When Does The Current Rocket League Season End (And when You get Your Rewards)

How long do Rocket Seasons last? What are all the things that a new Rocket League season brings? Learn about it all here.
When Does The Current Rocket League Season End (And when You get Your Rewards)

Historically, most Rocket League seasons have lasted approximately 3-4 months, with a few seasons being the exception to this rule. Every Rocket League season, Psyonix gives ranking rewards and brings a plethora of new content, improved optionalities, extra cosmetics and more. In this article, we’re going to look at how long seasons last and what a season end entails.

Rocket League Season Length

Most seasons in Rocket League are 3-4 months long, but some were much longer. Rocket League Season 3 lasted for 9 months, with season 14 being 6 months. It might be a bit confusing, but season 14 was actually played before the current season 7. This is due to the fact Rocket League used to require players to pay to play, but has recently become free to play.

Free To Play Seasons:

1Sep 23, 2020Dec 9, 20202 and a half months
2Dec 9, 2020Apr 7, 20214 months
3Apr 7, 2021Aug 11, 20214 months
4Aug 11, 2021Nov 17, 20213 months
5Nov 17, 2021Mar 9, 20223 months
6Mar 9, 2022Jun 15, 20223 months
7Jun 15, 2022Sep 7, 20223 months

Pay To Play Seasons:

1Sep 8, 2015Feb 11, 20165 months
2Feb 11, 2016Jun 20, 20164 months
3Jun 20, 2016Mar 22, 20179 months
4Mar 22, 2017Jul 5, 20173 and a half months
5Jul 5, 2017Sep 28, 20173 months
6Sep 29, 2017Feb 7, 20184 and a half months
7Feb 7, 2018May 29, 20183 and a half months
8May 29, 2018Sep 24, 20184 months
9Sep 24, 2018Feb 18, 20195 months
10Feb 19, 2019May 13, 20193 months
11May 13, 2019Aug 27, 20193 and a half months
12Aug 27, 2019Dec 4, 20193 months
13Dec 4, 2019Mar 25, 20203 and a half months
14Mar 25, 2020Sep 23, 20206 months

How Are Rocket League Seasons Counted

On September 23, 2020, Psyonix converted Rocket League to a free-to-play system across all platforms. Along with the change, the game added cross-platform progression that takes into account the cosmetic items that players have acquired, as well as brand-new, fiercely competitive tournaments at all ranks to compete for and earn rewards, new challenges, and other features.

As a result of this, the season number counter was reset, and seasons in Rocket League once again started from Rocket League Season 1. If this is something that has always been confusing you, you can take a look at the tables above.

What Does A Season End In Rocket League Mean

The end of a Rocket League season and the beginning of a new one bring about many things to players and the community.

Rocket League Rank Reset

Everyone’s rank gets reset and everyone starts as unranked once again. You will need to play 10 placement matches as unranked per game mode, until the game’s algorithm assigns you your new rank for the new season.

Rocket Pass

Players may buy a new Rocket Pass upon the competitive season start date, which allows them access to 100 levels of unlockable material, when a new season is launched. Of course, there is a free and a premium Rocket Pass version

Closer to the release, more information will be available. Players may also gain awards in this manner, and as you near level 100, you will unlock higher gifts.

The game is so popular that it has become an essential component of Esports, where competitors compete for significant prize money. With strong hopes that season 8 would be equally as popular as the current season 7 has been, the creators must keep producing top-notch seasons.

Rocket League Season Rewards

No matter what rank you are, you will get season rewards at the end of every season, and the rewards depend on what rank you are. The only possible way you can prevent yourself from being eligible for season rewards is if you don’t play the initial 10 unranked games, and when the season end arrives, you still haven’t achieved a rank (in other words you are still unranked).

Rocket League Season Updates

Each Rocket League season brings about updates that serve to improve the game for everyone involved. These can range from minor bug fixes or design changes, to funny little tidbits like changing the way the current player population is displayed from a specific number to just 2 possible options - good and great. 

A new arena, car or cosmetic options  are always a welcome addition to the game, such as a new arena called ‘Neo Tokyo (Comic) introduced in Rocket League season 6. or Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) and a new car introduced in season 7 “Maestro”, the most recent additions at the time of writing this article.

Sometimes though, changes are extremely relevant and make a significant impact on the game. A good example of this is improved custom training. After this particular update, you no longer have to complete training pack shots in a specific order. Instead, you can choose the order of shots yourself. Is that 4th shot giving you trouble? Well, now you can simply next it and move on to the next one.

In addition, you can now simply save your training progress, go out, come back and continue from where you left off, without needing to go from the start again. In our opinion, quality of life updates allowing a smoother grind to that ever elusive competitive supersonic legend rank such as this one are amazing, and Psyonix deserves praise for them.