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Best Hosting Provider for Stardew Valley [Tested]

Do you want to start a Stardew Valley server with your friends but don't know which hosting to use? Then check out this article.
Best Hosting Provider for Stardew Valley [Tested]

When it comes to hosting your own Stardew Valley server, you need a reliable provider with the best hosting features and performance. You don't want to be stuck with a long list of bugs or laggy servers that can ruin your game world. 

Shockbyte has all of the features, performance, and dependability required to provide a wonderful gaming experience for you and your friends, and they host famous titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, 7 Days to Die, Minecraft, and Project Zomboid.  That's why Shockbyte is the ultimate choice for Stardew Valley server hosting.

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Performance game server hosting services with affordable prices.

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Shockbyte's servers are fast, reliable, and come with unlimited slots. You can easily manage your dedicated server settings from an intuitive control panel or access the console for more advanced commands. You get full FTP access, so you can quickly upload mods, config files, custom maps, and other content to your server. Here's why Shockbyte is the best Stardew Valley server hosting provider.






Up to 2 GB

14 Slots

$12.99/ per month

We have tried many different hosting providers for Stardew Valley hosting but the only one we recommend is Shockbyte.


Shockbyte is our top pick for hosting a Stardew Valley server since it has a lot of features, a variety of price levels, and a good reputation among Stardew Valley players. This service includes everything you need to host a server in a single bundle

We found the user experience to be simple when trying Shockbyte. Setting up and administering your server is straightforward, and the site's interface walks you through the process step by step. 

The host player, as well as all other player slots, benefited from the lag-free gameplay. You may share your game server plan with your friends by providing an invite code and experience Stardew Valley multiplayer with them.

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We also found that Shockbyte offers excellent pricing options. Depending on the size of your server, you can pick plans ranging from $5.99 to $19.99 per month. This makes it a great option for those who want to play Stardew Valley with friends but don't want to break the bank.

Additionally, Shockbyte is well-known for its excellent support staff. Whether you're having trouble setting up your server or have questions about their service, their team of professionals is always ready and willing to help.

In terms of efficiency and functionality, we discovered that Shockbyte offers a plethora of possibilities. Mods, plugins, and add-ons can be used to personalize your Stardew Valley server. This enables you to modify your server to your specific needs. Furthermore, depending on your package, your server will have between 2 and 12 GB of RAM accessible for users.

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The range of hosting options and the straightforward control interface made setting up and managing our test server a breeze. The fast setup functionality and the ease of use of the one-click installer are fantastic. 

We would strongly suggest Shockbyte to anybody searching for a dependable and user-friendly Stardew Valley server hosting company. Shockbyte will cover all of your server hosting needs with its exceptional customer service, simple setup, and various price plans.

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