Worst Developed Halo Characters of All Time

We all know of the greatest Halo Characters, but who ranks as the worst? Let's take a look at the worst developed Halo Characters.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Worst Developed Halo Characters of All Time

We all know that the Halo Franchise has created some pretty amazing characters throughout the Halo Campaign. Although we cannot ignore there have been some pretty annoying, poorly written characters throughout the Halo story. Here we have put together a list of the worst characters in Halo history.

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343 Guilty Spark

Starting from the original Halo game, Halo Combat Evolved, we are introduced to 343 Guilty Spark. Besides our introduction to Master Chief, Cortana, and Keyes, Spark seems to be the one character that Bungie decided to annoy us with.


Guilty Spark didn't really come off as a fun character in the first place, including the fact he would follow Master Chief everywhere. The bot also really annoyed characters throughout other Halo games. This made the bot pretty annoying throughout the story. Overall, definitely one of the worst characters from the entire campaign.

2 /11

Carol Rawley

Most famously known as Foe Hammer, this character is from Halo Combat Evolved along with the Master Chief Collection. Foe Hammer is seemingly a small important character in the wars on the Halo ring. She never did anything really, correct?


She did not really improve the momentum of the war and when Master Chief relied on her the most, she ended up crashing and becoming useless.

3 /11

Miranda Keyes

Although she seems to be quite helpful in Halo 2, her appearance in Halo 3 seemed to be just not able to complete anything good for the story.


Miranda Keyes always felt like an awkward character, who couldn't really do anything right in the end. ultimately ending up dead from her hesitance.

4 /11

Shipmaster (Halo Wars)

As a Halo Wars character, the Shipmaster has been ranked to be one of the worst players to play with. Along with this, his involvement in the entirety of the campaign is almost 0%.


Shipmaster is almost impossible to play, with his seeming lack of offensive strength. This one will have to unfortunately also rank as one of the worst.

5 /11


Introduced in Halo 4 as the main protagonist. Didact seems to really interrupt the Halo franchise with his existence. Even though he has an outside story of who he is, his role didn't really fit in the story which was mainly the dynamics between Master Chief and Cortana.


Overall, Ur-Didact with his seemingly insignificant role in Halo 4 appeared to just be in the way of Master Chief trying to retouch with humanity. He completely takes the Halo game in a different direction than desired. Thus, his character will have to be one of the worst.

6 /11

The Librarian

Another character introduced in Halo 4 also seems to not just be out of place, but not serve really a high significance to any of the Halo games. We see her first speak with Master Chief in Halo 4 as supposedly an ally to humankind.


The Librarian left us with confusion and an itch in our brains, not really understanding the weird interaction she has with Mast Chief. We still don't really know what the point of everything really was. Unless they choose to do something more with her story, she will remain for now as not a great character.

7 /11


Although considered one of the prettiest Halo characters in all of the Halo franchise, Palmer has overall annoyed many Halo fans. Palmer seems to just have a really annoying personality, and her stick to the rules characteristics makes everyone feel like she is practically emotionless.


In all of the previous Halo games she has been involved in, such as Halo 4 and Spartan Assault, her undying loyalty to the UNSC seems to never be broken. The one good thing she might have brought to the story was her letting Master Chief escape with Cortana.

8 /11

Jameson Locke

Fantastic design, great graphics, horrible character development. Locke seemed like he would have a lot of potential in Halo 5 Guardians. Only turned out to have a really poorly written biography throughout the entire campaign.


Locke seemed to be designed to be of the same rank as Master Chief, only to of course fall short. We just do not get enough about him that speaks of his great leadership. Along with that, his conflict with the Chief brings a big turn-off to his character. Halo 5 Guardians had great potential to build this Spartan up for the first time. Only to not really give us any connection.

9 /11

Holly Tanaka

Another from Halo 5 Guardians, Tanaka was one of Locke's team members who also deserves the worst character title. With little character development with potential but knocked down overall.


Tanaka seemed to just feed off of Locke and not really have that connection as a team member should with their leader. Room for improvement here, but for now, stays as one of the worst.

10 /11

Blue Team

We are just going to put this here since all three introduced in Halo 5 Guardians was completely ruined. Granted, Blue Team is supposed to be an iconic team as Master Chief's most trusted fighters. They are the OGs of Halo and should be given great development.


The Blue Team which consists of Fredrick, Kelly, and Linda had very poor character development in their first Halo game's introduction. Except for showing their support to Chief, similar to the bond we see in the Halo: Reach Noble Team, they seem to just be put to the side. 343 Industries seemed more focused on the new characters they didn't put as much effort into this iconic group.

Unfortunately, this places them as some of the worst Halo campaign characters. Although, this only count towards the Halo games produced, not the incredible Lore from the released books and series about these characters that we all know and love.

11 /11


A new Spartan from Halo Infinite. Agryna seems to be the replacement of Palmer, after they heard so many complaints about her aggressive behavior. Well, Agryna seems to be too soft. With her strange talk and no action type of development, she seems to treat the players like children.


Being over the top with positivity and seeming to baby-step the team, this new Halo Infinite character seems to be more of a motherly figure than a leader of Spartans. Overall, maybe not completely disliked by the community, Agryna definitely needs some development.

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