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How much money do Rocket League Pros make? (Average Salary)

Can you get rich playing Rocket League? How much do the best of the best really earn? We checked it for you!
How much money do Rocket League Pros make? (Average Salary)

It was to be expected that Rocket League would have a vibrant eSports scene. However, it never reached the level of some other competitive giants such as CSGO or League of Legends. Still, professional organizations give their Rocket League players a steady paycheck. But how much is that? Let's find out!

What are the biggest teams in Rocket League?

Rocket League relies on an ELO system to rank all the professional teams. They are placed in different groups based on their region. So, we have Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.

biggest teams rocket league

And if you think that achieving a Supersonic ELO is hard, then have a look at this breakdown of the highest ranked Rocket League teams per region:


Team BDS2737
Team Queso2654
Endpoint CeX2538
SMPR Esports2436

North America 

G2 Esports2846
FaZe Clan2799
Spacestation Gaming2743


Ground Zero Gaming2591
Dire Wolves2397
R!OT Gaming2310

South America

Team Secret2470
eRa Eternity2394
Vegas Inferno2142

How do eSports organizations make money? 

In general, Rocket League organizations are able to make money from various sponsorships, merchandising, tickets, and media rights. Even though eSports organizations typically do not collect any percentage of winnings, it is very important for a team to be successful as this would open new revenue streams and business opportunities.

These are the highest-earning Rocket League teams:

G2 Esports$678,753. 85
Dignitas$653, 266. 86

Just to be clear, these are the total profits from the tournaments and are not necessarily related to how much money an organization made.  Again, most of the eSport teams make the majority of profits from various marketing and sales activities. 

How to Make Money as a Rocket League Pro?

Although you might think that Rocket League players only live from their tournament revenues, they usually have numerous other revenue streams such as:

  • YouTube ads
  • Various content creation activities
  • Donations
  • League guarantee
  • Sponsorships (like from esports betting brands)
  • And of course, tournament prizes

According to a Rocket League insider, who posted a thread on Reddit, Rocket League pros also get salaries that range from $3,000 to $10,000 based on a skill level. From this thread, we’ve also learned that North America is the highest-paid region for Rocket League. 

YouTube ads

Most professional gamers have their own streams. The most popular place for it is Twitch, which by itself can be a great source of revenue. Once a Rocket League player finishes streaming, he or she can edit a video with the stream highlights and post it on YouTube.

Rocket League Earning Youtube Ads

These videos cannot be hit with a copyright claim (unless you add music or some other foreign clips to them), which means that all the revenue from ads goes into the gamer’s pockets.

YouTube ad revenues can vary significantly based on location factors. However, professional gamers can get hundreds and even a few thousand dollars from the source.

Twitch donations

Things can get pretty wild when it comes to Twitch donations. Some people even make videos when donating ludicrous amounts of money to other gamers. Needless to say, this is a great way for Rocket League professionals to make money.

Rocket League Twiitch Donation Earnings

Most of them have a loyal follower base that showers them with donations on a constant basis. In fact, by just having a successful Twitch channel, you can create a profession for yourself.  


Sponsorships are one of the most common sources of revenue for teams, but they are not that common for gamers. In 2021, the total revenues from Esports sponsorships were $641 million, which was the major part of the total Esports revenues ($1,084 million in 2021). 

rocket league sponsorships

If a gamer manages to get a sponsorship, these deals can yield them major profits. In fact, they can be worth tens of thousands of dollars on an annual basis. 

Who are the highest-earning Rocket League pros?

You are probably wondering how much the best names in RL make. Here is a chart with the top 5 highest earning Rocket League pros all time:


Keep in mind that these are big earnings and taxes exist. And taxes can sometimes be pretty high in some countries, so these earnings may be much lower than they seem on paper

Anyways, we think we proved it today – you can make money playing Rocket League. Nowadays, you can really make money playing any video game. Sure, it won't be millions of dollars at first, but you definitely can do it.

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