Player’s Unknown: Battlegrounds & Mobile Anti-Cheat System Explained

For the last couple of years, Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds pretty much came out of nowhere and not only managed to effectively create the battle royale genre in the first place, it revolutionised it to this very day. It’s one of few modern day examples that many other titles have made the attempts to copy and profit off of, to varying success. After a while, though, even the top dogs in the genre need an anti-cheat system of some kind.PUBG’s anti-cheat system is one you’re going to want to learn, especially if PUBG is a game you like to spend most of your time on.

There are a lot of little bits and pieces when it comes to the anti-cheat system, and the last thing you’re going to want is to be caught out by it for some silly reason.It can be difficult to find all of the information you might ever need to understand the anti-cheat system, but that’s why it’s all been collected for you to find in one handy-dandy place!

How Reporting Works

When it comes to playing online and coming across other cheaters, hackers, or players that simply aren’t playing fair or by the rules that have clearly been established by the developers will end up being caught out in one of two ways.They can either be caught out by the anti-cheat measures that are already built into the game, or they’ll have several player reports flagged to their account.

It scans the players have

The anti-cheat measures are designed to scan the software located on the player’s system, be it on mobile, console, or PC.Once it’s scanned the software, it will determine whether or not any of the software that it has come across is not something that should be installed on the system in the first place. An example of this would be if a player has a hack that allows for an accurate auto-aim when they’re making their shots; making it completely unfair towards other players. If and when the system manages to detect that on the player’s side, it will promptly ban the player in question.Whereas with player reports it might be a temporary suspension, in these cases it is much more likely to be a permanent ban. They usually can’t be disputed – all thanks to the hard evidence of inappropriate software being used during games.

Player Reporting explained

Moving onto player reporting, it works quite a bit differently when in comparison to the anti-cheat system reporting, but essentially does the same thing in essence. As you’ll already know, whenever you go onto another player’s profile, there’s a big, lovely report button that can be used in cases where they aren’t playing by the rules. What that means will be looked into more detail further on, but cases of harassment, cheating, and hacking are the main reasons for a report to be filed in the first place.Once a user has finished filling in the report, it will be sent off to the developer’s anti-cheat team where it will then be investigated after a period of 15 days. Depending on whether or not any action has been taken, if you’re the one that filed the report in the first place, you will be told that the player in question has been either temporarily or permanently suspended from gameplay.A third option for reporting also exists, but this is in the form of contacting support directly with your own support ticket.On the ticket, they will ask for several elements to make sure they get as much information as they might need:

  • Type of Violation
  • Date and Time of Incident
  • Name of the Suspected Player(s)
  • A Video Link or Attachment (Only 20MB’s) of the Violation in Question

Providing there’s enough evidence in the first place for an appropriate ban or suspension, the anti-cheat team will take the necessary measures to make sure they don’t sully anyone else’s games from now on. The investigation team may say whether or not they’ve done anything in a responded support ticket, but they aren’t nearly as consistent with their reporting in comparison to the in-game report system.

What Constitutes a Ban

There are several reasons that a player might get banned while playing PUBG and while ideally you shouldn’t be doing them in the first place, it’s for the best that you’re aware of what can result in a ban.Here’s a list of all 10 of the reasons that might lead to a permanent ban in the game:

Using a VPN or Third-Party Servers

For those players out there that use a VPN to access another country’s servers, PUBG Corb do not take kindly to people falsifying their locations. Be mindful the next time you play online, and disable your VPN, otherwise you will eventually be caught out.

Using Unauthorised Hardware

Again, PUBG Corb does not like players using unauthorised hardware that they should not be using. An example would be using a keyboard and mouse when playing on mobile or consoles. If you’re detected using them when you shouldn’t be, say goodbye to your beloved account.

Not Reporting Bugs or Glitches

The developers wish to only make their game better and that can be very difficult if people aren’t reporting game-breaking bugs or glitches that ruin the experience for everyone. By utilising those glitches for an easy win may seem like a tempting option, but it can and will eventually result in some form of action or ban.

Tampering with the Game Data or Server

Tampering with the in-game date or server information, you’re going to be in quite a bit of trouble. Not to mention that it’s against copyright law and could lead to possible legal action if you’re not careful. In this case, a ban would be the least of concerns.

Being Offensive or Using Offensive Nicknames

As with many games nowadays, developers do not appreciate offensive terms or nicknames, no matter the context they are used in.

Killing Team Members

PUBG is meant to be a team game most of the time - except for when playing in Solo - so that means you need to play fair with your teammates. On the off chance that you’re killing teammates on the regular and not purely by accident every few games, you’re bound to get reported quickly and efficiently.

Stalking Other Players, Sharing Their Information or Hacking Their Account

Following a player around, interfering with how they play, stealing/sharing their information without their consent or even hacking their account will 100% result in a permanent ban. From a legal standpoint, you need to be very careful with this one, otherwise prosecutions may very well be put into place if they’re severe enough.

Leaving the Game as Soon as You Join

This one most likely won’t get you banned, unless you do it repeatedly to interfere with the game’s systems. For the most part, though, you’ll merely be met with a temporary suspension of a few hours and not allowed to play until the timer ends.

Earning Unauthorised Profits

Unless express permission has been provided by the developers, no player is to make any kind of profit from the game and will remain as such, until stated otherwise.

Spreading False Rumours About the Game

Misleading other players about potentially new features that aren’t true or any other information about the game that is false. By doing this, it will eventually lead to a ban on your account and the loss of all of your items.

How You can Avoid a Permanent Ban

The answer to this question is rather vague, but is as follows: “a temporary ban will occur at first and will most likely be followed up by a permanent one; unless insufficient evidence has been provided.”Ultimately, what this means is that unless there’s sufficient evidence for a permanent ban, then the ban will merely be temporary and for a short amount of time. The likelihood of it becoming a more permanent ban will increase the longer the user acts inappropriately, providing they are doing one of the 10 previously listed actions that no player should be committing.On the off-chance you’ve been temporarily suspended for whatever reason, there’s still a chance that you won’t be permanently banned. In a case where this happens, be sure not to sully the opportunity and get yourself caught out again.

Recently Strengthened Measures Against Temporarily Banned Players

According to a PUBG development letter that was posted online, PUBG Corp as of late June, 2020 have strengthened their measures and hardened their treatment of users with temporary bans. For those with a temporary ban, they’re spending a lot more time monitoring them, their gameplay, and their system to detect whether or not they need to be banned for an extended period of time.On the other side of things, however, users that have been found innocent will have their suspension lifted early to ensure that they aren’t unfairly treated any longer and can get back to the game with ease.In conclusion, there really is a lot to be mindful of when it comes to PUBG’s version of their anti-cheat system. There’s plenty to keep in mind, as this anti-cheat system isn’t exactly the same as other popular shooters out on the market.With all of that in mind, be mindful of what it is you’re actually doing in the game and how you’re playing. After all, it might be funny to you to teamkill one of your teammates as a joke, but that singular action could result in a quick and timely ban. Something very few people are going to be holding out hope for.