Best Rocket League Controls and Camera Settings

Updated on Aug 02, 2023
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Best Rocket League Controls and Camera Settings

For Rocket League, there are similar points to keep in mind when it comes to the Rocket League Controls and also the Rocket League Camera Settings. This sounds strange but having the right ones are beneficial to the game.

What are Rocket League Controls and Camera Settings?

These are exactly how they sound. Rocket League Controls are the controls used to play the game and the commands buttigned to the buttons or keys.


While the Camera Settings targets how you move the camera to look around the arena. Individually they might not sound too important but combined these settings can improve how the game feels to play.


How can Rocket League Camera Settings make you better?

Customizing your Camera Settings gives you the ability to move the camera much faster or slower along with adjustments to the camera angles and the height above the car.


This might sound like it shouldn't matter but being able to see more of the arena and have better control over the camera means that you have better visuals of the game and allows you to make the best decision possible since you can see more of the arena. It's a very 'small' change but is something critical to any third-person multiplayer game. Increasing the Field of Vision (FOV) is a common suggestion for third-person shooter games since it allows you to see more of the screen and the Rocket League Camera Setting work in the same way.

How can Rocket League Controls make you a better player?

While there is no single 'correct' Rocket League Controls, getting them personalized to suit you is the key for making the game easier to play. If you've already been playing for quite a while then there's no point in changing the controls as you most likely have muscle memory in place already which means you will automatically press specific buttons or keys to perform movements. When you have muscle memory, you don't think about the movements you want to make and will react on instinct since your body already knows what to do. So changing the buttons or keys can be detrimental instead of helpful.


If you're used to playing games using the same keys or buttons then changing the Rocket League Controls is a great idea. It makes the controls feel more familiar and changing the controls early into playing the game shouldn't cause you any problems since muscle memory and instinct shouldn't have developed yet. Changing the controls so they feel more natural makes the game easier to play.

The Best Rocket League Camera Settings

There might not be a single correct settings list for Rocket League since this can be a very personal thing. We have some suggestions below which are a great starting point and we advise making changes slowly. This makes it easier to see what adjustments you like so they can be edited to a point you're happy with and for you to get a better idea of what each adjustment does to the game.


Camera Shake: Off

Leaving this on just means the screen will shake when you hit the ball which can make it harder to aim precisely. This can also just be annoying to have turned on since it's similar to a mini motion blur whenever you touch the ball.

Camera FOV: 100 - 110

The default value for this is 90 and the FOV is exactly the same as other games. Increasing it slightly will let you see more of the field so you're given more information while traversing the arena.[elementor-template id="87872"]Professional players usually have this set to 110 however, anywhere in the 100-110 range is perfect.

Camera Distance: 250

Increasing the distance slightly is a good idea since it moves the camera a little bit further away from the behind the car.[elementor-template id="87886"]Setting this to maximum means the camera is very far away so precision is difficult which is bad for most games but could be fun for a match with friends.

Camera Height: 90 - 110

This one doesn't need any modifications, the default value of 100 is usually okay for most players. Professional Rocket League player Camera Settings might change this value however and there's no clear "best" range for it.[elementor-template id="87891"]Some pro players might use under 100 for this while others use over 120. Test this one yourself to find the right balance if you do want to change it.

Camera Swivel Speed: 2.50

The default is perfect for this option, the swivel speed is about how fast the camera turns along with your car during games. Changing this might feel strange and setting it too high could make you feel dizzy from the speed. We suggest leaving it as default but pro players often increase this option too.

Camera Angle: -5

With this option, the default is good so there's no need to change this. You can make adjustments if you wish.[elementor-template id="87898"]This setting is for the angle of the camera facing the car.

Camera Stiffness: 0

You want the camera to remain stiff so it's not a good idea to change this. Some pro players will tweak it slightly but most don't go higher than 1.

Rocket League Camera Settings used by the Pros

Setting these up is a personal choice since some people like to make a lot of changes while others might only make a few minor tweaks. This is true for professional Rocket League players as well with a wide range of setting adjustments. For information about what specific professional players use, check out Pro Settings.

The Best Rocket League Controls

Adjusting the controls might not be a necessity if you've been playing the game for quite some time already. There is no “right” control set-up and it's best to personalise them if you're new so that it feels more natural.


