Are There Bots In Destiny 2? Full Details

Find out all the info about bots in Destiny 2!

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Are There Bots In Destiny 2? Full Details

Nearly current AAA games have some sort of bots, whether they are added by the developers as a game feature or used by players that only want to gain an advantage through cheating. But does this holds true for Destiny 2 as well? Let's find out.

Are There Bots In Destiny 2?

No, bots aren't featured in Destiny 2 in any form, despite the fact that this is a free-to-play online multiplayer game, which is usually an open call for cheaters of all varieties.


While other comparable titles are literally swarmed over with bots used for auto-aiming, wall hacking, and all other cheating practices, Destiny 2 players can appreciate the fact that none of that stuff exists in this game.

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Are There Spam Bots In Destiny 2?

While there have been sporadic occurrences of spam bots in Destiny 2, principally, they aren't present in the game. The only time players have encountered them is when they start sending the raid "LFG" (looking for group) redundant spam messages, aiming to find a group as soon as possible. Fortunately, these spammers can be reported so that Bungie employees can take disciplinary actions against them.

Are There AI Bots In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer game, meaning that it can only be played with other players and that there are no single-player (offline) game modes. Furthermore, while there are NPC characters and AI opponents featured in the game, they can't be regarded as bots, as bots serve to take over the place of human players for right or immoral purposes. At the same time, these NPCs are mostly vendors, quest givers, and all kinds of alien creatures that add some PvE elements to this game.


What Prevents Bots From Appearing In Destiny 2?

This could be due to the fact that Destiny 2 doesn't feature random item drops, like CS2 (CSGO), for example, so that means this game can't be profitable for cheaters who are usually "farming" those items and selling them afterward. This sort of "business" is one of the main reasons for utilizing bots in online games, especially in MMORPG titles, where botting is a severe issue that developers are constantly struggling with. 

Another reason why cheaters and bots aren't present in Destiny 2 is that Bungie has implemented BattlEye Anti-Cheat, which needs to run with Destiny 2 simultaneously, ensuring fairness and detecting any potential usage of scripts, macros, and other cheats.

While Bungie admitted that this may cause lower performance on a PC, but not on consoles, it's undoubtedly a settlement that everyone is willing to accept, so Destiny 2 can remain entirely bot-free. Without a doubt, nearly every single player would definitely choose lower FPS in Destiny 2 if that means playing without any bots.

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