Best Loadouts for Oryx in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Master one of the most intimidating Defensive Operators in Rainbow Six Siege by decorating his loadout the best way suited to your particular playstyle.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Oryx in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Saif “Oryx” Al Hadid's ferocity abound, which makes him one of the best defensive operators in Rainbow Six Siege, whose strengths lie in his sheer bulk. Although Al Hadid struggled, he was finally added to the Rainbow Six Siege roster alongside R6 Lana in Operation Voids edge - Oryx is the embodiment of a juggernaut in terms of game play. You can barge throw any soft barriers with Oryx's Remah Dash and knock down any opponents oblivious enough to stand in your way.

Being the ideal distraction, defending teams can utilize Oryx as the spearhead of their site retakes. What’s better is that his weapon and utility options complement his headrush playstyle perfectly. We’ve even tried to find the best twists you can take on his loadout. So without further ado, let’s get into the best loadouts for Oryx in Rainbow Six Siege.

Best Oryx Loadouts

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Best Oryx Roaming Loadout

While you usually want a 3-speed Operator fulfilling this role, Oryx’s Remah Dash makes up for the agility he lacks as a 2-speed while reaping all the benefits of being a 2-armor Operator. And let’s not forget one of the most underrated aspects of his kit: he can climb hatches.

You probably thought that was the end of it, right? Nope, Al Hadid can make even Heavy Shield wielders stumble with his Remah Dash. All these features make him an unconventional yet extremely dangerous Roaming pick in Rainbow Six Siege.

Here’s the most effective roaming loadout we’ve brainstormed:

  • T-5 SMG with a 1.5x Scope alongside the Suppressor.

  • Bailiff 410 handgun.

  • Barbed Wire or Proximity Alarm depending on preference.


Oryx is the only Operator who can equip the 1.5x Scope on their T-5 SMG (aside from R6 Lesion’s loadout), and the Roamer loadout takes complete advantage of this. The 1.5x scope unlocks many options for you at the range since skilled players can challenge Attackers' rifles at more extended ranges while remaining competitive at shorter distances.

Unfortunately, the rest of Oryx’s kit doesn’t give you much synergy. The Bailiff is situational at best here, and your secondary utility is more suited for anchor players. Nevertheless, your teammates should be more than happy to have extra pieces of utility to play off of.

What does synergize very well with his kit, however, is his Remah Dash. As a roamer, you can use Oryx’s unique ability in a number of scenarios. Anti-roamers have very few answers to Oryx since he can barge through the most unexpected places. Claymore? No problem, just barge through the wall next to you, and Attackers have two locations to worry about now.

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Best Oryx Anchor Loadout

The option to be a Roamer or an Anchor with one Operator? A pretty rare quality indeed. But Oryx has all the means to be a devastating site Anchor. By tweaking his available loadout, you can customize Oryx in a way that Attackers will refuse to hit your bomb site again.

  • SPAS-12 with a Red Dot Sight and a Laser.

  • Bailiff 410 handgun.

  • Proximity Alarms

Now, unlike the previous loadout, every piece of Oryx’s arsenal synergizes with one another. The SPAS-12 is a highly underrated shotgun for anchoring, having the ability to one-pump low and medium armor Operators while shaving away chunks of health from High Armored operators. Additionally, the fact that it’s semi-auto means you can easily hold choke points and mow down enemies as they come in.


Now here’s the fun part. The proximity alarms aren’t just for intel. I mean, they would’ve been for most other Operators, but with Oryx? Those alarms mean bye-bye, baddies. Once any of your gadgets go off, you get pretty accurate of where the Attackers are. And you know what that means for Oryx….. It’s hulk smash time.

Your Remah Dash only concusses Attacking operators, even the best ones. So if you barge through a soft wall right onto where the proximity alarms went off, you’ve got a pretty decent chance at rendering all Attackers in your path defenseless. And with that SPAS-12 in your hands, they’ll be dead before they’re even able to react.

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Best Oryx Support Loadout

Don’t want to be bound to a particular playstyle and want to help the team? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You can deck out Oryx to suit him for general play, where he can have enough firepower to perform well in all gunfights while still working off his kit.

  • T-5 SMG with a Holographic Sight alongside the Flash Hider.

  • Bailiff 410 handgun.

  • Barbed Wire or Proximity Alarm depending on preference.

Here we have the most selfless Oryx loadout. Ideally, you want to be a semi-roamer, where you can take map control for the team. In this scenario, it’s preferred that you opt for the Proximity alarms so you can cement your presence on particular portions of the map, extending the areas defenders typically get to play in. Not only will this help you gain crucial space, but you’ll also be able to minimize the number of places Attackers can come from.


This leads us to the more important role of this loadout: the tip of the retake. Once you’re forced to concede a bomb site and have to retake with your teammates, you can force your way through soft walls to wreak havoc on the Attackers. Aside from disgruntling your opponents, you’ll also draw gunfire towards you while your teammates can trade you out.

You must find the perfect spot to Remah Dash through during retakes. In the best-case scenario, you should be able to run through one opponent. This way, your teammates will trade out your life for two more: the concussed and the Attackers who reveal their positions.

Oryx: General Tips And Tricks

  • Always keep track of your health. Oryx’s Dash consumes health when breaking through walls. If you find yourself escaping a gunfight, be mindful of pressing the dash button when your health gets critically low.

  • Use hatches to your advantage. Hatches give Oryx an entirely new avenue of roaming. Using his climb, you can surprise enemies with quick repositioning. Utilizing verticality can be crucial in gunfights since the person with the high ground almost always has the advantage.

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