Destiny 2 File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

Check out the current download size of Destiny 2 for PC, Xbox, and PS!

Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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Destiny 2 File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

If you're looking to download Destiny 2 on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation 4 console, you'd probably like to know its exact download size. And since both download and install size of online games like this one is constantly changing, in most cases, the only way to discover them is to start downloading the game. Fortunately, with our help, you'll be able to find out the most up-to-date download size of Destiny 2 before downloading it, so you can determine how much storage space you'll need and how long the download will take. As a bonus, you'll also learn some intriguing details about Destiny 2, so without any further ado, let's get moving.

Where Can I Play Destiny 2?

You can play Destiny 2 on PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Additionally, Destiny 2 is available on Stadia and GeForce Now streaming services, and it’s included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

What Is The Download Size Of Destiny 2?

The download size of Destiny 2 is between 65.7 GB and 80.8 GB, depending on the device you're downloading it on. Find out how many gigabytes Destiny 2 requires for each specific platform in the table below:

Remember that these sizes may adjust with each Destiny 2 update, and for the time being, these are the actual download sizes. If you plan on downloading Destiny 2 on Steam, you'll also need around 200 MB for the Steam client.

To find out more particulars about download sizes of other games, check out the download size of Rainbow Six Siege, Albion Online, and the download size of PUBG.

Where Can I Download Destiny 2?

You can download Destiny 2 on Steam, Microsoft Store (PC), PlayStation Store (PlayStation 4 and 5), and Microsoft Store (Xbox One and Series X/S).

Enjoyable Sci-Fi Venture Throughout The Planetary System

After the notable commercial success of the first Destiny title, Bungie has decided to take it up a notch and release a praiseworthier sequel - Destiny 2, only three years after the original game. Not only Destiny 2 has managed to catch up to its firstborn, but it has also managed to transcend it in nearly every possible way.


Released in 2017, Destiny 2 was originally a pay-to-play game, and it instantly made its presence felt by attracting over 3.3 million players during the initial month of release. And yet, even though it was obviously a massive improvement over Destiny 1, it hasn't managed to maintain the player base, and there was an exodus of players in a short time.

The game simply wasn't entertaining enough, and it seemed a bit void and in turmoil. Fast forward to 2019, Bungie becomes free-to-play, gets cross-platform saving, removes exclusive content, and moves from to Steam. It was a leap in the dark move from Bungie, but it has paid off and allowed Destiny 2 to be on the rise, reintroduce old players and entice the new ones.


Today, Destiny 2 is an entirely different game than it used to be, with more content and features but preserved core values. Destiny 2 has received six expansions (with two more planned for 2023 and 2024). The latest one, named The Witch Queen, is the pride and joy of Bungie and has received over 1 million pre-orders, making it the most successful Destiny 2 DLC ever.

This expansion is highly acclaimed and received numerous positive reviews from critics and players. Without a doubt, Destiny 2 is heading in the right direction, and players can remain optimistic about its destiny (ba-dum-tss).

Overall, if you're into Sci-Fi and shooter games, you'll absolutely enjoy playing Destiny 2, both solo or with friends.

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