While there isn't a single good set-up that you should use, there are a few things to keep in mind while re-buttigning the controls.

Keyboard and Mouse vs Controller

As mentioned in our Rocket League crossplay article, (link to the previous article) there is no benefit due to the type of controls used. This means there's no need to use a keyboard and mouse or a controller unless that's you're preferred input method for games.


With this in mind, some PC gamers do prefer to use a controller for Rocket League purely due to how the movements work in this game but it's not a necessity. If you plan to use a controller then it's a good idea to check the button buttignments and see how much editing it needs.

Why change the default Rocket League Controls?

Technically, you don't need to change the controls. However, the default scheme can be very awkward on a controller and can feel a bit strange with a keyboard and mouse too. It resorts in players needing to use the “claw” grip which can feel unnatural if it's not your normal holding position. See how the natural layout feels for you but keep in mind you might need to change the default later.

Rocket League Controls you should change

There are some 'small' changes that everyone can and should make to improve their game. These are relatively consistent across all controller types available for Rocket League and while the listed changes are advised, you might decide you prefer the default for that option. It's impossible to tell you exactly how to change the settings since this is such a personal thing in Rocket League. Adjusting these options, however, will improve your gameplay and your experience playing Rocket League also.

Controller Deadzone: This is for controllers and refers to how much you need to move the analog stick before the car starts to turn. At maximum value, the stick needs to push to all the way in each direction to turn the car while the minimum value will cause the car to turn at slight movements. We advise you to spend time testing it since it's quite a personal thing.

Dodge Deadzone: This works the same as the above option, however, it's focused on dodging or flipping the car. It controls how far you need to push the stick to make the car perform different dodges. Generally, you want this setting higher to avoid unwanted maneuvers. This is another one you'll want to test for yourself.


Steering Sensitivity: It controls how sensitive the game is to your stick movements allowing for very sharp turns and movements if it's set quite high. Some players like a higher sensitivity while others prefer this to be lower.Aerial Sensitivity: The same as the option above except this is specific to movements in the air. Most players set this slightly higher than their Steering Sensitivity.Mouse Sensitivity: This works exactly the same as other games, the mouse sensitivity changes the speed of the mouse and the movement buttigned to it. We advise testing this extensively since you might prefer a different sensitivity here compared to other games you play.Keyboard Input Acceleration Time: The name sounds strange but what this option does is quite simple. It refers to how much speed/power is buttigned to a button press which makes keys react more like a joystick.

What Rocket League Control options should be rebuttigned?

While the default controls might work for some players, it also depends on what input device you're using. Rocket League controls should be adjusted to suit your preferred grip style and in accordance with what suits other factors such as hand size and personal preference.


There are a handful of options that are generally more of a concern than the others when it comes to the Rocket League controls.


Air Roll: This is something you need to buttign somewhere you can press easily while the car is in the air. This means you'll need to be able to control the car in the air and also press this button when needed. It's common to buttign both Air Roll and Powerslide to the same button to avoid wasting buttons and to keep them both close.

Boost: As one of the most used buttons in the game, this command needs to be buttigned to a comfortable location. You will most likely want to press this and other buttons at the same time such as the one for jumping so keep this in mind. On controllers players often like to place them next to each other such as A and B for Xbox or a bumper button and something else.Once you have done it will finally look similar to this here:


Rocket League Controls used by Pros

Taking a look at some of the Rocket League controls can be a good starting point for making adjustments to the game. However, do keep in mind that this is dependent on the input device being used and other personal factors such as hand size and peripherals. Those using a keyboard and mouse will probably have a mouse with multiple extra buttons on the side which can all have keys buttigned. Keep this in mind when considering emulating any of the controls used by professional players. Most of them also use controllers.


To see the specific Rocket League controls used by different players, take a look at this website ( to see them according to teams. However, Liquipedia also contains a longer list of Rocket League control settings here ( along with Deadzone settings and Camera settings.

Final Thoughts

Customizing the Rocket League controls and camera setting doesn't have an exact science which means there is no single correct answer for it. Dealing with the control options in Rocket League isn't too complicated and thankfully there are a lot of options that can be modified. When it comes to options in games, it's entirely personal. The best thing to do is to test adjustments over time and to remember that Rocket League controls are not a one size fit all.

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