Best Fennec Decals that will increase your popularity in Rocket League

Here are our top choices of the best Fennec Decals in Rocket League.

Updated on Aug 02, 2023
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Best Fennec Decals that will increase your popularity in Rocket League

Being one of the most used cars, it deserves to look its best in the game. Here are some of the best Fennec decals Rocket League has to offer.

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Fire God Decal

Is it even the best decal list without the Fire God? Having the reputation of being one of the best decals in Rocket League, it is no surprise that it is also one of the best Fennec decals.


  • PC: 450-550 credits
  • PSN: 500-600 credits
  • Xbox: 600-700 credits
  • Switch: 600-700 credits

The Fennec is one of the superior cars in Rocket League and a lot of Fennec mains have the reputation of having God-like skills, ranging from the Grand Champs to the Pro players.

A godly car, like deserves a decal of the same calibre! For reasons specified, the Fire God decal is one of the hardest Rocket League items to obtain as it is a very rare Black Market item and the prices for these items for example are on the higher side.


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Huntress Decal

The cool and calm looks of this Fennec decal, heighten the appearance of the Fennec.


  • PC: 80-100 credits
  • PSN: 70-90 credits
  • Xbox: 100-150 credits
  • Switch: 100-150 credits

It is important while making a play to keep your composure within the waves of pressure during a game and there is nothing more intimidating than a player who is composed, just like a huntress!

Looks are not the only things that matter in Rocket League, but it is also important to choose what you sound like in order to match your style. Check out our list of the most expensive engine audios in Rocket League for your Fennec if you have a huge budget in order to complement your Fennec Designs!


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Hex Tide Decal

The Hex Tide decal is a cool animated Fennec decal that looks amazing on this car design.


  • PC: 200-300 credits
  • PSN: 200-300 credits
  • Xbox: 200-350 credits
  • Switch: 250-400 credits

It consists of hexagon like shapes all around, giving it a funky pixelated theme, which can be made more visually appealing depending on the colours you choose, whether you’re on the blue team or the orange team.

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Distortion Decal

The Distortion decal is a popular choice for the Fennec. It is clbuttified as a very rare animated decal but some might even argue that it should be considered a Black Market item.


  • PC: 50-70 credits
  • PSN: 50-70 credits
  • Xbox: 100-150 credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

However, it is not one because it does not have the same impact on most other bodies as it does on the Fennec in-game. The shape of the Fennec is well suited for the nature of this decal.


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Labyrinth Decal

The Labyrinth decal is an amazing choice for the Fennec. It gives the car body the theme of lost ancient technology and a futuristic feel, showing the dynamic nature of this decal.


  • PC: 100-200 credits
  • PSN: 100-200 credits
  • Xbox: 200-350 credits
  • Switch: 200-300 credits

The popularity of the Fennec allows it to explore and try out different items in the game and combine them to form countless themes.

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Stripes Decal

The Stripes is another amazing Fennec decal which is known to be one of the most common decals for popular cars and looks stunning on this sky blue Fennec.


  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

You see players ranging from beginners to pros using this decal for their Fennec design as it is not looked at by the community as a decal that represents any one type of player, but all kinds of players in the game.

This is a perfect Fennec Decal for players to customize the car with not only because it looks amazing on the car body but also because of its popularity in Rocket League just like the Fennec.


Hope you enjoyed this list of the best Fennec Decals. If you want to see more such lists, check out our list of the best decals for the Octane and choose your next creative look!

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