Fastest Goal in Rocket League: how fast can the Ball go?

How fast can the ball go in Rocket League? Max speed in a normal game, in esports tournaments & with mutators on. World record power shot.
Fastest Goal in Rocket League: how fast can the Ball go?

Fastest Shots in Rocket League without a Mutator

Disclaimer: there is no official ranking of the fastest shots on Rocket League because this statistic isn't tracked by the game itself and can not be found under profile > stats. However, we searched through the Rocket League community to find the players who pinched the ball extremely fast and had proof of that. Here are our findings:

  • The fastest shot of a normal ball without a mutator was at 201 km/h.
  • The fastest Hockey Puck shot recorded had a speed of 210 kph.
  • The fastest ground pinch in training (solo) had a speed of 196 kph.

In an official tournament, the fastest goal was at 163 kph from Alpha 54 at the RLCS. Though there was one faster goal, it was an own goal by Scrub Killa at 166 kph.

Fastest Shot in Rocket League with Mutator and Rumble

Mutators are a fun way to play Rocket League with your friends. They are used to customize gameplay in Exhibition Mode or Custom Matches. Indeed, this can improve the ball speed drastically. If there is a maximum of how fast the ball can go, then you can only achieve it with them.JohnnyBoi_i and Musty attempted a World Record of the fastest shot in Rocket League. The maximum speed they reached was 540 kph with a normal ball and 539 kph with a Hockey Puck.

How fast can the Ball go?

The Max Speed of a shot in Rocket League is 540 kph (equaling 335 mph). You can’t surpass that even with Bakkesmod Plugins or any other combination of mutators.

The quickest goal in Dropshot

During our research, we didn't find the fastest Dropshot goal in terms of speed. However we found an incredible fast goal in terms of time. Just take a look at it yourself:

dropshot fastest goal

Can you score a 0 kph goal?

It sounds impossible but it isn't. The slowest goal speed can be 0 kph (or 0 mph). Practically, you can not shoot a goal slower than this.

The need for speed

The power of your shots can be trained. If you hit the ball at 120+ kph it can be considered a Powershot already and the goalkeeper will have a hard time saving it. It should not be your target to top the mentioned values to be a pro rocket league player.