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Losing Weight and Gaining Weight in Project Zomboid (Explained)

Being overweight or underweight in Project Zomboid can kill you very quickly, so let's learn how to control our weight.
Losing Weight and Gaining Weight in Project Zomboid (Explained)

Just like in real life, being underweight and obese are extremely harmful and dangerous traits in Project Zomboid. If you have too much weight, you will run out of breath more quickly. You get tired more quickly and you are not as athletic. If you are underweight, zombies can knock you down more easily, you can suffer more serious injuries and your skin is more vulnerable. The use of these traits must be carefully considered because if left uncontrolled, they can easily lead you to your death.

IconNameWeight Range
Obese100 or more

OverweightBetween 75 - 85

NormalBetween 75- 85

UnderweightBetween 65- 75

Very UnderweightBetween 50 - 65

Emaciated50 or less


In Project Zomboid, when you weigh over 100 kilos, you become Obese. Between 85 and 100 is considered Overweight and between 65 and 75 is considered Underweight.

How to Lose Weight in Project Zomboid

Weight-related traits are a bit difficult to deal with in Project Zomboid. But one of the best negative traits in Project Zomboid can be the Underweight trait. Because it is quite easy to gain weight in the game and you can weigh up to 3 kilos per day. To get back to our topic, reducing weight is quite difficult. It will take considerable time and effort to get back to your default weight. You need to be mindful of the food you eat, and you need to minimize your calorie intake by exercising constantly.

Although it's not the best occupation in Project Zomboid, you can get the Fitness Instructor occupation to see the calories of every meal you eat. If you want to lose weight and eat healthy low-calorie foods, you can make fruit and vegetable salads. Also, you can see the calories of foods with the help of PZWiki or the Nutritionist trait.

Here are a few examples of healthy and low-calorie foods:

  • Canned Carrot - 10.5
  • Egg - 63
  • Bowl of Beans - 170
  • Bacon - 160
  • Bacon Bits - 10
  • Apple - 95
  • Broccoli - 11

After your workouts, drink plenty of water and eat healthy, low-calorie foods. Get plenty of rest to avoid exercise fatigue. If you have a lot of muscle pain, you can use painkillers and antidepressants to continue your sports exercises.

How to Gain Weight in Project Zomboid

If you have lost a lot of weight in Project Zomboid or want to gain a little more weight and muscle, you should be careful about your diet and exercise. In Project Zomboid, Fat and Carbohydrate values make you gain weight, while Protein helps you get stronger and increase your muscle mass, just like in real life. Your Strength skill experiences will multiply if you eat protein foods. In these negative weight traits, it makes more sense to favor the underweight. Because it is much easier to gain weight in the game than to lose weight. With the right methods, you can gain up to 3 kilos a day. But when it comes to weight drops, it won't be that easy. You can lose a maximum of 1 kilogram per day and you will need to exercise or run constantly to burn calories.

If your goal is to increase your strength, you can choose meals with a nutritional value of protein, such as these:

    • Meat Bacon - 10 Proteins
    • Milk - 8 Proteins
    • Chicken - 18 Proteins
    • Egg - 5.55 Proteins
    • Ham - 117 Proteins
    • Corned Beef (Canned Food) - 78 Proteins
    • Tofu - 5 Proteins

How to Control Calorie Intake in Project Zomboid

Weight gain and loss weight in Project Zomboid is very similar to real life. To gain weight or lose weight, you actually only need to do what you actually have to do in real life. You should simply calculate the daily calories you should take in according to your weight and meet the calories you need daily by calculating the calories of the foods you eat. Of course, the type of food you eat also makes a difference in these cases. If you eat junk food, weight gain is inevitable, because these junk foods contain a lot of fat and carbohydrates, so they are naturally high in calories. However, if you eat healthy food you can lose weight effectively.

Keep Track Your Calories with Nutrition Indicator Mod in Project Zomboid

You can track your calorie calculation with a great Project Zomboid mod called Nutrition Indicator. This mod shows you how much fat, protein, carbohydrates, and calories you should take in on a daily basis. You can also use it with the Nutritionist trait in the Project Zomboid from the character creation menu to see the calorie counts of foods.

Weight loss starts to occur when you fall below your daily calorie needs. In the Nutrition Indicator mod, you can track how many calories you are taking next to your weight information. For example, if your calorie count is -1000, it means you started to lose weight. You can only lose 1 kilogram per day.

Keep Track of Your Calories with PZWiki in Project Zomboid

If you don't want to use mods, if that sounds a bit like cheating, your only friend is the Nutritionist trait or the PZWiki Food section. When you play with your friends in Project Zomboid, you can be their gym instructor. You can tell them the exercise program they want and the calories they should take in (you have to be pretty advanced to reach this comfort). Anyway, we were talking about PZWiki, in PZWiki you can click on the food you want to know the calories, you can see the Fat ratio, the Protein ratio, the Calorie ratio, and even the Carbohydrate ratio.

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