When Server Wipes in Rust [The Utimate Rust Wipe Guide]

This article is for beginners or anyone who has no clue what wipe is in Rust.

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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When Server Wipes in Rust [The Utimate Rust Wipe Guide]

So with a lot of new Rust players coming because of new beginner-friendly updates and console releases we are gonna need to teach people what a Rust wipe is so they are not completely confused. So in this Rust guide, we will be answering the questions about what is a Rust wipe, when is a wipe, why the server wipes, and how to choose a server.

What is Server Wipe in Rust

So you may wonder what is a wipe, it's kind of confusing, and it might be frustrating if you think you get to keep all your stuff but you don't. When Rust wipes happen basically it completely wipe servers. All the entities, all items, just everything you have got and it sometimes clears all the blueprints you researched from those previous wipes.


There are 3 types of Rust Wipes.

  • Map Wipes
  • Blueprint Wipes
  • Force Wipes

Map wipe is whenever the map resets and you lose your base and items but a lot of times your blueprints stay.

Force wipes come every month with a major monthly update of Rust, and all servers in the game must be wiped, and blueprints are also wiped.

Blueprint wipes are according to the server, some servers' blueprints are wiped monthly, some weekly, and some every 15 days.

On freshly wiped servers a seed is automatically selected and the Rust generates a random map. Of course, administrators can change these seeds as they wish and replace them with a map as they desire.

When Do Rust Wipes Occur in Rust

Now you may be confused about which servers to choose or how to choose them. Rust server wipes are every server map wipes on the first Thursday of a month known as the force wipe as we just said.

Force wipes in Rust happen on the first Thursday of every month, and no matter what the situation is, it never fails. The update with forced wipe happens between 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET and lasts about 1 hour.

BP wipes reset players' items, map, blueprints, bases, positions, in short everything. Usually, BP wipes happen on the last Thursday of every month. Rust does not require BP wipes unless there is a major update to the game. But Rust BP wipe may vary from some servers to others. Some server admins BP wipes their servers on a weekly basis, some waits for the game to do it automatically, and some admins biweekly wipe their servers.


Most players when starting a new server look for a BP wiped server because they want every player's status to be close to each other, most players like BP wipes.

Rust Console Edition and normal Rust have the same wipe time.

How to Choose Servers in Rust

In Rust, servers usually set their own wipe dates themselves, so these custom servers wipe are better for players who want to play on a freshly wiped server, also it benefits server administrators too. Because the server is constantly fresh and alive, constantly attracting new players and old players back to the server.

Server wipe schedules are as follows,

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly Wipes
  • Monthly

You can understand the weekly servers by their titles and the tags under them.

If it says Weekly in the tags and Mondays or Thursdays in the title, it means that it is wiped every week on Monday or Thursday. In general, this applies to all servers. The tags underneath them say Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly, and the title or information will indicate the days and hours of wiping.


If you want to choose the best server for you, you need to understand yourself and your playing style a bit. If you like to play in fast, crowded servers in a chaotic environment and you can survive, it would be better for you to enter freshly wiped servers, because in fresh wiped servers you can occasionally find players.

If you like to play at your own pace and especially if you are new to the game, monthly or weekly wipes will be much better for you. The number of players on these servers is usually constant, about 100-150. More frequent wipes mean more players, so if you don't like PvP much or if you think you are not yet good at playing on a crowded server, you can choose such servers. Obviously, both of them taste different.

How to be Successful on Fresh Wipe in Rust

Outpost is all about having a good, successful, and smooth wipe experience. Outpost has a handful of features that can be very useful early in the wipe.

You can drink water, cook some food in Rust and comfort can heal you. You can get Stone by trading Stone for Wood to get a base down more quickly and maybe even buy Metal Fragments for a Code Lock. You could also buy an early Jackhammer if you want to expand quickly or you can buy one of the best recycle items in Rust, Tac Gloves to get cloth and craft Sleeping Bags, Bandages, and prim kits for your first monument run.

If you found some Crude Oil along the way you can use the Oil Refinery to get Lowgrade Fuel and craft your first Furnace. You can use the Workbench Tier 1 to craft some early wipe weapons like Crossbow, Nail Gun, or if you have the blueprints things like Compound Bow and even Revolver.


If you're feeling spicy you can even get weapons in Rust like an M92 from Bandit Camp with the drones. When you buy an M92 from Bandit Camp it comes with about 6 Pistol Ammo inside and you can research a Pistol Bullet. Recycle some Smoke Grenade for Metal fragments and to get Gunpowder in Rust and craft bullets to go for a snowball. But if you are more risk-averse you can farm barrels, road signs, and even animals in the safe zone for some risk-free loot.

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