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Rocket League Download & File Size

Do you have enough space for Rocket League on your hard drive? Find out how much memory you need to download Rocket League.

Updated on Dec 20, 2022
Rocket League Download & File Size

In an era of gaming where astronomical large file sizes are the norm. We are looking at you COD Warzone. It’s important to know what the file size of each potential game you play is, so you can plan around the download time and make space on your console or PC. So, with the switch from Steam to the Epic Games Launcher, we thought it would be best to discuss Rocket League’s file size on PC and the best course of action when adding this game to your gaming library.

Where Can I Download Rocket League for PC?

As mentioned, Rocket League is no longer available on the Steam Storefront. Epic Games acquired the rights to Rocket League as a franchise and therefore, it is hosted exclusively on their PC platform. So if you want to access this game, you will need to download the Epic Games Launcher and you will have to make space for the launcher and the game file in order to play this game.

How Big is the Epic Launcher?

While there is quite a lot of speculation online as to what the file size of the Epic Games Launcher is, Epic Games have never made that information public. The reason for this seems to be unknown. However, it is the general consensus that the file size is in the region of 37GB. We will also list the system requirements to run the Epic Games Launcher Below:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 2×2

Memory: 2GB

Video card:  DirectX 9.0c Compatible GPU; NVIDIA Geforce 7800 (512mb)/AMD Radeon HD 4600 (512MB)/Intel HD 4000

Hard drive: 1.5GB

What Is the Download Size for Rocket League?

Once you have the Epic Games Launcher installed, you’ll need to download the Rocket League game file. To accommodate Rocket League on your PC, you will need to clear around 13.41GB of free space (much less than Rust) in order to download this multiplayer title. However, due to patches, updates and various other additions, Epic Games advises players to have at least 20GB of free space set aside when downloading Rocket League.

You can download Rocket League for free right here.

A Neat Little Package

While the Epic Games Launcher can eat up a surprisingly big chunk of your PC’s SSD, Rocket League’s file size is actually rather compact. Especially considering the visual splendor and performance that this game provides. So be sure to clear a space for Rocket League and go grab a free copy from the Epic Games store now. It may be a new era under new owners for the title but it’s the same great game we’ve grown to love. Jump back in now.

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