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m0nkey m00n Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Today we are looking at m0nkey m00n, one of the most popular and well known Rocket League players, and what settings he uses for his gameplay.
m0nkey m00n Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Evan Rogez, better known by his Rocket League nickname m0nkey m00n, is a French-born professional Rocket League player. One of the most well known pros in professional Rocket League, m0nkey m00n was born on November 15, 2002, and we're going to take a deep dive into his Rocket League settings and bio.

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Camera Settings

Every Rocket League player knows how important camera settings in this soccer game are. People have always tried to find the perfect camera settings to use, but ultimately, it's up to every player to choose their preferences. So, here are m0nkey m00n's camera settings, which are interestingly quite similar to his teammate Seikoo's. Perhaps there's something there.

Camera PresetCustom
Camera ShakeNo
FOV (Field of View)109
- 3.0
Swivel Speed
Transition Speed
Ball Camera

Control Settings

Many players like to change up their controls and deadzone settings instead of sticking to the Rocket League's default ones, and m0nkey m00n is one of those players. You can find m0nkey m00n's control settings in the table below.

Deadzone Shape
Dodge Deadzone
Aerial Sensitivity

Steering Sensitivity
Controller Vibration
Vibration Intensity
Keyboard Input Acceleration Time
Keyboard Aerial Safety
Mouse Sensitivity


m0nkey m00n prefers to use a Sony Dualsense controller when playing, similar to some of the other pros such as GarrettG or Arsenal. Let's look at what binds he uses.

Power Slide

Air Roll
Air Roll Left
Air Roll Right




Ball Cam


Who Is m0nkey m00n in Rocket League Esports

m0nkey m00n is an active professional Rocket League player from the European region. He was born in France and began his Rocket League career in January, 2019

He started his career in Zeno Moon, but in the following 7 months he changed as many as 4 different teams before landing in ARG. After about 7 months, he signed up for Team BDS, which is what most people in the community know him by.

Throughout his illustrious career so far, m0nkey m00n has had myriads of major successes. Even though he has been playing for BDS only since 2020, he's basically managed to win every major tournament. He has helped BDS win so many titles, and the only way to do it justice is to simply list all the "S Tier" tournaments he managed to win 1st place in.

  • RLCS 2021-22 - World Championship (August 2022)
  • RLCS 2021-22 - Fall Split Major (December 2021)
  • RLCS Season X - Spring: EU Major (May 2021)
  • RLCS Season X - Winter: EU Major (February 2021)
  • RLCS Season X - Fall: EU Major (October 2020)

Bear in mind that this list is comprised only of top tier tournament he won. There are many other successes he's had, such as achieving 2nd place in RLCS Season X - European Championship in June 2021, or winning many EU regionals throughout 2020, 2021 and 2022, though these technically don't count as "S Tier". Still, they required beating many other high level teams, such as Renault Vitality, Team Liquid, Team Moist and many others.

While m0nkey m00n and by extension BDS is often looked down and seen as being "the most boring champions" due to what some would consider a boring style of Rocket League gameplay (not an opinion we personally agree with, but to each their own), there is simply no denying that m0nkey m00n and BDS have yet to be dethroned as absolute favorites whatever tournament they compete in.

What Country is Monkey Moon from?

m0nkey m00n was born in France, Europe.

What Team does Monkey Moon play for?

m0nkey m00n currently at the time of this writing plays for Team BDS, alongside Seikoo and Extra.

m0nkey m00n is considered the best Rocket League Player

The best Rocket League player of 2022 and perhaps even all-time is indeed Evan "m0nkey m00n" Rogez. Since m0nkey shown he was at the top in Season 9 of the European Rival Series and the Rival Series as a whole. He has been playing professionally as of 2022 for about 4 years. 

He makes BDS one of the top Rocket League teams and is undoubtedly the glue that holds them together. It's important to note that this defensive genius and offensive catalyst is only 19 years old. m0nkey m00n had achieved regional success and had taken home his fair share of RLCS majors, including the World Championship in August, 2022, thereby winning the only significant trophy that had alluded him thus far and cementing his place in the Rocket League hall of fame.

m0nkey m00n's Playstyle

m0nkey m00n is most well known as a consistent player on the pitch, a prolific scorer and perhaps most of all, the glue of his team. He is always able to remain composed and is as reliable a presence on the pitch as they come. There isn't one mechanic, one shot, one specific style that stands out, m0nkey m00n is simply a phenomenal all-rounder without any significant weaknesses.

This is also probably part of the reason why his playstyle, and that of the whole BDS roster is considered boring. He isn't the fastest player on the pitch, he isn't the most physical one or the most mechanical one. However, while that might sound like a disadvantage, it's actually exactly what makes him so successful. He is solid at every single part of the game, and this, combined with his incredible game sense, make him a champion. 

How Much Does m0nkey m00n Make?

You may refer to the table below to see m0nkey m00n's official tournament earnings as a professional Rocket League player. Keep in mind that this is of course subject to change, and of course, it only takes into account his tournaments earnings, and not his earnings from partnerships, sponsorships, or videos.

$ 250 166
$ 131 433
$ 67 560
$ 4 110
$ 131

To save you the trouble of doing math, his overall tournament earnings tally to over $450 000, and he earned more than half of that in 2022 alone.

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