Rocket League Rank Distribution for Season 8 Visualized

Learn how your Rank compares to other players! Let’s talk about rank distribution in Rocket League of the newest Season.
Rocket League Rank Distribution for Season 8 Visualized

Ranks aren’t just about one-upping your mates or improving the competition that you stand against each Rocket League Season. They are an engaging way of finding how you stack up against the entire community and provide you with a challenge to complete each and every competitive season. Using our data on rank distribution, you can get an unbiased look at how you did over the last few months, and where you can improve. With the start of the new season, it’s time to take a look back at the state of the game.

What is Rank Distribution in Rocket League?

Rank Distribution is, in the simplest of terms, the distribution of players and their ranks across Rocket League’s competitive mode. What makes this interesting in Rocket League, in particular, is two-fold: a) what it tells us about the player base for a particular season; and b) how we, as individuals, stack up against our cohort of Rocket League players. Let’s take a moment to break that down for you.

Through the study of Rocket League’s Rank Distribution for each respective season, both Psyonix and we, the players, can benefit. If a particular season has a rather low average rank, Psyonix can draw a couple of different conclusions:

  • Perhaps the season had a low level of engagement, causing players to drop off earlier.
  • If a poorly distributed season becomes a common occurrence, perhaps Psyonix needs to make changes to the way they structure Rocket League seasons.
  • Perhaps there are gameplay reasons as to why players are not progressing through the ranks.

Rocket League Rank Distribution | 1v1 Ranked Duel | New Season

In the following table you will find the current Rocket League Rank Distribution for 1v1 Ranked Duel. There are a few things to note, including that the Grand Champion Tiers are no longer the very top of the Rocket League Rank Distribution. If you are now at the right skill level, you will be able to launch your competitive rank even higher and truly become the highest ranked player in the current distribution. That being said, though, we highly doubt that you'll be able to pull such a thing off. 

Here is the rank distribution for 1v1 in Rocket League. | Image Credit: The Global Gaming

We have structured this into three distinct categories, each representing a column in the following table: tier of Rocket League Players (in best-worst order), and the percentage of players belonging to that exact tier. 

Supersonic Legend0.02%
Grand Champion 30.02%
Grand Champion 20.04%
Grand Champion 10.08%
Champion 30.16%
Champion 20.34%
Champion 10.70%
Diamond 31.33%
Diamond 22.48%
Diamond 14.52%
Platinum 37.30%
Platinum 210.82%
Platinum 114.22%
Gold 314.85%
Gold 214.36%
Gold 111.95%
Silver 38.32%
Silver 25.03%
Silver 12.38%
Bronze 30.85%
Bronze 20.20%
Bronze 10.03%

Rocket League Rank Distribution | 2v2 Ranked Doubles | New Season

Following is the Rank Distribution for all 2v2 Ranked Doubles competitive games in the current Rocket League Season 8. 

Here is the rank distribution for 2v2 in Rocket League. | Image Credit: The Global Gaming

It is structured the same way as the 1v1 Rank Distribution.

Supersonic Legend0.01%
Grand Champion 30.03%
Grand Champion 20.16%
Grand Champion 10.72%
Champion 31.40%
Champion 23.01%
Champion 16.45%
Diamond 36.40%
Diamond 29.21%
Diamond 112.79%
Platinum 311.13%
Platinum 212.34%
Platinum 111.88%
Gold 39.68%
Gold 26.90%
Gold 14.16%
Silver 32.15%
Silver 2


Silver 10.40%
Bronze 30.14%
Bronze 20.04%
Bronze 10.01%

Rocket League Rank Distribution | 3v3 Ranked Standard | New Season

Finally, we have the 3v3 Ranked Standard Rank Distribution for Rocket League Season 8. 

Here is the rank distribution for 3v3 in Rocket League. | Image Credit: The Global Gaming

Again, we have structured this exactly the same as both the 1v1 and 2v2 Rank Distribution.

Supersonic Legend0.01%
Grand Champion 30.03%
Grand Champion 20.11%
Grand Champion 1


Champion 30.67%
Champion 2


Champion 13.16%
Diamond 3


Diamond 25.14%
Diamond 17.46%
Platinum 37.20%
Platinum 2


Platinum 111.00%
Gold 3


Gold 212.19%
Gold 1


Silver 37.68%
Silver 2


Silver 12.36%
Bronze 3


Bronze 20.36%
Bronze 10.10%

What is the Average Rank in Rocket League?

The average rank in Rocket League is, of course, dependent on whether you are playing 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 in competitive play. The following are the average ranks for each different game mode in Rocket League:

  • 1v1 Ranked Duel: Between Platinum I and II.
  • 2v2 Ranked Doubles: Between Diamond II and III.
  • 3v3 Ranked Standard: Between Diamond I and II.

After establishing the average in each individual category you will notice that in both 3v3 and 2v2, it is placed somewhere within Rocket League’s Diamond Tier. In 1v1 it is a slightly lower rank, possibly because this isn’t as popular a game mode in Rocket League, which would somewhat lower the overall overage. Thus, we can reveal that the average rank in Rocket League’s rank distribution is between Diamond I and II.

The average rank, of course, depends on the season and game mode. | Image Credit: The Global Gaming

Rank Distribution Change Over Time

The variation of Rank Distribution between each competitive Rocket League Season is rather minimal, with the averages in ranked play, and ranked playlists, staying around the same level in most modes. 

In other words, the Rocket League rank distribution generally stays the same, giving us an idea of whether our lower-ranked friends have started reaching the higher ranks, what our own score is looking like, and a million other lessons as well. 

All this being said, though, if you ever wanted to get more in-depth it is worth noting that things have not always been this way. In the past, the distribution has been quite unstable (especially with the introduction of Supersonic Legend, which overtook Grand Champion 3 as the highest rank) and how players have naturally shifted further up the distribution each competitive Rocket League season

This might not be particularly noticeable when looking at two consecutive Seasons, but becomes especially noticeable when looking at it as a larger trend. 

That all being said, though, relative growth matters a lot in statistics and GC nearly doubled from Season 13 to Season 14 (and has grown about 1200% since season 7). However, we can imagine that the introduction of Supersonic Legend as the new best rank, Psyonix's new soft reset, and consistent season lengths, will probably prevent this from happening. There was one exception to this rule in Season 3, when Psyonix adjusted the MMR associated to a rank in both 2v2 and 3v3 because there were fewer people in the diamond ranks and above than in the previous seasons. Since this change, it became easier to reach ranks higher than diamond (except SSL).

Become a Rocket League god by improving your matchmaking rank and working your way through the ranking system. | Image Credit: Psyonix

How to Rank Up in Rocket League

To work your way through Rocket League’s Season 8 Rank Distribution, you will need to focus on increasing your number of wins, especially against players who are ranked higher than you. As you move on up through the player hierarchy, your competition will likewise increase. You need to be prepared for this and train accordingly. This means plenty of training mode games, 1v1 against friends in private games, and simply training over and over and over again until you are the best Rocket League Player you can be. Actually, the best way to rank up in Rocket League is to simply read our guides on how to rank up and the best tips and tricks and the best tips and tricks to try out.

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