What Is The Longest Overtime In The History Of Rocket League (Esports & Casual)

Overtime in any sport is an exhilarating experience, and e-sports are no different. Let’s take a look at the longest overtimes recorded in Rocket League.

What Is The Longest Overtime In The History Of Rocket League (Esports & Casual)
What Is The Longest Overtime In The History Of Rocket League (Esports & Casual)

Due to its fast pace, short match time, and relatively small pitch, fractions of a second can, and often do make all the difference.

What takes this to a whole new level is when two opposing sides can’t seem to one-up one another in the 5 minutes of regulation time. When that happens, the game is taken into overtime, where the first team to score is declared the winner. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the longest overtimes in Rocket League history.


What Is the Longest Overtime on Professional Level In Rocket League

If you’ve ever watched professional Rocket League players on the pitch, you know how quick the games are. Both the cars and the ball never seem to slow down and the majority of the game is spent in the air. 5 minutes can feel like an hour on an emotional level. Sometimes however, games between professional teams have to be decided by an overtime goal, no matter which rank you are. 

Here Are The Longest Overtimes In The Rocket League Professional History:

2021 - BDS break 2 Records In A Row

Aether and Galaxy Racer were opponents for Team BDS, on Day 1 of the Round-Robin in the RLCS X EU Spring Regional #1 in 2021. After a grueling 11:59 minute overtime in game four of their first encounter, BDS overcame Aether to win the series 3-1, shattering the previous RLCS Season 7 NRG vs. Cloud9 11:12 OT Record. 


Unfortunately, the Aether vs. Team BDS series was not broadcast live due to the volume of matches performed in a 20-team Round-Robin style. Instead, RLCS representatives announced the outcome, along with Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez of BDS tweeting a screenshot of his MVP and record-breaking performance.

This was not the end. It took just 45 minutes for the Overtime Record to be broken once again when Team BDS faced Dan "Bluey" Bluett's Galaxy Racer in their second and final series of the day. After a 15:19 minute overtime, Galaxy Racer overcame Team BDS, fully smashing the previous two records. Fortunately, this series was broadcast live on Rocket League's official Twitch channel, allowing e-sports enthusiasts to see history being made.

2022 - RLCS NA Longest Overtime

In RCLS NA in May 2022, Faze was facing a defensive powerhouse in NRG. The NRG lineup consisted of Justin, Squishy and GarretG, with Firstkiller, AYYJAYY and Sypical on Faze’s side. The regulation time saw some incredible defense from both teams, but what was particularly impressive was the way that NRG were defending against wave after wave of Faze’s attack. 

As a result, after 5 minutes of regulation time, the result was an astonishing 0:0. Moving into overtime, a similar sight continued, with Faze trying some truly creative mechanical plays and tricks to outmaneuver NRG, without success. Finally, NRG managed to score a goal after a grueling 13:56 minutes!

NRG Garett G Scored

GarettG manages to score a goal after a pass from Justin, with Firstkiller being left alone in Face defense and unable to defend both a shot and a pass. An important game for NRG, you can see what it means to the players.

NRG Celebrations

Longest Overtime In Competitive Rocket League History

In the summer of 2018, it was the semifinals of "The Play," a Rocket League competition hosted by Rocket Baguette, Team Vitality competed against Team Dignitas. Fairy Peak was leading Team Vitaity with Scrub Killa and Paschy90, while ViolentPanda, JHZER and Kaydrop played for Team Dignitas. One of their matches established a new professional Rocket League record for the longest overtime. After the customary five minutes had ended, the action continued on the field for a tense 18 minutes and 9 seconds, for a total of 23 minutes in their third game. Finally, after a slight blunder by Team Dignitas, FairyPeak of Team Vitality managed to score the first and only goal of this gruesome encounter. While this didn’t happen during an RLCS match, it was still the longest game in professional Rocket League history, with two teams duking it out until the bitter end.

Vitality Clutch 1:0


It is of course harder to accurately pinpoint the record in matchmaking, as these are not professional matches, and are therefore difficult to keep track of. They are not recorded or broadcast, not to mention that they might not even be international. 

Having said that, people in communities on Steam and Reddit have been talking about their longest overtime, with some saying numbers like 7 or 8 minutes, occasionally going over 10 minutes, with one player stating they had played a whopping 20+ minutes of overtime. In our case, the longest overtime of this article’s writer was a respectable 7+ minutes, with regulation time ending in 1:1, and an overtime goal securing the victory after more than 7 additional minutes. 

How Overtime Actually Feels

If you’re an active Rocket League player, you know how riveting the experience can be, and this is especially true if the regulation time score was goalless. 


It is indeed impressive to be matched against opponents so close to you in skill that neither side is able to even score, let alone beat the opposing team. With that said, while crushing your opponents 8:0 can be fun, it is definitely far more satisfying to score that winning goal 7 minutes into overtime. And if a win in overtime allows you to rank up, that’s just the icing on the cake.