Best Hitboxes In Rocket League That Will Help You Win More

Here is a ranked list of the best Hitboxes in Rocket League and their features for you to choose form in order to reach the next level.

Updated on Dec 30, 2023
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Best Hitboxes In Rocket League That Will Help You Win More

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Octane Hitbox

The Octane hitbox is one of the best Rocket League car hitboxes. It is the best hitbox for both pros and beginners, which is why you'll see it being used in bronze-ranked lobbies as well as huge RLCS tournaments because of how easy it is to get used to compared to the other hitboxes in the game. Some of the best Rocket League cars are equipped with this hitbox, such as Octane, Fennec, Dingo, Zippy and many more. The Octane is arguably the best car in the game and it fits perfectly with the hitbox which makes it that much easier to learn mechanics.


This hitbox is the second-highest hitbox in Rocket League in terms of height. This is important because it helps the player have an edge over other cars in terms of 50/50s, especially during kickoffs. The Octane hitbox is also used a lot in a lot of 1v1 scenarios as winning kickoffs and 50/50s are vital in duels.

Another good advantage of the Octane hitbox is the width of the hitbox as side flips are more accurate and you have more ball control, especially if you're trying to learn how to dribble.

Hitbox eSport Players
Octane HitboxSquishyMuffinz, Kronovi, Kaydop, Musty, Lethamyr and many more (approx 70% of RLCS Pro Players)

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Dominus Hitbox

Next, we have the Dominus hitbox in Rocket League. This hitbox is very long (in terms of horizontal length) which means it can reach the ball faster than its opponents using any other cars with different hitboxes. This can be crucial, especially if you're trying to reach the ball in the air.


There are many cars equipped with the Dominus Hitbox, and some are even some of the best cars in the game. They are, Dominus, Aftershock, 89 Batmobile, 007’s Aston Martin DBS, Imperator DT5, Ronin/Ronin G1/Ronin GXT, McLaren 570S and many more.


The Dominus hitbox is flat and slightly wider than other hitboxes, which means it can be amazing for flicks and powerful shots. The Dominus is also considered one of the best Rocket League cars and the hitbox has a huge part to play in why is considered to be so.

HitboxeSport Players
Dominus HitboxGimmick, remkoe, JHZER and JSTN.

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Breakout Hitbox

The Breakout hitbox is very similar to the Dominus hitbox in terms of length and width, however, one of the key differences between these hitboxes is the fact that the Domnius hitbox has a better list of cars that fit better with the Dominus hitbox compared to the cars equipped with the Breakout Hitbox. This does not mean that the cars with the Breakout hitbox are bad. Here are a few cars equipped with the Breakout Hitbox- Animus GP, Breakout, Samurai, Cyclone and so on.


This hitbox is amazing for flicks and power shots. A lot of players find the breakout and Dominus hitboxes to work amazingly well in the air, if your current cars are not helping you with ariel mechanics, maybe try out a car equipped with this hitbox!

HitboxeSport Players
Breakout HitboxGambit, Espeon, and Remkoe.

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Plank hitbox

The Plank hitbox is an extremely unique hitbox in Rocket League. As the name suggests, it is quite literally a plank, having characteristics such as being extremely wide and extremely long, even longer than the Dominus hitbox, making it the longest hitbox in Rocket League! Some of the Rocket League cars that use this hitbox are the '16 Batmobile, Mantis, Sentinel, Paladin and so on.


The Plank is very low making it a short hitbox, which is not ideal as oftentimes you would find the ball going over your car's head especially if you're used to higher hitboxes like the Octane hitbox. This is not ideal as you would lose a lot of situations where 50/50s are involved. This is also a big distinction between the Plank and Dominus hitbox. However, the larger surface area can help with game mechanics like dribbling and flicks which are useful in Rocket League.

Hitbox eSport Players
Plank HitboxKux and Fairy.

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Hybrid hitbox

The Hybrid hitbox as the name suggests was designed in a way to take some of the characteristics and features from all of the other Rocket League hitboxes and combine them into one car hitbox. Some of the cars that use this hitbox are Endo, Fast and Furious Nissan Skyline Fast and Furious Pontiac Fiero, Insidio, Nimbus and many more.


The length of this hitbox is almost the same as the Dominus hitbox, which means that you have a great advantage as the battle car hits the ball faster compared to most other hitboxes on and off the ground. How the cars interact with the ball is crucial in Rocket League. This hitbox is also very wide which means mechanics like dribbling are much easier as you have more ball control.


It is also a tall hitbox like the Octane, which means you'll be winning a lot more 50/50s. Just because this hitbox has both features of the Octane and Dominus hitboxes does not mean it is better than them. Most players still prefer the OGs in the game, but that does not necessarily have to be the case for you.

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Merc Hitbox

The Merc Hitbox is one of a kind as it is the tallest and bulkiest hitbox in Rocket League. The height of this hitbox does allow you to win 50/50s easily and because the surface area of the front of the hitbox is very large, you can generate more power while shooting. Very few cars are equipped with this hitbox and they are Merc, Battle Bus, Ford Bronco Raptor RLE and Nomad/Nomad GXT.


The Merc hitbox is for players with very unique tastes. Normally it does not work better than the other hitboxes in the game, especially if you're trying to play competitively.

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