The most expensive Rocket League items

Ever wonder what the most expensive Rocket League items are? We have all the answers right here for Wheels, Bodies, decals and more.

One of the most brilliant aspects outside of the actual gameplay of Rocket League is the customisation options available. Within the game, you can access a large selection of aesthetic goodies that you can equip to your car to make it look incredible. Many items come as standard to players for playing online matches, gaining levels or earning them through the Rocket pass or special events. However, some items are just cut from a different cloth.There are a series of items within Rocket league that are simply more desirable than more common or less aesthetic alternatives. Which means that these are not only harder to come by, but much more expensive to obtain. We aim to show this by showcasing the most expensive item for each key item type within the series. These item prices will be based on the information that can be found on Rocket Prices and will be focusing on the PC platform’s marketplace. So here is our guide to the most expensive items within Rocket League.

Most Expensive Wheels

We begin with those things that go round and round, the wheels. The most expensive one’s that you can obtain is none other than the Goldstone wheels. If you want to purchase these luxury tyres, you’ll have to fork out £1957.22 at time of writing. This is a little rich for our blood but maybe someone out there is willing to splash the cash to look fancy on the field of play.These wheels are pretty simple in their design but look really fantastic when incorporated into a black and gold aesthetic. They have golden alloys with a spiral effect and the rest of the tyre is understated to highlight the luxurious gold effects. We aren’t sure it’s worth almost two grand of your hard-earned cash but we do see the appeal, they look great.

Most Expensive Decal

Next up we have the most expensive decal on the market. In this case, it’s the black market rarity decal, interstellar. This decal lives up to its name with a design that will have the body of your car looking like a tranquil night sky littered with stars and thus design looks great in pretty much any color. Our pick would be a navy or a deep purple if you were wondering.This decal comes in at a much more reasonable price than the entry listed above. Players can get their hands on this amazing decal for just £17.23 which is a steal considering just how sought after this decal is within the player base. The next most expensive decal is Dissolver which will cost you £11.67 to purchase, which perhaps serves to show the difference in terms of demand for each item.

Most Expensive Trail

Now we move onto the most expensive boost trails on the market. These items are of course, not boost but rather the trail that your tyres leave on the ground when boosting. The most expensive trail in Rocket League at time of writing is the limited rarity item, the Rad Rock trail.This trail consists of an otherworldly crystal that comes in a deep purple colour. It’s a very stylish trail that looks sharp when coupled with contrasting boosts and will set players back £12.46. So if this sounds reasonable and on the lookout for a stylish new trail, this may be just the ticket.

Most Expensive Boost

Now we have the actual boosts themselves. As you probably know, these items come in many different colors, designs and can really be quite whimsical in nature. So it’s a little surprising that the standard boost you get right at the beginning of the game is the most expensive of them all. This is the imported version of this boost to be more exact. This is acquired by trading up five very rare items just to have the chance of getting this boost.It’s a pretty difficult boost to get your hands on for this reason. So if you want to add this to your collection, you’ll have to be willing to part with a cool £9.90 to obtain it. This imported version comes in many different colors so be sure you get the color you want when you purchase it.

Most Expensive Toppers

Now we move onto toppers. These items come in the form of novelty items, hats, and animated objects that adorn the top of your vehicle while you play. Most of these are pretty uninspired in all honesty, not to mention that most players will opt to not wear a topper at all, so the prices for these items are generally quite low. Well, except for one topper on the market.The alpha reward ‘gold cap’ topper is easily the most expensive item in this category. This is essentially a design that features a snapback dipped in gold and those that want to wear this one will have to pay a whopping £444.50 to have the privilege. It’s easily the most stunning looking topper on the market but we don’t know if it’s worth nearly half a grand.

Most Expensive Car Bodies

Now we move onto the most expensive car bodies. This category consists of the premium grade bodies that players can build through the use of blueprints, buy on the marketplace, or unlock through the rocket pass. However, it also features the import/painted versions of the common cars in your garage.The most expensive variant of any of these vehicles is the Peregrine TT. While the default version is not the most expensive on the marketplace, if you purchase this item in pink, purple, saffron or sky blue, you’ll pay £10.57, making this one the most expensive car body available.

Most Expensive Antennas

Next up is the most expensive antennas on the market. These are little novelty items or flags that hang from an antenna on the back of your vehicle. Due to many players opting to not equip an antenna, there isn’t a lot of demand for these items and the prices reflect this for all but one item.The beta award item, the gold nugget antenna, is by far the most expensive item in this category. The design is essentially a huge chunk of pure gold. This will set players back a grand total of £266.29 which is crazy money for an antenna However if you are looking for a way to show off your wealth and need a new status symbol, the gold nugget is just what you’re looking for.

Most Expensive Goal Celebration

Then lastly, we have the most expensive goal celebration. These are animations that occur in the opponents net when you score a goal during a match. These are usually quite vibrant and outlandish in their design making this one of, if not the most desirable item types.The most expensive variety of goal celebration is the black market item, the ‘Duelling Dragons’ goal celebration. This features a purple and pink dragon rising from the goalmouth and intertwining in a very stylish animation. This celebration will cost the player £27.17 which is still reasonable considering just how in-demand this item is within the community.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

The great thing about Rocket League is that even with no real-world currency spent, you can still have a great looking car and acquire a handful of really slick and rare items. However, for those looking to make a statement and show those in the opposing team that they mean business, there are a few items that just sell that vibe better than others. With this guide, we hope this gives you an idea of what items to strive to obtain within Rocket League and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and obtain the next super luxurious item.