Is Diamond Good? | Diamond MMR | RB6 Ranks

Find out everything you need to know about the Diamond ranking in RB6: Siege.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Is Diamond Good? | Diamond MMR | RB6 Ranks

Diamond Rank is placed between Platinum and Champion. It's one of the top ranks in the Rainbow Six Siege ranking system with the rank above this one being Champions which is the highest one in the game. Due to this, Diamond is a single rank that doesn't have any tiers.

This is a difficult rank to reach with only a small percentage of players being placed here. Diamond players are very good at the game, are usually very vocal players and are highly competitive. It's common for lower level professional Rainbow Six Siege players to be in this rank.

What MMR is Diamond?

As a single rank, Diamond players all have at least 4,400 MMR. The highest MMR players will have slightly less than 5000 MMR, after going over that they could be moved up into the even smaller Champions group. The difference between the two ranks is only 600 MMR points making this a very difficult rank to fight up through.

Is Diamond Good?

There's no need for anyone to wonder if Diamond is a good rank. Achieving this rank means you're in the at least the top 5% of all players in ranked Rainbow Six Siege. Naturally then, this means you can get a minimum of 95% of all other players in the game.


Only a very small number of players are of higher skill than Diamond players. While ranked mode can only account for players who actively take part in the ranked mode, Diamond players will still be better than the majority of all players in the game.

How to Improve from Diamond

Moving up from Diamond takes dedication. Many of the other players in this bracket are professional players in some form and the players in the Champions bracket above are usually from the top professional teams. That said, if you aren't already playing for a team, you definitely should be!

There are things you and your team can do to improve your chances of winning matches here.

  • Play the game a lot. This doesn't just mean playing ranked, you also want to spend a lot of time playing Terrorist Hunt as well. Playing casual matches is good for getting more practice against other players and if you have a team, there are more casual esports you could take part in and your team can get more practice against other teams through different Rainbow Six Siege communities. Plus, if you already have to play the game a lot, we recommend you to look into the best options to earn money during your climbing process.
  • Pre-fire onto popular spots. The enemy will hate you for doing this but it's a good way to deal some damage or snag kills without putting you at too much risk. Doing this means you're shooting at popular spots before confirming someone is there. Yes, it does expose your position but at a Diamond rank, you don't want to be in one position for too long anyway. Damaging those spots also make it harder for people to use them and scares them away from the best spots on the map.
  • Be selective about who you play with. This doesn't mean you can't play with friends but if you want to improve from Diamond then you need people who are suited to playing certain operators and have the mentalities to play them, people who can make useful callouts and people who can both take and give criticism.
  • Learn all of the operators. You don't technically to be able to play them all but you do need to know their strengths and weaknesses inside out. This also means knowing what operators are best for certain maps, where they most likely would be and how they'll probably be playing, what your team needs to do to counter this along with what weapons and utility they might bring into the game. If you're a Diamond rank player is something you should already know pretty well but if you don't then it's time to study up.
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