Most Common Smite Abbreviations

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Updated on Sep 12, 2023
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Most Common Smite Abbreviations

What Does CC Mean

CC is an abbreviation of the word Crowd Control. Crowd control is a term used in MOBAs and video games in general that refers to spells and abilities that "control the crowd."

To be more specific. Crowd control abilities are abilities that can stun the enemy and prevent them from taking any further actions. Abilities that can slow down or hamper an enemy. And in some cases, abilities that silence the enemy and prevent them from casting spells.

To know if an ability is a CC or not just read the description. If the effects tell you that it hampers or limits the enemy in some way - then it can be considered a crowd control ability. If you're really interested in studying and learning more about all of the CC effects that are present in Smite, then check out the article we wrote about the best supports in Smite. As it's really important to have a deep understanding of all the effects and mechanics Smite has to offer. Plus, all the best smite players are doing it, and you should too.

What Does HP5 Mean

HP5 means Health Points per 5 seconds. Items in smite that increase your health regeneration denote the amount by using this metric of HP5, or, how many health points you will receive in the span of 5 seconds.


Let's take for example the Mail of Renewal. Among its other stats, it also offers you 15 HP5 or 3 health points per second.

Be careful though, as anti-heal items in SMITE are almost always a certain counter to your healing items. Build prudently!

What Does MP5 Mean

MP5 means Mana Points per 5 seconds. It's the same principle as with HP5. MP5 denotes how much mana an item will grant you in the span of 5 seconds.


Let's take for example the Book of Thoth. It gives you 20MP5 as well as giving you +80 Magical Power and +250 Mana. An essential item for any mage who wants to deal any damage at all.

What Does GP5 Mean

GP5 means Gold per 5 seconds. This is a term that you rarely come upon these days as there are no GP5 items in the game anymore. GP5 items used to mend the bridge between the support and the rest of the team, as one of the biggest problems is that the support always gets the least amount of gold in any team.


 Midas' Boots used to be one of the most popular items that supports could pick up, as the 5 GP5 really added up over time. Sadly though, it got removed in one of the patches. RIP Midas' Boots, you are sorely missed. 

What Does SR Mean

SR stands for Skill Rating. In essence, it means how "good" you are with a certain god. But in reality, it's kind of funny how it works. SR is calculated by the number of wins you have while playing a certain god, the more wins you get the higher your SR is with a god.

But here's the problem with that. As Smite is a team game, the biggest factor that determines if you win or lose is the cohesion of the entire team - not just you. We talked about the importance of this previously when we discussed how to reach level 30 quickly. So in the end, what ends up happening a lot of the time is that you may get buttigned a higher SR on a god that you get lucky with - rather than a god that is your main.  

Other Common Abbreviations in Smite

Here are a few other common abbreviations you may encounter in Smite, but aren't necessarily unique to it. 

  • AOE: Area of Effect. Spells that do damage or have some sort of an effect in an area - rather than just a single target.
  • DOT: Damage Over Time. Spells that deal damage over a duration to an opponent, rather than outright damage. 
  • DPS: Damage Per Second. This usually denotes a character's damage output per second. It can be either physical or magical.
  • AS: Attack Speed. This usually denotes a character's attack speed. Usually, how many attacks they can make in the span of a second. 
  • MS: Movement Speed. This usually denotes a character's movement speed. To put it simply. "The bigger the number, the more vroom! you get."
  • TP/Back: Teleport/Back. Usually, if you're getting backdoored by the enemy, a teammate might write you TP or Back to notify you that you should teleport back to base.
  • BD: Backdoor. This means to enter the enemy's base from an undefended lane. Usually to snipe their titan while they aren't looking. 
  • LS: Life Steal. This comes in two forms in Smite, physical and magical. In essence though, they do the same thing. They steal a percentage of the enemy's health each time you do damage to them.
  • CD: Cool Down. This means that a spell is on cooldown and cannot be cast. Usually, your teammates will tell you if their ultimate is on CD if you're planning on going into a team fight. Usually. 
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