The Best Keys On Customs In Escape From Tarkov

These keys are the most important to get an advantage on Customs.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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The Best Keys On Customs In Escape From Tarkov

Keys in Escape from Tarkov are usually a pretty good thing to pick up as they only take up 1 slot and they can give incredible rewards such as rare loot, good weapons, and expensive cases. Plus you can just put them in your secure container and not worry about losing them. Customs is a map where there are a lot of locked doors, and some rooms just do not give much loot. In this article, we will show you the best Customs keys and where to find them.

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The Marked Key

Unsurprisingly the best key on Customs is the marked room key, also known as the dorm room 314 key. Despite receiving hefty nerfs in the past few patches it is still the best key, you can find rare weapons, weapon parts, high-value loot, and cases like the docs case that are not only worth a lot of money but are useful for storing things making it one of the most high priority keys.

You should not overlook the fact that it spawns rare weapons, there are a few weapons in the game like the Remington RSASS that you need for a quest, and they are extremely rare. The Marked room can spawn them and make the quest so much easier to do, as you can be stuck for a long time.


There is a barter trade for the crash axe that requires the marked key and not to mention the fact that you need the key for a quest called: The Cult - Part 2. The quest does not lead to further quests, so you will not fall behind, but it is mandatory for the Kappa container. So if you are on the Kappa grind you will need the marked key.

The key is very rare, and there are no static spawns, but it spawns in Scav jackets, pockets, and bags of Scavs and perhaps most frequently in Customs Scav Boss Reshala's pockets. The major downside of this key is that you cannot really find it on the flea market unless you get lucky with a barter trade.

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Tarcone Director's Office Key

Tarcone director's is an excellent key, especially if you get it early wipe. The key is mandatory for both Delivery from the Past and Farming - Part 3 quests. Behind the lock, there are 3 PCs with potential GPU spawns, a sports bag, a safe, a jacket, a backpack spawn, a PACA armor spawn, an Intel spawn, and loose loot with potential lions and such.


It is not even an expensive key and there is a level 1 Therapist trade for it, making the key extremely efficient. Other places you can find the key are in Scav jackets, in pockets, and bags of Scavs and filling cabinets.

The inexpensive nature and high loot yields make this a great key to bring into the raid. If you are interested in more guides, check out our article on the best Reserve keys too.

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Factory Emergency Exit Key

The factory exit key is the most versatile on this list, while it has pretty good loot, it offers so much in terms of moving quickly and safely around the maps. If you did not know, this key can be potentially used on Customs, Factory, Shoreline, and Interchange. While we have an article for best keys on Interchange, for Customs this key can be used for the ZB-013 extraction and it opens "Shortcut" in the middle of the map, potentially saving your life if you need an emergency exit.


As far as loot is concerned in "Shortcut" you can find 4 filling cabinets, a wooden crate, loose loot, and a potential Labs arsenal storage room key spawn. It has good loot on Factory, but more on that in our guide on the best keys for Factory.

You can find this key like all the other ones in Scav pockets, bags, and Scav Jackets plus there are 3 potential spawns for it around Customs. You get this key as a reward for completing the quest "Scout".

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USEC Stash Key

The USEC stash key unlocks 2 rooms on Customs. The two rooms in total hold 4 weapon boxes, a weapon crate, a jacket, and a loose loot spawn making it a really valuable key. The reason it's not higher up on this list is that the key is pretty rare and somewhat expensive. Still a decent key to pick up.


You can find this key in Scav pockets and bags, and in jackets around Tarkov.

If you are enjoying this article so far, make sure to check out our guide on the best clothing on Customs.

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Dorm Room 114 and 110 Key

The reason why we put those 2 keys together is they are basically next to each other and offer similar loot. They are both really cheap so we recommend bringing them into a raid together. In 114 there is a PC, a med case, a safe, and some loose loot. 110 holds a safe and some barter item spawns.


You can find these keys the same as others and 114 has a spawn in the car trunk at the customs checkpoint. They are both really good keys and definitely recommended. The 114 key is necessary for the quest "Pharmacist".

Keep in mind these are the two story dorms keys, not three story dorms.

Honorable Mentions

There are a lot of good keys on Customs and while they are not as good as the keys above they deserve an honorable mention.

In no particular order they are:

  • Gas Station Office Key
  • Dorm room 220 key
  • Dorm room 214 key
  • Dorm room 204 key
  • Dorm room 105 key

If you find any of these keys we still recommend using them, but now you should know which ones are the best.

Are There Any Keys To Avoid?

It all depends on the context, if you are short on money or you are pretty new to the game and are not sure which keys are good, pick them up just in case. But generally, keys like the workshop key and the cabinet key are not really worth picking up.

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