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Best Melee Weapons in Project Zomboid [High to Low Tier]

The most used weapons in Project Zomboid are melee weapons and knowing which one is the right one to use is important for survival.
Best Melee Weapons in Project Zomboid [High to Low Tier]

If you don't have a solid weapon to defend yourself in a zombie apocalypse, you're already doomed. That's why this article will introduce you to the rarest and best weapons in Project Zomboid, as well as the best performance weapons. It would be very good for you to use a decent weapon in Project Zomboid. Each melee weapon has its own unique characteristics. Some melee weapons have a slow attack speed, some most durable weapons in-game, and some can kill multiple zombies.

What comes into play here is what your style of play is, you should choose according to the style of game you play. To give a brief example, if you have a stealthy play style, you might like stab weapons. On the other hand, if you like slaughtering crowded zombie groups, blunt weapons or two-handed weapons will be for you. There are many ways to kill zombies in Knox Country. One swing is all it takes.

In Project Zomboid, melee weapons are more important than guns. Because in most of our playthroughs, melee weapons will be the weapon we will use the most. Melee weapons should not be overlooked, because there are melee weapons that are more powerful than most ranged weapons. These melee weapons are extremely powerful than most firearms.


Katana Weapon in Project Zomboid (Long Blade)

The best melee weapon in Project Zomboid is Katana. If you like attract zombies, Katana is the weapon for you. With Katana, you can almost instant kill most zombies. Katana is classified as a two-handed weapon in Project Zomboid. The Katana is the most powerful and rare melee weapon in the game. You can also kill multiple zombies with it. These weapons lose durability very slowly.

You can find Katanas in gun stores and hardware stores. In the world, it can be also found on the corpses of zombies after 30 days, but these are quite rare.


Machete Weapon in Project Zomboid (Long Blade)

The Machete in the Long Blade category is also very powerful. Unlike many other one-handed weapons, this weapon has very high damage and kills zombies directly without taking one bite. Despite the low range, you can easily keep a safe distance from zombies and kill them much faster than with pistol guns. The Machete is among the weapons that cannot be repaired.

You can find machetes in gun stores, hardware stores, and after 30 days, on the corpses of zombies.


Axe Weapon in Project Zomboid (Axes)

This weapon also belongs to the category of two-handed weapons. Unlike Katanas, which are very rare, axes are easy to find and have many functions besides killing zombies.  They are good at killing single zombies and when you reach a certain level, you can shoot one shot at zombies very easily. The best part about using axes is that you can use them not only to kill zombies but also to break down doors and trees. Axes are essential for barricading your house in Project Zomboid.

Due to the rarity and unrepairability of the Katana and Machete, the axe is the most suitable close-range combat weapon. Two-handed axes can be found in gun stores and hardware stores just like Machete and Katana.


Baseball Bat Weapon in Project Zomboid (Long Blunt)

The Baseball Bat is much easier to find than other weapons. Despite being easy to find, it is a highly effective blunt weapon. It has a high hit rate, a high crit chance, and a high chance of knocking down zombies. In other words, it is one of the best weapons that can be used in the early game. Also, one of the advantages of using this weapon is that you can attach nails to the Baseball Bat and turn it into a Spiked Baseball Bat. This means higher damage and easier zombies to kill.

You can find this weapon in the storage crates of most shops, it is a very common weapon.


Metal Bar / Lead Pipe Weapon in Project Zomboid (Short Blunt)

Although Metal Bars are used for crafting, they can also be used as weapons. If you are playing the Metalworker occupation, one of the best occupations in Project Zomboid, and your level is high, you can gather a lot of Metal Bars. The best part about using Short Blunt weapons is that when you have high skills in Short Blunt, you can kill zombies with a quick one shot, just like other extremely powerful weapons. And this melee type is extremely easy to find, they are very common in the game. Also, many weapons in the game cannot be repaired and require you to throw them away and find a new weapon, which is not the case with Short Blunts, you can repair them and find them very easily.

Metal Bar can be found in Warehouses, Shacks, Industrial buildings, and Storage Units in Project Zomboid. In addition, you can destroy metal items to get Metal Bars.


Crafted Spear Weapon in Project Zomboid (Spear)

Although the Crafted spear has low durability, it is an effective weapon that must be used. You can easily kill all zombies in Project Zomboid with the spear. After your Spear level increases, you start hitting very quickly and every zombie you hit will get a single shot.

The only downside is its low durability, but you can easily stock up on spears with the wood you gather in your best base location in Project Zomboid.


Hunting Knife Weapon in Project Zomboid (Short Blade)

Stab weapons are not preferred due to reduced impact. They have short range and generally low damage. That's why they are not suitable for dealing with a lot of zombies. If you want to play the game in stealth mode, killing as few zombies as possible, this is the weapon for you. With the high short blade skill, you can approach zombies animatedly from behind and kill them in one move. If you approach a zombie from behind without it seeing you, you'll see your character raise their hands a little. If you hit the zombie when this happens, you will hug the zombie and kill it silently in one move.

Hunting Knives can be easily found in kitchens, gun shops, and tool shops.

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