What's the average Rank & MMR in Rocket League?

What rank does an average player in rocket League have, what skills do they possess, and what makes them different from above-average players?
What's the average Rank & MMR in Rocket League?

One standard answer we hear from people when asked about their skills in Rocket League is “I'm average.” But what does that actually mean?

What is the average Rocket League rank?

The average rank in Rocket League is Platinum 1 in 1V1 and 3V3 and Platinum 1 in 2v2. Having this rank means representing approximately the top 50% of all players. That said, you are favored to win 50 out of 100 Rocket League duels — and that's actually a pretty average result. So if you are better than Gold III, you are classified as an above-average level player!

What is the average MMR in Rocket League?

The average MMR in Rocket League is between 575 and 634 for the solo and 3V3 mode and between 653 and 705 for doubles. It depends on which rocket league division is the average in the corresponding season. This varies over time.

What skills does the Gold III player have?

Anyone who has tried their hand at Rocket League knows how high the skill cap is. So, what skills in such a unique game must a player possess to be called “average”? 

The average player has mastered the basics of Rocket League and features a number of players that are able to do more advanced moves such as aerials and wall shots on a semi-consistent basis. Players will make occasional mistakes here and there is still a lack of consistency in terms of overall performance. However, this is where you begin to see players carve out a personal playstyle and players will need to carve out their own to fit in.

What divides a Gold III player from a pro?

Well, the thing that plays an important (if not the most important) role here is the time commitment.

Most gamers treat Rocket League as a from break their daily routine, where for these pros, it's virtually a full-time job. Even if it's not enough to become a pro here is a list of over 50 short Rocket League Tips you can apply to your gameplay right now.We hope that they help you rank up in rocket league faster.