Is Platinum Good? | Platinum MMR | RB6 Ranks

Find out everything you need to know about the Platinum ranking in RB6: Siege.

Updated on Aug 15, 2023
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Is Platinum Good? | Platinum MMR | RB6 Ranks

Platinum rank is a very good rank for the Rainbow Six ranking system. Players on the part of the ranked player are skilled at the game and take winning games more seriously than those in most of the previous ranks. Platinum is found between the Gold and Diamond ranks.


What MMR is Platinum?

To become a Platinum rank, you need to have somewhere between 3200 to 4000 MMR points. This means there are only 800 points between Platinum III and Platinum I making it one of the smallest MMR groups in the ranking system. The table below explains the MMR needed:

Is Platinum Good?

Reaching Platinum means that you're in the top 30.8% to 9.6% of all Rainbow Six Siege ranked players. Those who make it into the Platinum I bracket are within the top 5% of all players in the game. This is not a rank that you can be put into immediately after placement. As one of the best ranks in Rainbow Six Siege, Platinum players can beat somewhere between 69.2% to 90.6% of all players they'll face in ranked.


This ranking distribution table shows how the ranks are usually spread out across the game:

How to Improve from Platinum

Ranking up from the Platinum rank can be very difficult. The next rank up is Diamond which doesn't have any tiers and is home to a very small number of players. Moving up from Platinum is a challenge and don't be surprised if it takes a lot of time to build your skill enough. However, these tips are sure to help you improve and increase your chance to reach Diamond.

  • Have game confidence: Rainbow Six Siege is one of those competitive games where it can be very nerve-wracking at times. It's easy to lose your cool and become too stressed in certain situations which then means you aren't playing at your best. Overthinking yourself in the moment will make you lose the game. Don't speed too long thinking about it, once you have a goal in mind just go for it. Remember, as a Platinum player you're better than the vast majority of other player and you deserve to be in the rank. So go for it!
  • Don't imitate others: Watching other players is a great way to improve your own skill but it's easy to get stuck in the trap of trying to play like them. What works best for someone might not work best for you or the situation you're in. This means don't just do lots of quick corner peeks because you saw a pro player for them. Taking what you learn from other players is important but don't let that squash your own playstyle, pace and confidence. Other players will do things differently to you and it can be easy to lose confidence in yourself when you see this or if you can't do it the same way.
  • Always warm-up: This is easy to forget but one or two warm-up games in Terrorist Hunt or casual can make a big difference in your performance. Getting a quick practice game is a good way to get your brain, fingers and arms ready to jump into something serious. It lets you practice your aim, positioning, crosshair placement, listening skills and your reactions without any MMR points being on the line. Pro players do warm-up before playing professional matches. You should do warm-ups before going into ranked.
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