The Best White Wheels that will make Your cars look amazing!

Finding it difficult to choose your next set of Titanium White Wheels? We’ve got your back!

Updated on Aug 21, 2023
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The Best White Wheels that will make Your cars look amazing!

Let's check out some of the Best White Wheels Rocket League has to offer in order to help you with your next purchase.

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Titanium White Zomba Wheels (1800-2000 Credits)

What better way to start off this Rocket League list, than with a sweet pair of Zomba wheels, especially the Titanium white ones which are also the most expensive wheels on this list. The Zomba wheels on their own are a very popular choice amongst the Rocket League players because of its trippy patterns and visuals.


Do not expect the White Zombas to be cheap, as they are Titanium White wheels and anything that comes in this color is usually on the higher side of Rocket league credits. Although they are expensive wheels in Rocket League, they are worth the price as you're bound to drop some jaws in your matches, if you own a pair of these bad boys. You can also add on to your expensive taste with some of the most expensive items in Rocket League and enhance your car design.


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Titanium White Reactor Wheels (500-600 Credits)

The Reactor wheels are an amazing set of Rocket league wheels that are bound to make your car stand out from the rest. These Titanium White wheels are amazing to start with, especially if you want to be the owner of a Titanium White item, as they are not really expensive wheels and you won't get bored of them easily while playing Rocket League.


They will definitely stand out in your matches because of its bright and beautiful features, and will also help you with your car design. Wheels are considered a cosmetic item, however, some of the best wheels have the ability to make you feel like they can genuinely impact the way you play the game, and these wheels do just that.


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Titanium White Hypnotik Wheels (600-800 Credits)

The Hypnotik wheels can be a little distracting to play with but they sure do make your car design look absolutely stunning! They look like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie, and could probably hypnotize a lot of people.


The are a very visually appealing set of exotic wheels, often paired with the Storm Watch goal explosion, which is considered one of the best goal explosions in Rocket League. Like the Titanium White Reactor wheels, they are also a little easy on the pockets and a very good set of wheels to start off with, if you want to be a first time Titanium white owner.


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Titanium White Infinium Wheels (400-500)

It is honestly very surprising that these wheels are not considered as expensive wheels by the Rocket League community. We think that these wheels are highly underrated and need a lot more recognition. The Infinium wheels are simple yet have a certain oomph to the simplicity surrounding it.


Fortunately, for the players who want to own these Rocket League wheels, they can do it with ease as they are very affordable costing a mere 400-500 credits, which is unbelievable. It is only a matter of time till one popular Rocket League personality addresses these wheels as top tier exotic wheels, only to increase their price and demand. So, get a hold of it while you still can, before they blow up into the stratosphere!


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Titanium White Gripstride HX: Inverted Wheels (900-1100 Credits)

Last but not the least we have these beautiful set of inverted wheels. Some players like to put these stunning wheels on the Titanium White Octane, which works very well making a beautiful duo.


The Gripstride HX has a suction effect on the wheels, which are for cosmetic purposes, but you somehow feel extra gripped with these wheels making your game play a lot more realistic, especially when the car starts climbing the walls sideways and upside down on the roof of the stadium. The price of these wheels may cause a lot of players to avoid them, but they are a good set to add to your collection nonetheless.


Hope you enjoyed this list of the best White Wheels in Rocket League. For similar articles like this one, feel free to check out our article on the best Black Wheels in the game.

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