Best Clothes in Project Zomboid (Jackets, Helmets, Pants and More)

To live longer in Project Zomboid, it is very important to protect your body well. Let's learn about clothing protection.

Updated on Jul 29, 2023
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Best Clothes in Project Zomboid (Jackets, Helmets, Pants and More)

In Project Zomboid, having a good set of clothes is crucial for survival. Clothes with very high environmental protection protect us from zombie bites and scratches. Every outfit has different places to protect and different environmental protection values. For example, some jackets only protect your chest while others also protect your thighs.

Decent environmental protection means you can avoid bites and scrapes from minor mistakes and increase your chances of survival. So it is always good to wear the best environmental protection clothing you have available.

The Best Jackets for Protection in Project Zomboid

There are many jackets in Project Zomboid and not all of them provide the same environmental protection. In addition, some of them cannot be upgraded or repaired with the tailoring skill, which is a great option to get the best possible environmental protection.

#1: Army Coat

The best aspects of the Army Coat are it provides good scratch and bite protection. It is much lighter than many other jackets and your swing speeds are faster. It also has much better water resistance and wind chill resistance. It can be repaired and patched.


Army Coat protects the neck, upper torso, lower torso, upper arms, lower arms, groin, and thigs. It provides 40% scratch and 20% bite protection.

#2: Military Jacket

Military Jackets provide 30% bite and 50% scratch protection. These jackets protect your upper torso, lower torso, and upper arms but not the legs. Also, it gives minor scratch resistance to the neck.


It provides 30 percent wind resistance and 45 percent water resistance.

#3: Firefighter Jacket

Fire Fighter jackets are extremely robust and strong. They have decent environmental protection but they are very heavy and make your character sweat a lot. It belongs to the category of heavy clothes and fireman's outfits are quite easy to find. It provides 50% bite, 70% scratch, and 50% neck protection.

Firefighter jackets provide much more zombie protection than any other leather jacket. With this jacket, you can have maximum environmental protection, especially in the early stages of the game. Leather Jackets make you sweat a lot less, but they also offer a lot less zombie protection.


If you have the strongest Project Zomboid character build, it's wise to use the Firefighter Jacket and Pants in phases where your tailoring characters have not yet progressed, as these outfits cannot be repaired or patched with sewing kit boxes.

#4: Police Deputy Jacket

Police Deputy Jacket can also be a good choice for the early game. Although not as good as the Firefighter jacket, this jacket can make you sweat a lot, but its wind resistance and water resistance are very high.


Slightly reduces the player's movement speed. It is quite heavy.

#5: Ranger Jacket

The Ranger Jacket has almost the same features as the Police Deputy Jacket.


The only difference is that it sweats a little less. It provides torso, arm, and neck protection and has a small movement speed penalty.

The Best Helmets for Protection in Project Zomboid

It is very important to wear a helmet in Project Zomboid. Unless you are playing on a multiplayer public server, there is no chance of getting a bullet in the head, but there is a chance of getting bitten in the head. Helmets provide 100% bite and scratch protection against zombies and greatly reduce the chance of the wearer being dropped by zombies.

#1: Motorcycle Helmet

The best option to avoid getting infected in Project Zomboid is Motorcycle Helmet. This helmet protects you against the cold by providing 100% wind protection.


Motorcycle helmets protect your head against zombie bites and scratches with 100% probability and provide some neck protection.

#2: Military Helmet

The Military Helmet provides 100% bite and scratch protection, just like a biker helmet, and the wearer is less likely to be knocked down by zombies.


The Military Helmet can be found in military bases, soldier zombies, and the secret soldier base outside Rosewood.

#3: Firefighter Helmet

The Firefight Helmet is also one of the best zombie protection helmets. They provide 100% protection against zombie bites and scratches.


These helmets reduce your chances of being dropped by zombies and also offer high water and wind resistance.

The Best Pants for Protection in Project Zomboid

Pants are quite important for extra leg protection and to win from the cold.

#1: Leather Trousers

As much as one might think that military urban camo pants are better, they are not. Military pants give the same protection and minor resistance as normal pants.

Other pants give 10% bite protection and 20% scratch protection while Leather Trousers give 20% bite protection and 20% scratch protection.


It can also be repaired with sewing kit boxes and sewing items, and you can reach maximum protection by adding leather strips.

#2: Firefighter Pants

Firefighter Pants are great for the early stages of the game and provide very high environmental protection compared to other pants.

The reason why it is only good in the early game phases is that it cannot be repaired and cannot be patched to get higher protection. These pants have 10% resistance to bites and 20% resistance to scratches.


It is relatively easy to find. Firefighter pants can be obtained from zombies, fire stations, or by starting with Firefighter, one of the best occupations in Project Zomboid.

Supplementary Clothing to Maximize Your Protection

The best clothes you can wear in Project Zomboid besides the items you're wearing, and which will give you extra bite and scratch resistance, aren't always jackets or helmets. In Project Zomboid, sometimes even a very small detail can kill or save you.

#1: Scarf

Scarfs protect your neck, which is the most vital part of the player's body. In Project Zomboid, the slightest scratch to the neck can cause massive bleeding. Therefore, it is very important to protect this vulnerable part as much as possible.


The scarf provides 10% protection for the neck and is the only item in the game that provides protection only for the neck, apart from jackets and helmets that give minor resistance to the neck. They cannot be repaired or patched.

#2: Military Boots

Military Boots make your feet almost impossible to scratch or bite. Boots are great tools for crushing the heads of zombies on the ground, so everyone should definitely use them. However, they give a very small mobility penalty.


While sneakers are faster than military boots, they are less resistant to bites and scratches. They cannot be repaired or patched.

#3: Leather Gloves

Only gloves in the game provide protection for our hands. They provide 15% bite and 30% scratch protection. Although they don't provide high protection for your hands, they provide the only protection in the game.


They can be found in clothing stores, wardrobes, and closets. They cannot be repaired or patched.

#4: Police Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof vests can be preferred for bonus chest protection. With this extra protection, you will be quite tough.


You can improve your tailoring skill for maximum environmental protection. Tailoring is a very useful skill to have to patch your clothes to give them more protection.

You can obtain leather strips from leather items such as leather jackets, and denim strips from denim items such as denim jackets and patch these pieces to your clothes.

Don't forget to maximize XP gain by reading books while tailoring the best clothes with essential tools like needle and thread.

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