How To Create Or Join A Club Rocket League

Let's learn how to quickly and easily create or join a Club in Rocket League.
How To Create Or Join A Club Rocket League

Many players enjoy Rocket League teamwork. Predicting your opponent’s moves as well as your teammate’s moves is a big part of the fun. And getting a good teammate is the best! You have great chemistry, you understand the movements of one another, it’s very fluid. In this article, we’re going to explain how to create or join a Rocket League club, so that you can always count on your clubmates to play and be in comms with you (especially with a new Voice Chat update).

How To Create A Rocket League Club

Clubs in Rocket League essentially function as guilds or clans (for all you MMORPG players, we see you). Making your own club is quite straight-forward. First, you simply navigate to the profile tab on the main menu.


From there, you will need to navigate to the Create Club option.

Create Club

Click on Create Club, and you’ll be able to choose some club specifics, like a tag, name, primary color and accent color.

Choosing Club Specifics

Tag name is essentially an abbreviated version of the full club name, and it is what other players will see during online matches. For example, if you club’s name is RUNNERS, and your tag is RUN, during Rocket League games other players will see your name as “[RUN] #yournickname”. Once your club is created, you can proceed to send invites to other players to join it.

Inviting Players To Your Club

This option is not immediately apparent on the menu. Rather, what you need to do is press the R2 button on your controller to open up the menu on the right, as such.

Inviting Players

From there, you will simply be able to click on a person’s name and the option Invite To Club will pop up.


Be mindful however that a club can only have up to 20 members, including the club owner.

Extra Options After Owning A Club

Once you own your own club, you will have extra options in your profile menu. First, click on the Manage Club option.

Extra Options

Here you will have a whole new list of options pertaining to your club to choose from.


You will be able to set private matches, change your club’s colors, rename or disband the club if you ever get tired of being a club leader. If you prefer a nicer version, you can also transfer ownership or the club to a different member. To do this, find and select their name on the Club screen, and click on the transfer option. 

How To Join A Rocket League Club

In Rocket League, the only way to join the club is to be invited to join. There is no such thing as applying to join. Since it is invite-only, this means you can’t join a club unless the club owner specifically invites you. Once you have been invited, go to your notifications tab and the invite should be there.

You should know however that in Rocket League it is only possible to be in one club at a time. Even though you can obviously leave a club whenever you desire, you would do well to seriously consider whether joining a specific club would benefit you, since players with a club tag are much less likely to be noticed by other players in games and potentially invited to a new club. With that said, joining the right club can give you better trading options with your clubmates.

The Benefits Of Being In A Club

In order to succeed, teammates in Rocket League must establish chemistry and rapport and work together. Because of this, Psyonix added Clubs to the beloved vehicular soccer game. Players may establish groups with their friends and compete online as a team thanks to this social element. 

This makes climbing up the ranks in online games much quicker since you are getting familiar with your teammate with every game. In addition, you can also compete in tournaments as a singular unit, instead of teaming up with random players.