Best Melee Weapons in Project Zomboid [High to Low Tier]

See the best melee weapons in Project Zomboid, with the Katana standing out as the top choice for its power and rarity.

Updated on Feb 13, 2024
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Best Melee Weapons in Project Zomboid [High to Low Tier]

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Katana Weapon (Long Blade)

The best melee weapon in Project Zomboid is the Katana. If you're into taking down zombies, the Katana is the ideal choice. With a Katana, you can almost instantly kill most zombies. 

It's categorized as a two-handed weapon in Project Zomboid, making it a powerful ally in your survival. Not only is the Katana powerful and rare, but it also allows you to kill multiple zombies at once. Plus, these weapons lose durability very slowly, ensuring longevity in your battles against the undead.

Katana Weapon in Project Zomboid

Finding Katanas can be a bit of a hunt. You can check gun stores and hardware stores, or, if you're lucky, you might find one on the corpses of zombies after 30 days; however, stumbling upon one this way is pretty rare.

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Machete Weapon (Long Blade)

The Machete, found in the Long Blade category, stands out as a very powerful choice. Unique among many one-handed weapons, the Machete delivers very high damage, allowing you to kill zombies directly, bypassing the risk of getting bitten. 

Although it has a low range, it's still possible to maintain a safe distance from zombies and eliminate them much more efficiently than with pistol guns. A notable aspect of the Machete is that it cannot be repaired, making its durability a valuable commodity.

Machete Weapon in Project Zomboid

Finding Machetes involves a bit of exploration. They are available in gun stores, hardware stores, and, like Katanas, can also be found on the corpses of zombies after 30 days, although such finds are rare.

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Axe Weapon (Axes)

The Axe is another member of the two-handed weapons category. Unlike the Katana, which is very rare, axes are easier to find and serve multiple purposes beyond just zombie elimination. 

They are effective at dispatching single zombies, and as you gain experience, you can even take down zombies with a single blow. The versatility of axes shines through their ability to not just kill zombies but also to break down doors and trees, making them invaluable for survival.

Plus, I just have to say that axes are essential for barricading your house in Project Zomboid.

Axe Weapon in Project Zomboid

Given the rarity and inability to repair the Katana and Machete, the axe emerges as the most practical choice for close-range combat

Similar to the Machete and Katana, two-handed axes can be located in gun stores and hardware stores, offering a blend of accessibility and utility.

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Baseball Bat Weapon (Long Blunt)

The Baseball Bat stands out as one of the more accessible weapons in Project Zomboid. 

Despite its ease of availability, it remains a highly effective blunt weapon, boasting a high hit rate, a high crit chance, and a strong ability to knock down zombies

This makes it an ideal weapon for use in the early game, offering players a reliable means of defense against the undead.

Baseball Bat Weapon in Project Zomboid

This weapon is very common and can be found in the storage crates of most shops, ensuring that players can readily equip themselves for survival.

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Metal Bar / Lead Pipe Weapon (Short Blunt)

Although Metal Bars are used for crafting, they can also be used as weapons. If you are playing the Metalworker occupation, one of the best occupations in Project Zomboid, and your level is high, you can gather a lot of Metal Bars.

One of the key advantages of Short Blunt weapons, such as the Metal Bar or Lead Pipe, is their potential for high efficiency in combat. 

With advanced skills in the Short Blunt category, you can achieve quick one-shot kills on zombies, mirroring the effectiveness of more powerful weaponry. These types of weapons are extremely easy to find, making them very common and accessible options in the game.

Metal Bar / Lead Pipe Weapon in Project Zomboid

An additional benefit of Short Blunt weapons is their durability and repairability. Unlike many other weapons in Project Zomboid that cannot be repaired and must be discarded once worn out, Short Blunt weapons can be repaired. 

Metal Bar can be found in Warehouses, Shacks, Industrial buildings, and Storage Units in Project Zomboid. And of course, you can destroy metal items to get Metal Bars.

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Crafted Spear Weapon (Spear)

Although the Crafted Spear has low durability, it is an effective weapon that must be used. You can easily kill all zombies in Project Zomboid with the spear, so yeah, that's pretty cool. After your Spear level increases, you start hitting very quickly and every zombie you hit will get a single shot.

Crafted Spear Weapon in Project Zomboid

The only downside is its low durability, but you can easily stock up on spears with the wood you gather in your best base location in Project Zomboid.

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Hunting Knife Weapon (Short Blade)

Stab weapons like the Hunting Knife are typically not the first choice for players due to their reduced impact, short range, and generally low damage, making them less effective against large groups of zombies.

However, they carve out a niche for players interested in a stealth approach to survival. If your strategy involves minimizing zombie encounters and staying under the radar, the Hunting Knife can be an excellent tool.

Hunting Knife Weapon in Project Zomboid

With a high short blade skill, you can sneak up on zombies from behind for a silent, one-move kill. 

When you approach a zombie unnoticed, your character will signal readiness by raising their hands slightly. At this moment, if you strike, you'll perform a silent takedown, hugging the zombie and killing it quietly.

Hunting Knives are readily available in various locations, including kitchens, gun shops, and tool shops, making them easy to acquire for those who prioritize stealth and precision in their gameplay.

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