Rust File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

Discover the latest download size of Rust for PC, Xbox, and PS!

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Rust File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

If you ever wanted to discover the actual download size of Rust, in all likelihood, you weren't able to accomplish that. This is because developers will usually post recommended hard drive/SSD storage space for their games but will rarely give any details regarding the download size, which is inclined to change. Fortunately for you, we have downloaded Rust on all available platforms and discovered its latest download size, so you no longer have to search for it. So stick with us, and we'll uncover our findings along with other interesting stuff about this game.

Where Can I Play Rust?

You can play Rust on PC (Microsoft Windows and macOS), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This game is also available on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, using backward compatibility. Along with it, you can play rust on GeForce Now streaming service.

What Is The Download Size Of Rust?

The download size of Rust depends on the platform you're downloading it on, and it ranges from 3 to 4.51 GB. Find out the exact download sizes in the table below:

Keep in mind that these sizes only apply to the base game, and you'll need extra disk space for additional content. The Facepunch Studios suggests having around 20 GB of storage space for Rust, even though its download size is smaller. Other than downloading Rust, you can get it as a physical (disk) version, available for consoles only. Additionally you will need about 300 Mb for the Steam Launcher.

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Where Can I Download Rust?

You can download Rust on Steam (PC), Microsoft Store (Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S), and PlayStation Store (PlayStation 4 and 5).

Just Another DayZ and Minecraft Hybrid

When Rust appeared on Steam Early Access back in 2013, Facepunch Studios pledged to deliver a challenging survival/sandbox title with the familiar concept. Back then, there were a lot of comparable games, such as DayZ (have a look at the download size of DayZ too) or The Forest, and this genre was becoming fashionable in a brief period.

What made Rust stand out is the combination of fierce PvP and crafting and certain PvE elements like wild animals that replaced zombies, which were initially part of Rust. But has Facepucnh Studios managed to fulfill its pledge?


Well, sort of. On the surface, Rust is a spectacular game with excellent audio/visual quality and a convoluted crafting system, so the game may seem immaculate to the casual players.

However, Rust suffers from the same issues that other similar titles have, such as an extremely toxic community, tedious progression system, and optimization issues, especially Rust console edition.

Don't get us wrong; Rust can be extremely fun, and it can offer endless hours of replayability. This is a fine choice for players who enjoy surviving in a challenging PvP environment full of dangers. After going from a half-naked character with a spear to a fully-armored character with a machine gun, it offers a real sense of accomplishment.

On the other hand, this is definitely not the most suitable choice for casual players, mainly since you can lose everything in seconds, even while you're offline. 

This game is constantly receiving updates and tweaks, so perhaps most of these issues will become a thing of the past, and when that happens, we'll highly recommend Rust to everyone. Until then, we'll just say that you should give it a try and see for yourself.

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