What is the Highest Rank & MMR in Rocket League?

There are many tiers to Rocket League’s ranking system, but what is the highest rank and the most MMR that you can get in competitive play?
What is the Highest Rank & MMR in Rocket League?

With so many tiers that you can barely shake a stick at it, the Rocket League ranking system can be a complicated one to navigate. From Grand Champion to Bronze I, these competitive matches are more than just a fan little pass time for many players. Seeking those higher ranks, establishing yourself on the rank distribution, and beating that average rank is something highly regarded in the community. The crown jewel, though, is the highest rank in Rocket League, the one with the highest Matchmaking Rank and the lowest number of successful Rocket League players, the one rank to kill them all. Let’s dive in…

What is the Highest Rank in Rocket League?

Supersonic Legend is the highest of all the Rocket League ranks, and requires the highest MMR level in the game. To become a Supersonic Legend, to reach this crazy rank in Rocket League, you not only need to have a firm grasp of how competitive matches work and how to play a good Rocket League game, but you need to intricately understand the game like very few others do.

It probably goes without saying that, out of all the Rocket League ranks that you can work towards, achieving the title of Supersonic Legend is a truly incredible feat. It’s more impressive than Grand Champion, the previous best rank before they reformed the ranking system, and it’s one that even some of the best competitive Rocket League players can only dream of achieving. That’s how coveted the highest Rocket League rank, Supersonic Legend, is. It’s the one ring, if we’re going to continue with that allusion from before.

What is the Highest MMR in Rocket League?

The highest MMR ever achieved in Rocket League was from ol’ mate M0nkeyM00n, who scored 2360 MMR points in Season 13 (doubles). This is followed by oKaliD, who picked up 2352 MMR points in Season 1 (doubles) and Alpha54 who scored 2320 MMR in Season 9. Similarly to Bronze I, where you can achieve MMR ranks well into the negatives, the sky's the limit for Supersonic Legend players. It is literally only limited by the length of each competitive season.

How Much MMR Does Supersonic Legend Require?

To reach Supersonic Legend in Rocket League you need at least 1861 to 2014 MMR Points, which is worlds and above more than the previous tier, Grand Champion III, which requires a minimum of 1709. When playing competitive Rocket League, you will gain and lose points depending on your performance and how you stack up against your peers. These points are hidden but you can get hold of them a number of ways. This is all described in our article in our all-you-need-to-know article about Rocket League ranks and MMR.

Where Does Supersonic Legend Fit in the Distribution?

Supersonic Legend is the king of all Rocket League ranks, the one to beat, and even better than Grand Champion. With that in mind you have to understand that the ranking system is going to make it darn-well hard to reach this particular matchmaking rank. With that also in mind, you’ll also probably want to note that the Rocket League rank distribution may look a little shallow here.

Let’s explain: the average rank is somewhere between Platinum I and II in 1v1 Ranked Duel, between Diamond II and III in 2V2 Ranked Doubles, and between Diamond I and II in 3v3 Ranked Standard. This more than proves my point that there aren’t many players in the coveted position of being a Supersonic Legend. Now that we’ve established this, let’s take a look at where the highest of all the Rocket League ranks sits on this spectrum…

How Do You Become the Highest Rank in Rocket League?

To finish this article we want to answer a simple question: how do work up those Rocket League ranks, how do you become a Supersonic Legend, how do you become the ultimate Rocket League player? Well, it all comes down to practice. Lots and lots and lots and lots of practice. Working your way through the Rocket League ranks, from those early placement matches to the highest rank possible, you need to be near-obsessive. You need to check the hidden score that is MMR, you need to practice in training mode, you need to know the ins and outs of Rocket League’s ranking system.

Luckily for you, that last point has been already kind-of settled. In terms of the other stuff, though, you should totally check out our top 50 tips and tricks, get yourself even more deeply engaged with Rocket League ranks, and dive into a few competitive game modes. You may never reach Supersonic Legend. Hell, you may never even hit Grand Champion, but this is the best way to give yourself a shot at the goal!

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