Is Bronze a Good Rank in Brawlhalla? [/w Distribution]

Bronze rank in Brawlhalla places you among the top 99% of players, indicating room for improvement.

Updated on Feb 25, 2024
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Is Bronze a Good Rank in Brawlhalla? [/w Distribution]

What is the Bronze Rank in Brawlhalla?

Bronze is the second-lowest rank in the game, and is where a lot of players give up on their climb

This is partially due to the flaws of Brawlhalla’s ranking system  there aren’t placements, and everyone starts at the bottom. Yeah, I also think this doesn't make much sense.

Because of this, people who are very good at the game are matched up against people who are near new players, which can be pretty discouraging.

Brawlhalla Bronze ELO Breakdown

Is Bronze a Good Rank in Brawlhalla?

Being a Bronze Player puts you in the top 99% of all Brawlhalla players, which is practically the same as a Tin rank, so it’s not very good.

Brawlhalla Bronze Rank ELO Breakdown

RankELO Range
Bronze 1910 - 953
Bronze 2954 - 997
Bronze 3998 - 1041
Bronze 41042 - 1085
Bronze 51086 - 1129

Brawlhalla Overall Rank Distributiion

How To Improve from Bronze in Brawlhalla

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By Setting up Controls

It’s totally possible that your controls haven’t been optimized yet, so here’s the guide on that: the first control to change is Press Up to Jump  if you have this enabled, it’s very difficult to perform Neutral moves.

We generally press Up to perform a Neutral move, because pressing nothing is very difficult to time, and can be inconsistent. Make sure you have Press Up to Jump disabled.

Brawlhalla Controls

The next important control to change is Prioritize Neutral Over Side. In conjunction with disabling Press Up to Jump, this means that inputting diagonally in any direction will perform the Neutral move. This is important for some combos/strings, makes juggling a piece of cake, and also increases consistency across the board.

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By Doing Research

A crucial portion of getting out of Bronze is research. Having the knowledge of not only how your weapon/legend works, but also some simple fundamentals, such as neutral and matchup dynamics, can really make the difference in how long it takes for you to start improving. There are literally hundreds of repositories for research, but I think the best places to start are YouTube and Discord.

YouTube is a more passive research process — you just look up some concept (neutral game, for example), and watch 2–3 videos going over the concept. This will add more Brawlhalla info to your recommended feed, so you’ll be caught up automatically with all sorts of concepts.

Brawlhalla on YouTube

Discord is more active, as you’ll mostly learn through actual conversations/lessons. Just sparring with players who are around Gold is going to help you really start to understand what’s keeping you from improving. 

For me, getting to a Platinum rank was mostly due to constantly sparring, performing in small indie tournaments, and studying professional play.

Through Consistency

Being in Bronze is the start of people who actually care about the game, so it’s time to start the grind. As I always say, consistency is the key to getting to a Gold rank

As long as you’re playing frequently and practicing, you’ll probably climb. 

To maximize efficiency here, try to schedule out your warm-up routines and your ranked blocks. You’ll generally want to do them back to back, with about 5 minutes in between

Also make sure that you’re in the right mindset for playing ranked  don’t play when you’re upset about something else, tired, hungry, or anything else that may affect your gameplay.

My final tip for consistency is to make sure you’re not doing what I like to call ‘death runs’. If you’re playing the game nonstop for more than an hour, your mental capacity is going to start deteriorating, so make sure to take 10-minute breaks every hour. I generally like to rehydrate, stretch, then go review your previous block.

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