The Best Factory Keys To Survive More Raids In Escape From Tarkov

Use these keys to survive more raids and get an advantage on Factory.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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The Best Factory Keys To Survive More Raids In Escape From Tarkov

The Factory map is Escape From Tarkov's most PVP-heavy, due to the map being tiny compared to other maps. Even though it's not PVP-heavy in the sense of a lot of players, you are all but guaranteed to meet someone looking to fight or do quests. In this article, we will talk about how one key can help you increase your survival rate and help you get more loot.

What Are The Best Keys On Factory?

On Factory there are only 3 keys that are usable on this map in total. Those being:

  • Factory Emergency Exit Key
  • Pumping Station Back Door Key
  • Pumping Station Front Door Key

In this article, we will mainly focus on the factory exit key, as it is by a long shot the most useful key on the entire map. We will quickly mention the other two, they are keys that are not worth that much money and are not considered high priority keys. Both the front and the back door keys are functionally the exact same, they open the same locked room on the factory's ground level that does not have that much loot or anything special on its own. In theory, it spawns a gas analyzer that is always needed early wipe. The reason we say in theory is that some players have tested the spawn chance of a gas analyzer in that room, and it was shown to be extremely rare, making it a really unreliable way to get a gas analyzer, when they could be crafted or found in better locations.


Where Can I Find Factory Keys?

Currently, the best way to get all of the keys mentioned above is to just buy them on fleamarket. Pumping station keys go for about 5000 roubles right now, which is basically nothing. The Factory emergency exit key however is about 90k making it not only a good key to use but to sell as well. We do not recommend selling this key if you play a lot of Factory or Customs, but more on that later. If you have not unlocked the fleamarket yet, like most escape from tarkov keys, they spawn in pockets and bags of Scavs, and in jackets around Tarkov. The Pumping station back door key has a spawn in the locker room on Factory.


How Useful Is The Factory Key?

We think that this particular key is one of the most versatile eft keys in the entire game, it has good uses not only on Factory but on Customs, Interchange, and even Shoreline. For Customs we talk in more detail about it in our article about the best keys on Customs, in short, it can help you navigate around the map quickly by opening locked doors otherwise inaccessible, and having more options in Tarkov is a thing that is often overlooked. For Shoreline and Interchange, it opens doors for trucks. If you are enjoying this article so far, check out our guides on the best clothing on Factory and the best exits on Factory.


On Factory we are not exaggerating when we say that it unlocks doors all over the map, when playing factory sometimes you will be in unfavorable positions, and you will be forced to make a tough choice as it is really hard to avoid PVP. The Factory key lets you extract in places you otherwise wouldn't be able to, making it easier to survive and keep your loot on the map. Especially when the Gate 3 extraction that's always open is easily camped and everybody expects you to extract there. Rarely will other extractions be camped, because of how unlikely you are to encounter someone.

At the locked door in the office area, while there aren't weapon boxes, there is a jacket, weapon, loose loot, and a portable bunkhouse key spawn. 

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