What is the Lowest Rank & MMR in Rocket League?

Ranking up is crucial to the fun you can have with Rocket League, but everyone has to start somewhere. Let’s take a look at the lowest rank.

Updated on Aug 23, 2023
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What is the Lowest Rank & MMR in Rocket League?

Rocket League Ranks are not so hard to come by. Well, that is unless you’re planning on becoming a Grand Champion or even a Supersonic Legend and seriously challenging the millions of competitive Rocket League players that dominate those high rank competitive playlists. No matter your goal, nor your ambitions for glory, everyone needs to start somewhere. You should feel ashamed if you’re sitting in that cohort of bronze players, and there’s no need to tease those lower ranked friends of yours either. Again, everyone needs to start somewhere in Rocket League, and the ranking system can be a little difficult to understand.


Let’s dive back into the world of Rocket League ranks with a deep look at the lowest matchmaking rank in the game, and have a little discussion about why this question is actually more complicated than you may have thought.

What is the Lowest Rank in Rocket League?

The lowest Rocket League rank is more complicated than you may think, as it really depends on who you ask. In general, though, it can be defined as the following: the lowest rank in Rocket League is Bronze I. Let us explain this, though, because many might think that Unranked is the truly lowest MMR you can have.


Unranked is considered by some to not actually be a “true” Rocket League rank, as this is your label before you have reached the tenth rank in whichever competitive season you’re playing, and completed your ten placement matches. You can actually have a high MMR but be in Unranked because you haven’t completed those placement matches. Once you have completed these steps and your skill level has placed you in a competitive Rocket League rank, the lowest that it can buttign you is as a Bronze I player. The TL;DR of it all, though, is that Unranked is technically not a rank, making Bronze I the truly lowest Rocket League rank.


What is the lowest MMR in Rocket League?

As MMR can reach deep into the negatives, there is no real way of knowing exactly what the lowest MMR possible is in Rocket League. It could very much be that players who continuously smurf and lose games continue to go down that rabbit hole to seemingly impossible depths.


The lowest Rocket League MMR we found was -200 MMR, but people claimed they already saw less (in the -700 region)

How Much Rocket League MMR Does Bronze I Require?

Unlike Unranked, Bronze I is an actual Tier in the Rocket League Rank Distribution. Out of all of the Rocket League Ranks, though, it is the absolute lowest (if you don’t include Unranked, of course). That being said, to be Bronze I you need to have less than 172 matchmaking rank points, but can have any number below zero. Often you will have far more MMR than this after you completed the placement matches, so you will likely start much higher up in the Rocket League ranks. If you do, congratulations, you are truly on your path to Grand Champion!

Seeing as Unranked doesn’t really count as a rank, as you haven’t placed yet, Bronze I requires the least amount of MMR points in the game. In fact, Bronze I players can end up in the negative due to continuous losses, giving this particular rank probably the greatest range of scores possible, reaching deep, deep, deep pbutted zero. This is your entry-point into the overall Rocket League ranking system, starting close to 0 and then going up or down depending on your wins and losses.

Where Does the Lowest Rank in Rocket League Fit into the Distribution?

Of course, both Unranked and Bronze I sit significantly beneath the average rank in Rocket League. If you consider the average rank to be early Platinum players and Diamond III players, then you would generally have 9-10 Rocket League Ranks to climb through if your goal is to at least reach those couple of tiers.

Players in Bronze I and Unranked make up a large proportion of the Rocket League community. With all of that in mind, try not to be too shocked when we reveal that there are 78,717 competitive players in Unranked, making up 9.70% of people who are engaged in the Rocket League ranking system. In contrast, Bronze I players make up only 0.03% of all Rocket League Competitive Players, adding to a total of 268 as of our last census. That’s a serious difference, isn’t it? Why could it be that way? Well, there are two distinct reasons for this:

  1. Most players will be put into higher Rocket League ranks than Bronze I after they play the ten competitive matches required to qualify.

  2. There are tons of players who may start the process of playing competitive matches but won’t play the required amount, or reach level ten, and thus will stay “Unranked”.


How Do You Leave the Lowest Rank & MMR in Rocket League?

To find yourself up in the Rocket League ranks, whether that’s sitting around the average rank or up in the stars with the likes of a Supersonic Legend or Grand Champion, you need to first reach level ten in the current Rocket League Season and then complete ten placement matches. This will buttign you into a position within the Rocket League ranks and allow you to progress through the competitive rank board. From Bronze I you will need to simply follow our tips and tricks on how to rank up in Rocket League to progress your way through the ranks themselves. Enjoy!


So there you have it, folks: depending on who you ask either Unranked or Bronze I is the lowest of the Rocket League ranks. Remember, though, that Rocket League is not just about getting to Supersonic Legend or Grand Champion. Instead, it’s about enjoying the competitive game modes, playing Rocket League matches against players of the same skill level as you and, of course, just having a whole lot of fun.

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