Where to buy Rust Skins?

Updated on Jul 04, 2023
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Where to buy Rust Skins?

Best places to buy Rust skins

The top place to buy skins for most Rust players is the Item Store located in the game menu; after all, it is the safest place to purchase in-game items for this game — but also the most expensive. However, as with other popular games on Steam (such as CS2 (CSGO), Dota, or Team Fortress), there are various online marketplaces where you can purchase Rust skins for slightly lower prices. If you only want to get the best price, it’s important to know that none of these sites always has the best price for an item. Even when the fee is a little more, it doesn't mean it's always more expensive. Here’s a list of the 4 best and safest sites of this kind in our opinion:


Let's start with a website that focuses solely on Rust items. Rustskins is the site most visited by active Rust players where you can find all kinds of Rust skins for a reasonable price, paying only X% Fee. Besides, it is safe and works entirely legally as confirmed by, e.g., X. Low fees, wide choice, and good customer support are the signature of Rustkins. 


Another great place to buy Rust skins is Skinport. You will find lots of Rust items for about 20% off on this website, with a 0% fee. It may seem too great to be true, but the site is verified and completely legitimate; It's registered as a  business in Stuttgart, Germany. Its UI is simple and straightforward, but in case anyone has trouble using the site, Skinport offers easy access to high-quality customer support, which makes things much more manageable. 


Dmarket is one of the more significant marketplaces for games on Steam (mainly CS2 (CSGO)). It is a legitimate business registered in Wilmington, USA. This platform has over one million registered users and works on an ongoing basis with people like Trip Hawkins (the first Electronic Arts CEO), confirming its authenticity. This is probably the largest non-Valve-related marketplace where the selection of Rust items is so large. Dmarket is where many traders put those most expensive and exclusive skins for sale, thanks to the meager fee that the site offers. Some of you may also be interested in the possibility of buying in-game Rust items with the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Steam Community Market

Lastly, the place every Rust player has access to — the Steam Community Market. It is a very convenient platform; it requires virtually no additional registration, and the process of purchasing items is transparent and straightforward. The biggest drawback of this platform is that you probably won't find the most expensive skins on it, as most people who own them prefer to sell them elsewhere, as the sales fee on Steam is as high as 13%. The prices here are not much different from those in the Item Store, meaning it's still quite costly, but it's definitely a fast and convenient way to buy Rust skins, as they transfer into your inventory right after purchase. You can also give orders for a particular item at a specific price so that when someone lists that item at the price you set, the transaction will happen automatically.

Note that there is no single website that always has the best prices. If you are firmly into Rust economy and skins, you should watch each of these sites and keep up to date with the prices out there. One of these sites may seem overpriced to you every so often, but after proper research, you may find an expensive item for a cost-effective price. 

How to buy Rust Skins on online marketplaces

The process of buying skins on all online marketplaces looks virtually the same. We could describe it in just 5 steps:

  1. Link your Steam account to an account on the online marketplace of your choice.
  2. Make a deposit using the method of your choice available on the website.
  3. Add the skins you want to buy to your cart on the marketplace website.
  4. Complete the transaction.
  5. Transfer purchased skins to your Steam inventory by making a trade with a bot.

Simple, isn't it? The entire process will take you just a few minutes, and it can save you tens of dollars. 

Tips for buying Rust skins on online marketplaces

If you are new to buying skins online or outside the in-game Item Shop, you may feel a little lost. Therefore, we have prepared 5 tips to help you find your way in the online marketplace and make the best deals possible.

  1. Deposit a certain amount on the sites you use the most right away. That way, you won’t have to wait so long for the money transfer, which will make your transactions faster. Besides, that will also reduce the chance that you will miss a good deal opportunity. 
  2. Verify that the bot you are trading with is actually a marketplace bot and not a scammer. Some scammers claim to be marketplace bots to steal your items. Be cautious and always double-check that everything is correct when making a transaction on this type of site.
  3. Double-check if the transaction is profitable for you. Sometimes the price of an item may seem attractive to you, but after you pay the fee, it may be completely uneconomic. Try to calculate how much you will actually spend on the item, counting all the additional costs you will have to pay.
  4. Check the seller's reviews and their Steam profile if you have the option. Make sure that the skins you buy are not from any scams or steals. Especially when making an expensive transaction, try to verify the seller's authenticity — his Steam account, number of friends, number of hours played, etc.
  5. See other marketplaces before buying a skin. If you can buy something cheaper elsewhere, then why not? There is no reason to overpay; a few dollars will always come in handy. Do some quick research, and if you're a Rust enthusiast, try to regularly keep an eye on prices and buy at the most opportune moment (e.g., when you expect the item's price to increase significantly in the near future).

How to buy Rust skins on Steam Community Market

When it comes to the Steam Community Market, the process of just buying skins looks a little different. Fear not, it's as simple, and it will also be only 5 steps.

  1. Open the Steam Community Market. 
  2. Select Rust in the “Browse by Game” menu. You can also enter it through this link.
  3.  In the “Search for items” search bar, type the name of an item you are looking for.
  4. Once you find the item you are looking for, click on it and open its Stem Market page.
  5. Press the green “Buy...” buttonand select your preferred payment method.

Final Thoughts 

That would be it for our Rust skin buyers guide. Online marketplaces have their own rules and conditions; just like in Rust — you need to find the best ways to adapt to their environment. We hope this guide will help grow your Steam Inventory while keeping your wallet a good size.

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