Griefing in Rocket League and How to Deal with It

Griefing is really common in multiplayer games. In this article you'll learn about Griefers in RL and how to report them.
Griefing in Rocket League and How to Deal with It

Every new invention has its setbacks. One major drawback of online gaming is griefing. Ever since games went online, the gaming world has been facing this issue. Game developers are well aware of this problem and are constantly working to minimize the effects of griefing.

What is Griefing in Rocket League?

Generally speaking, "griefing" is a term used to describe when a player within a multiplayer online environment intentionally disrupts another player's game experience for his or her own personal enjoyment or gain. Griefers scam, cheat, and abuse, often victimizing the weakest and newest players. In Rocket League, Griefers can ruin your gameplay just like smurfs do. If a player is constantly joining your squad and scoring own-goals on purpose, that's a griefer. In games that attempt to encourage complex and enduring interactions among thousands of players, "griefing" has evolved from being an isolated nuisance to a social disease.

Griefers in Rocket League

Rocket League is a highly competitive game. The Rocket League community has always been under fire for being one of the most toxic player bases in the whole wide world, with people on the outside and former rocketeers comparing it to the infamous Call of Duty lobbies of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

RL report

Rocket League's Code of Conduct lists the following activities as griefing.

  • Verbal/Text Harassment: Used when a player is threatening or harassing you or other players in All Chat, or Team Chat, offensive language, flooding, etc.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Used when a player is abusing the matchmaking system, griefing, and/or playing for the other team, intentional disruption of the game, AFK’ers, etc.
  • Cheating: Used when a player is cheating, or taking advantage of a bug or exploit, smurfing, opponent collusion, etc.
  • XP Farming: Used when a player is suspected of being a bot that is present to farm XP, levels, items, or currency.
  • Inappropriate Club Name: Used to report Club Names and Club Tags that are threatening, harassing, racist, demeaning, or otherwise toxic.

What to Do When You Face a Griefer

Griefers are quite common in Rocket League. While you could just ignore minor offences, there are some griefers who will go beyond your tolerance level. Psyonix is always in support of victims of griefing and they offer great assistance when it comes to griefing. The developers always recommend that you report an abusive player as soon as you face abuse.

How to Report a Griefer

While in a match:

  1. Open the menu
  2. Select Report/Block Player
  3. Find the player
  4. Select Report
  5. Select one or more of the Reporting Reasons in the table given

After a match:

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Open your Friends list
  3. Select the Recent Players tab
  4. Find the player
  5. Select their username
  6. Select Report Player
  7. Select one or more of the given options

Steps Against Griefing

RL Ban

With each update, Psyonix is taking steps towards eradicating any and all sexism, racism, homophobia, and bullying from their in-game parties, private lobbies, and, eventually, revamped voice chat. Here are the consequences of griefing in Rocket League:

  • Account/Game Bans: Temporary or permanent suspension of your account, and alternate accounts. This includes losing access to your in-game items and currencies, as well as online features or systems.
  • Chat Bans: Temporary or permanent loss of in-game chat and limited functionality of Quick Chat.
  • Club Bans: You can no longer create and/or join Clubs.
  • Trade Bans: You can no longer engage in trading with other players or accounts.
  • Competitive Sanctions: Matchmaking bans, Ineligibility for Season Rewards, Rank Reset, and similar actions may be taken against players who abuse the matchmaking system.
  • Alternate Accounts: Actions taken against a player’s account may also extend to their alternate accounts.

Why does griefing exist?

Some people simply enjoy destroying things and hindering other people, much to the disappointment of others. In this regard, while griefing is disruptive, it can also result in very real harm to game developers. Griefers are spoilsports in the truest sense of the word. Some even know there’s an audience for it and live-stream their antics. Never ever give in to their misdemeanour. Always report greifers as soon as you come upon one. With that said, we hope you have a happy gaming experience.

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