How to Easily Save, Find and Analyse Rocket League replays

Did you score a goal to remember? Then you need to save it & show it to the world. Learn how to save, view and share replays.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How to Easily Save, Find and Analyse Rocket League replays

Throughout your time playing Rocket League, you will witness moments of pure skill, hilarious moments that show a real lack of skill, or even unique moments of pure luck that defy belief. All these moments are so special to players and often, you’ll want to save them to show your friends or keep for your own personal reference sometime later. Well, thankfully Rocket League accommodates this through the replay system.


This system allows players to save videos of clips or entire matches. This allows you to watch the playback later. You might want to do this because something amazing happened, you scored an impressive goal, the match as a spectacle to behold or maybe you just want to analyze your playstyle so you can work on your craft and get better. Whatever the reason, the replay system allows the player to save moments of games forever.

How to save replays in Rocket League

Now you have the match to finish but all the while you are panicking that you will lose that goal footage forever. How do you save the replay you may be wondering? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help. Players are able to save replays both during the match and after the match has finished.


The default button [PC users] to do this during a match is the backspace key. However, this can be adjusted in the controls section if needed.You can also save the replay at the end of the match menu by selecting ‘save replay’. Though this will not include a marker showing the time of the match where the event you want to save happens. So be sure to name the clip to make this clear. You will thank us later when you’re watching the clip.

How to find saved replays in Rocket League

So, you’ve managed to save the replay of your thunderous strike but now you don’t know where to go to watch it back. Well, it’s not too hard to find it and the way to do it is the same on every platform.

  1. You’ll want to go to the main menu screen and select profile


  1. This will give you an option that reads ‘view replays’.


  1. Select this function and you will be given a list of all your saved replays which can be viewed at any time you feel the need to reminisce.


How to download and share replays in Rocket League

You can view these replays as shown above very easily. Though if you want to download or share your triumph with friends, on streaming platforms, or on social media, there are different steps that you will have to go through. Steps that do vary from platform to platform. Here is a quick guide on how to share for each system:

Download and share replays on PC

To share your replays on PC, you will need to access the game files (\Demos) to acquire the footage. This can be accessed through

  • Documents\
  • my games\
  • RocketLeague\
  • TAGame\
  • Demos

Then you can take the file and export it to any media platform you choose. Or you can send it via a messaging service to your pals.

Download and share replays on PlayStation

You can share your replay by first editing the clip you want to share through the cut tool. Then when you are happy, press the share button on your controller and upload it to any media outlet you choose. Or alternatively, send it in a message to any of your friends.

Download and share replays on Nintendo Switch Xbox

This method is a little less streamline. To share your replay you will have to go to the Xbox main menu, go to the top menu and select ‘capture’. Then you can run the replay while the system is capturing your screen. Then you can upload this to one drive mixer for editing and exporting.

Download and share replays on Nintendo Switch

Sadly, there is no clear way to share your replays via a switch. You can use screen capture tech to do this, though this will rely fully on external software to extract the footage.

How to use/analyze replays in Rocket League

So aside from showing your pals what amazing games you played in and showing your skills to the world, what is a replay good for? Well, often it allows players to improve their skills and game knowledge.


Many real-world sports teams will watch games back to analyze mistakes that were made, what their strengths are, and set things to work on and improve in training. So if you take Rocket League seriously, there is no reason that you shouldn’t treat this the same way.

Sit down and take notes

The easiest and quickest way to analyze these replays is by sitting down and watch them by yourself. Taking note of your weaknesses and setting a plan to remedy them. Or alternatively, you can use the replays to analyze skillful opponents and try to emulate their style in future games.

Hire a coach

However, it’s not always easy to understand your mistakes. Sometimes you may not even be aware that there is a better way to do something unless you are told otherwise. This is where coaching can be helpful.


You can hire freelance Rocket League coaches or pay professionals a fee to either play with you or analyze your replay. This gives you a full rundown of how to improve and what areas to focus on.

In-depth insights for the data enthusiasts

Then, if you aren’t willing to go into your wallet to get a coach, there are other alternatives. Websites like and These websites allow you to upload your replays to their system and they will analyze the game footage for you. This gives you an extensive list of stats around the game and your performance within that is an excellent website that will show you a wide range of key stats. Most notably, the site will predict your rank, show your heatmap for the game and give you an array of stats that show your positioning, hits, and your playstyle amongst other things.


Meanwhile, offers a much more subdued user interface which may be preferred by many. The website offers most of what Calculated offers. So really it is a matter of preference which you choose. You may be wondering how to upload your replay onto each of there sites. Well, we have you covered. Here is a quick step by step guide for each website:

Replay the moments that matter

The replay system is one that offers players the ability to replay anything that they hold dear within the Rocket League community. Whether that is a goal scored, an iconic match or a blooper reel of mistakes and funny moments, Rocket League allows the player to save and share the moments that matter so they aren’t lost forever.


It’s also a great resource for players who like to create gaming content. It allows them to easily clip up gameplay without recording software and export to other platforms easily. Making sharing content to a wider audience easier than ever. Plus, through online coaches, websites like and or simply watching the game tape back yourself. You can analyze your gameplay, learning your weaknesses, your strengths and your habits then assessing what needs to be done to improve.


Replays therefore not only being a fun way to keep memories but also acting as a learning resource. Overall, the system adds to the game immeasurably, giving players a space to learn, share, and reminisce while viewing past matches. So be sure to save the moments that matter when you next play!

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