs so if it is not immediately fixed then do not panic.

Method 2 – Adding an exception to antivirus software and disabling firewalls

The next problem that can cause this issue is antivirus software or firewalls preventing steam from accessing ports needed for matchmaking.These systems are known to often block communication to programs that use third-party servers such as Rocket League. So for that reason, it is sometimes necessary to check the settings for these systems.There are two ways to go about relieving this issue caused by these respective systems. The first is entering the settings as aforementioned and establishing new rules for the ports related to Rocket League. Once you have located these within the system or entered the ports into a rule setting option, the action needed is to establish that there is an exception made for these specific ports. This allows the software to continue protecting your system while allowing access to the needed ports through a manually made rule.This is not always possible for players to do, especially when working with firewall software. So often the player will have to disable or uninstall the system responsible for the blockage or breakdown in communication.This can be an issue for some players as they want their computers to be protected and safe. So it may be worth having a browse through other options for a more flexible system.Sadly, because these systems are so diverse and have various different user interfaces. It means that we can not give a one rule fits all guide for you. However, through taking the general considerations above and put them into action, it is likely that this will fix your issue, and matchmaking will be a possibility once again.

Method 3 – Forward the Rocket League ports

If the two above methods haven’t solved the problem then this might just do the trick. What you can do to resolve this error is forward the necessary ports.This basically involves players entering their router’s settings and adding specific ports that are needed. Here is a step by step guide for you:

  1. The first thing you need to do is access the router settings. To do this you need to open a Web browser and in the search bar, enter your personal IP address. This should bring you to the settings menu
  2. Before you have access to this menu though, you will be prompted for your login credentials. So simply enter your username and password correctly to continue.
  3. Now you will have access to the router settings and will have the ability to forward any additional ports that are needed. Depending on the system in question, these can vary quite a lot. Here is a quick list of the ones that you will need for each respective system:Steam:TCP: 27015-27030,27036-27037

    UDP: 4380,27000-27031,27036Playstation 4:TCP: 1935,3478-3480

    UDP: 3074,3478-3479Xbox One:TCP: 3074

    UDP: 88,500,3074,3544,4500Switch:TCP: 6667,12400,28910,29900,29901,29920

    UDP: 1-65535
  4. After you have successfully added the necessary ports, turn off the WiFi system and/or console. Then restart the system and check if the problem has been resolved.

Method 4 – Enable UPnP in the router settings

Then if all the above methods have failed, there is still hope.You can use this method and more than likely, it will aid your situation. This is by entering your router settings and enabling UPnP settings. This allows for all WiFi-based software to communicate freely and negates any blockages or breakdowns in communication.So here is a step by step guide on how to enable these settings and get you back on the pitch, scoring goals and soaring high.

  1. The first thing you need to do is access the router settings. To do this you need to open a Web browser and in the search bar, enter your personal IP address. This should bring you to the settings menu
  2. Before you have access to this menu though, you will be prompted for your login credentials. So simply enter your username and password correctly to continue.
  3. Once you have entered the router settings within the browser, you’ll want to locate the ports section. Within this section should be an option to enable UPnP. Find this and then select enable.
  4. After you have enabled this, make sure that you have saved the changes to the system and then restart the WiFi system. Allow up to 60 seconds for the system to reboot. If done correctly, you should not see the error message and be able to join and compete in online matches.

An error that shouldn’t cause terror

As mentioned, not being able to connect and participate in online matches within Rocket League can lead to a very diluted and challenging experience. The joy of playing with pals and climbing the ladder in online ranked matches is something that is truly special. So it shouldn’t be something that can be ruined by a lousy connection and even less so by wrongly configured settings.So through the tips, tricks and step by step guide provided. We hope that you can quickly identify the problem causing that pesky red script when matchmaking and get straight back into the action. One of the best things about Rocket League is the community and the challenge of multiplayer, so don’t let your gaming system hold you back from a myriad of fun matches and experiences.