How to get Fennec in Rocket League [4 Easy Methods]

Discover every way to get the Fennec battle car & find out if you can get it for free!

Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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How to get Fennec in Rocket League [4 Easy Methods]

Why the Fennec became so popular

The Fennec is not part of the standard cars you receive at the beginning and you can’t always buy it in the shop so it can be a little frustrating to figure out how to get it. The biggest reason why many Pro Players use the Fennec is that Chausette45 used the titanium white Fennec at the DreamHack Valencia, one week after the car was released and deservedly won the tournament.


That’s why other pros tried it and created a lasting hype over the Fennec in the Rocket League Community. Furthermore, the Fennec has a similar hitbox to the Octane which most pros are used to.

32,4% of the Rocket League Esport Pros played the Fennec in RLCS Season 9 Europe.

Now that you know that the Fennec is a really good alternative to the popular Octane, you may ask yourself how to unlock it. In the following article, we will explain to you 3 different methods to get the Fennec and we will see if you can get it for free.

Crafting the Fennec with a Blueprint

The first way to get the Fennec is to use Blueprint. Access your inventory and navigate to your blueprint and check if you have the Fennec Blueprint. Here is how to craft the Fennec Battle-Car with Blueprints within Rocket League:

  1. Open Rocket League and go to Garage
  2. Click on Manage Inventory
  3. Navigate to Blueprints
  4. Find the Fennec Blueprint
  5. Click on it and build it for 500 to 600 credits


However, this method isn't free. You need to get some credits which takes some effort. If you don’t have enough then here is a guide on how to get Rocket League Credits for free. What if you don’t have a Fennec Blueprint? If you play a lot you may have many Blueprints of the Totally Awesome Series. Here is how to craft the Fennec Import Body Blueprint for free:

  1. Open Rocket League and go to Garage
  2. Click on Manage Inventory
  3. Navigate to Blueprints
  4. Find the Totally Awesome Series Blueprints and click on it

Remember that there is a way to trade-in Blueprints. So if you don't have the right blueprint at the moment you can try your luck and exchange 5 tradable blueprints for a new one. With a little luck, this might bring you the Blueprints of the Totally Awesome Series or the Fennec Blueprint.


If you have a lot of Blueprints and can’t find the Blueprint you are looking for, then click on “Use Filter” and order your Blueprints alphabetically. This will make sure you didn’t overlook any. If you don’t have any of these two blueprints then you can also try to trade 5 very rare tradable blueprints for a fennec blueprint.

Buy it on Rocket League Third-Party Marketplaces

Next, the Fennec and titanium white version of it can be bought on Third-Party websites. This is probably the easiest method that works every time. There are many websites out there where you can buy Rocket League items. In our opinion the best marketplace (with the best price) to buy the Fennec is RL.Exchange. We listed the best ones on our guide to the best places to Sell or Buy your Rocket League Items:

  • RL.Exchange
  • Lolga
  • Aoeah
  • Tradeflip
  • Gameflip
  • Rocket Prices

Bear in mind that it may take the marketplace up to 12 hours to deliver the item to you. Also, make sure to not give them access to your main account. Since Rocket League is free now you should create a second RL account as a middleman. This will give you an extra layer of security. The great thing about RL.Exchange is that they scan the web to offer you the best price for the Fennec.

Getting the Fennec in the Item Shop

The Item Shop is the in-game store in RL accessible from the main menu. Featured items are rotated on a 48-hour timer and Daily items on a 24-hour timer. Once the timer expires, new items enter the shop. The Item Shop includes all types of in-game items for Rocket League, like painted Vehicles such as the Fennec and the titanium white Fennec.


On some occasions you can buy the Fennec, so make sure to check the store every day until you found one. The price for a standard Fennec is 500 Credits and you can also get a painted version between 700 and 800 Credits.

Trading for the Fennec

Another way to get the Fennec is to trade it with another player. If you don’t know any of your friends who have it then there are a lot of websites where you can search for someone who is willing to trade the Fennec with you. This is the easiest way to get the Fennec by trading:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the Fennec


  1. Compare the prices
  2. Click on the trading link and follow the necessary steps

Make sure to check your inventory to find items that are worth something or trade-in your worthless items to get a chance to draw a more expensive item. Be careful to not get scammed. If you want more details on this subject then wrote an article about Rocket League trading to make sure you get a good deal while exchanging your in-game items.

Can you get the fennec for free?

It is possible to get the Fennec for free. However, you will always need to use credits for it or use in-game items you currently have in your inventory for trading. Since it's possible to get both of these things while playing, you can get the Fennec (technically) at no cost. Nonetheless, there is no shortcut or glitch.Here are some ways to get the Fennec for free:

  • Participate and win in Tournaments and use the rewards to trade and get some credits


  • Participate in Rocket League giveaways. Click here to find a complete list of the best Rocket League giveaways.
  • Check and use your available inventory and look for valuable items (you might be surprised what you find) and trade with them
  • Read our guide about the Rocket League credit system and find out all the ways to get free credits in Rocket League

The cars we drive say a lot about us

All in all, the Fennec is a great car and it has all the requirements to be your car of choice for your next winning streak. We hope this guide will help get this awesome car.

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