Best Breakout Decals that will make you outshine your competition!

Updated on Aug 22, 2023
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Best Breakout Decals that will make you outshine your competition!

The Breakout, similar to the Dominus hitbox is a very unique-looking battle car, hence very fun to design. Let’s check out some of the best Breakout decals Rocket League has to offer!

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Huntress Decal

Starting this list with the popularly chosen Huntress Decal, which works exceptionally well with the large surface area of the Breakout.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The luminous effects of the decal give the Breakout a 3D body which matches the futuristic style of the Breakout and will boost your popularity.

You won't have to hope to stand out in the game among other Rocket League players as this combination will make you look insane on the ground as well as when you’re showing your ariels off the ground!


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Vector Decal

The Vector decal is a simple yet impactful decal in Rocket League which is a perfect example of why you don't always need to have a lot going on on your car body to look good in your game.


  • PC: 30-50 credits
  • PSN: 20-40 credits
  • Xbox: 30-50 credits
  • Switch: 40-60 credits

This decal can further be enhanced visually with different colors for the blue team and orange team in game, and also work together with other items, making eye-catching designs for your Breakout in Rocket League.

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Heatwave Decal

Another amazing decal in Rocket League for the Breakout is the Heatwave Decal.


  • PC: 500-600 credits
  • PSN: 450-600 credits
  • Xbox: 800-900 credits
  • Switch: 500-600 credits

This animated decal when used the right way can turn into a dark knight and easily be used for intimidating your opponents in Rocket League and at the same time look strikingly good.

This decal is a Black Market item, which is the rarest type of item in the game and can be obtained by trading with other players in Rocket League for credits or by increasing your chances of obtaining it by playing the game a lot more.


4 /8

Ombre Decal

The Ombre Decal is an amazing choice for your Breakout body in Rocket League. If you’re somebody who has a severe sweet tooth, this look is perfect for your taste.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Ombre decal makes the Breakout look like green apple candy which is very refreshing to see compared to a lot of other decals in Rocket League. Warning, looking at this constantly will probably make you hungry and crave a lot of sweet things, apart from that, this is a pretty cool decal.

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5 /8

Dot Matrix Decal

The Dot Matrix decal is another amazing animated decal for your Breakout plays.


  • PC: 30-50 credits
  • PSN: 30-50 credits
  • Xbox: 60-80 credits
  • Switch: 60-80 credits

In some cases, animated decals can be quite distracting while you’re in-game and can put your concentration off. However, the Dot Matrix is an exception as it is very subtle in its animation and at the same time provides a stunning appearance.

Play around with different colour variations and you will not be disappointed with the results!


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Titanium White Shibuya

If you see a Titanium White in the item shop or anywhere in Rocket League, most of the time you will not be disappointed.


  • PC: 150-250 credits
  • PSN: 250-350 credits
  • Xbox: 150-250 credits
  • Switch: 150-250 credits

The Shibuya decal on the Breakout on its own is not very convincing but when you add the Titanium White aspect, you see some spectacular results just like this.

Players who love flashy items will definitely like this decal and if you also love the word expensive, you should check out our list of the most expensive items in Rocket League!


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Astaroth Decal

The Astaroth decal is sure to spark some spooks in your games. The Devil’s in the details so, make sure to give this look a good set of items to combine it with and back it up with some exceptional skill.


  • PC: 20-40 credits
  • PSN: 10-20 credits
  • Xbox: 10-20 credits
  • Switch: 10-20 credits

One of the best things about Rocket League is its vast collection of items for players to choose from depending on how they’re feeling on a particular day. If you’re feeling Devilish, then make sure to try this Astaroth decal out!

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8 /8

Heiwa Decal


  • PC: 10-20 credits
  • PSN: 10-20 credits
  • Xbox: 10-20 credits
  • Switch: 10-20 credits

The Heiwa Decal is a fun and elegant decal just like Breakout. It is like a work of art on top of the car body and is sure to catch some eyes. It is also a perfect representation of the idea of “The Simpler The Better” as you can see in the image.

The hood of the breakout is quite wide and has a large surface area, which sometimes when left empty makes the car body look very incomplete. However, the Heiwa decal completes the hood with its art which looks hand-drawn, giving it a very natural feel to it.


Hope you enjoyed this list of the best Breakout Decals in Rocket League. If you want to see more lists like this one you can check out our list of the best Fennec Decals in the game.

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