Rocket League Soft and Hard Rank Reset

Wanna learn how rank resets work in Rocket League? Find out the difference between Soft and Hard rank resets.
Rocket League Soft and Hard Rank Reset

Ranks are an integral part of every multiplayer competitive game and the same stands for Rocket League. At the end of every competitive Rocket League season, you will get your rank reset, meaning you will have your rank removed and you will be required to play placement matches again. Let’s find out what exactly this means for your ranked experience in Rocket League.

What are Rank Resets in Rocket League?

Rank Resets in Rocket League happen with each new competitive season that gets released. They remove the rank that you had at the end of the previous season and put it at unranked. You will have to play 10 placement matches to unlock a new rank which should be almost the same rank you had at the end of the previous season.

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How do Rank Resets exactly work in Rocket League?

At the beginning of a new Rocket League competitive season, you will have your rank set to unranked. While this does mean your rank has been reset, your MMR will remain around the same number it was at the end of the previous season. 

This means if, for example, in the 10 placement matches you have a 50% win rate (5 wins and 5 losses), you should get approximately the same rank in the new competitive season as you had beforehand. Of course, if you win more you will get a higher rank, but if you lose more you will get a lower rank in the new season.

What is the difference between a Soft Reset and a Hard Reset in Rocket League?

Many people are confused with the meaning of soft and hard rank resets. A Soft reset means that your rank is reset at the beginning of the season, but your MMR will remain approximately the same. In that case, you should be able to get around the same rank you had before the rank reset after you play the required placement matches in Rocket League.

A Hard reset completely resets your rank and MMR. That means that every single player will begin playing at the same MMR in the new season. With hard rank resets, your rank in the previous season will not affect the rank you will get after you play the placement matches in ranked.

How many games do I have to play after a Ranked Reset happens in Rocket League?

After a rank reset happens in Rocket League, which is every 3-4 months, you will be required to play 10 placement games to get your rank again. 10 placement games may seem little, but those matches are extremely important and will have a huge impact on your skill level in the current season.

Does Rocket League have Soft or Hard Rank Resets?

While Rocket League used to have hard rank resets in its distant past, now only soft rank resets happen at the beginning of each new season. This means your rankings in previous seasons will affect your rank in the next season in all competitive game modes. 

Why do Rank Resets exist in Rocket League?

Rank Resets exist in pretty much every competitive multiplayer game. They are used to balance the rank distribution in the whole competitive ecosystem and to encourage inactive players to start playing again as they will eventually become unranked if they don’t play for a while. 

Rank Resets mostly affect higher ranked players, such as those in Grand Champion or Supersonic Legend. To be able to compete at these ranks, you need to play consistently on a daily basis. If someone climbs to that rank and stops playing for a month, when they come back they will play severely worse and will not be suited for that rank. With rank resets, they will not be able to come back immediately to Grand Champion or Supersonic Legend, but they will be forced to play placement matches which will determine their actual rank at that moment.

Players that are in a more average rank are also affected by rank resets, but not as much. They should be able to get back their previous competitive rank even without daily playing.

How to make the best use of Rank Resets?

Rank Resets in Rocket League happen at the beginning of every new season, which is approximately every 3-4 months. To make the best use of Rank Resets in Rocket League, you must try your hardest to win your 10 placement matches as they give the most MMR. 

While an average Rocket League ranked game will give around +/- 9 MMR, placement matches give around +/- 16 MMR, which is almost double as much.

Are Rank Resets fair in Rocket League?

While it may seem that the soft reset in Rocket League puts your MMR down a bit too much, rank resets in Rocket League are completely fair and unbiased. Your new rank will be determined by the rank you had at the end of the previous competitive Rocket League season and by your success in placement matches. 

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