The best Black Wheels in Rocket League You Need To Check Out!

Let’s check out the best Black Wheels that are going to make designing your car a lot more fun!
The best Black Wheels in Rocket League You Need To Check Out!

Let’s check out the best Black Wheels Rocket League has to offer!


Black Infinium (Untradable)

The Infinium wheels are usually a flashy choice for a lot of players in Rocket League and some players also consider it to be the best wheels. However, the Black Infinium Wheels are on a league of their own. It is simple yet perfect in every way and makes cars stand out in spite of its simplicity.

#1 Black Infinium

The wheels have a theme of a never ending void which is very hypnotic and so different from a lot of other wheels. Players also describe these wheels as a Black Hole because of its infinite visuals. These wheels are top tier and you'll probably never get bored of them. The Black Infiniums are a very good set of wheels to add to your list and you should consider getting them for yourself.

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Black Chakram (150-250 Credits)

The Black Chakram are a mean set of wheels as they make your car look more rigid and tough just like them. They have a lighter shade of black as the matte finish causes a glimmering effect on the wheels which gives it its flashy element.

#2 Black Chakram

Although wheels are items used for cosmetic purposes and don’t really add anything more, these sets of wheels will make you feel like you’re more in control of your car because of its thick and grippy patterns. These sets of wheels work well with any design for your cars so feel free to go crazy on your designs as you already have a nice set of wheels that will blend in with your designs.

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Black Zomba (800-1000 Credits)

Is it even a best wheels list without the popular Zomba wheels? (I mean our list of the top white wheels doesn’t contain it but that’s normal) Most people like the brighter colors for the Zombas, because of its trippy patterns and animation, which is why you see it so often in some of the best design and theme lists in Rocket League.

#3 Black Zomba

However, the Black ones are highly underrated as they look badass in black. The wheels almost have a completely different personality in black, which opens up a lot of ideas for various themes and designs for your cars. The Zomba wheels are overused because of its flashy nature but them in black, gives a fresh new feeling altogether.

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Black Capacitor IV (60-80 Credits)

Another great set of wheels to add to your black wheels collection is the Black Capacitor IV wheels which are also easier on the pockets, compared to a lot of other expensive wheels. If you’re looking for something that is not so “in your face” but flashy nonetheless these wheels are perfect for you.

#4 Black Capacitor IV

If you’re a fan of the Black Panther, these wheels will open up quite a lot of design ideas for you. Depending on your preference you can either choose to look like an antagonist or the protagonist of your Rocket League games! These wheels will make you stand out in your matches because of its flashy animation and hopefully will distract your opponents enough for you to take the win.

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Black Gripstride HX Inverted (800-1000 Credits)

Last but not the least we have the Black Gripstride HX Inverted wheels which may be the most strange looking one on this list. The freaky look of the suction cups as seen on the tentacles of squids and octopuses which they use to trap prey and move around gives these sets of wheels a predatorial feel, especially with the dark theme.

#5 Black Gripstride HX Inverted

You should definitely add these wheels to your collection of dark themed items and make some really cool designs for your car. Dark themed designs don’t always work when you’re trying to intimidate your opponents so make sure you back it up with some exceptional Rocket League skills!

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