Worst Halo Maps of All Time (Hated By The Whole Community)

It becomes pretty apparent when wondering what are the best Halo maps, but what are the worst Halo maps of the entire franchise? We have listed them for you!
Worst Halo Maps of All Time (Hated By The Whole Community)

The Halo Franchise has developed some amazing and very stunning maps for halo multiplayer. From rocky terrain to the inside of Covenant ships, each map is specialized for strategy and optimal player functionality. Or… a few have been. Below we have put together what most have agreed as the absolute worst Halo maps of all time.

Along with going into detail on why the map is considered horrible for gameplay and why most players try to avoid them at all costs. Let's take a look!

What are the Worst Halo Maps of All Time?

Bad layout, horrible gun range, and overall bad design are a few things that describe these Halo maps.

Here are the Halo maps considered the worst:

  • Uplift

  • Behemoth

  • Wizard

  • Condemned

  • Abandon

  • Vortex

  • Aquarias

Let's take a more in-depth look into each of these maps and why they are considered the worst among the Halo Franchise.


Uplift (Halo 2)

Uplift is notorious for being a very disliked map among players. Uplift is definitely one of the worst designed when it comes to a Big Team Battle map. Even though it was intended for Slayer and Capture the Flag game modes. The map is extremely large with hardly any obstacles so hiding is almost impossible.

Most gameplay is taking a Warthog and driving to the center to battle the other team until death, and whoever has the most kills, wins. There is not much room for strategy and overall this map is really difficult to enjoy. Especially as a flag runner crossing through the water areas, which just creates a cluster of explosions to mindlessly try to dodge from.


Behemoth (Halo: Infinite)

One of the worst maps from Halo: Infinite (and with reasons), Behemoth is a rough location to try to navigate to the point it was removed from Ranked and is no longer a rotating map. Most of the time you will only see this map if you are going for a Quick Play match.

The layout is insanely awful around the wings to the point that you cannot play without a sniper or auto rifle kill. If you try to make a run for the sniper, good luck being the first to grab it. Warthogs and Ghosts are constantly circling the area and you are likely to be smashed or completely obliterated by their Warthog machines.

Trying to go to the center is not even possible unless you expect to be killed as soon as you arrive. Since the enemy's spawn point is inside of the building you don't know from which direction is even safest to go without being spotted immediately.


Aquarius (Halo: Infinite)

Although a very beautiful map, Aquarius has its own personality that can really rattle the cage to some players. With tight walls and close combat levels, team slayer can be quite chaotic here. If you are trying to dominate the top mid, this might be your only luck, but look out for the enemy who is already positioned to headshot you into elimination.

Game modes that are meant for this map are Capture the Flag, Slayer, or Land Grab. This map has been loved and hated depending on how your team plays according to the layout. It is really easy to be choked by an enemy turning the corner or hiding from the protection given on the ground level. This is ranked as one of the worst Halo: Infinite maps for its challenging levels and lack of power when playing with newer users.


Wizard (Halo CE)

Maybe not everyone's most hated, but for new Halo players, this one map from Halo CE is very difficult to achieve success. You just cannot win unless you are the first to do everything. Everyone fights in the center, and if you respawn you're immediately already facing an enemy who is ready to knock you out.

This multiplayer map is one of the worst maps regarding layout. You cannot even use the teleporter without teleporting into a massive cluster of grenades. There are not very many spaces in which you are not seen, so it is advised that you use Active Camo as much as possible to try to get some kills.

Overall good luck mastering this map, and if you already have, you have mastered not technical halo competitive skills, but the power of chaos.


Condemned (Halo: Reach)

Although there are not many maps on Halo Reach to hate on, the worst multiplayer map within the Noble series would have to be Condemned. This map can handle most 4vs4 game modes and is most commonly known for its low gravity.

Not many things about this map make it special besides the spectacular view of Reach burning outside the window. With the issue of low gravity, Halo players sink from their multiplayer skills and really have a difficult time with this design. Also, there is nothing more about the map that makes it memorable or worth voting for.

So, among all of the maps, Condemned unfortunately make it to our worst maps from the Halo Franchise.


Abandon (Halo 4)

Although Halo 4 had some of the most aesthetically pleasant Halo game maps created, some were not so.. practical. Abandon is one of the smaller maps that had restricted game modes. Designers from Halo 4 purposely created this map for 4vs4 Slayer or the Flood multiplayer mode. With its close contact building and so many places to hide, it made Flood gave everyone anxiety.

This map though is ranked one of the worst of all maps in Halo. Why? First, the layout makes this map so difficult to gain ground. If you happen to be in the team that spawns on the lower end of the map, it is extremely difficult to gain ground without a mid-range weapon like a battle rifle or DMR.

When spawning in the lower ground, you have little to no coverage from the top of the hill. So if the enemy already has sights on you, forget about winning or even having fun in this map. Playing SWAT you will never get a kill, and in Flood, you will never see them coming, camouflaged to the elements.


Vortex (Halo 4)

Not quite sure how to tackle this one, as it is maybe if not the worst ever Halo Big Team Battle map ever. Not only is the layout extremely terrible, but your wins are also based on which team you will spawn into.

The terrain is extremely difficult to navigate, you will spend half of the time just trying to get to the buildings and by the time you arrive someone is already waiting to kill you. If you try to use any of the vehicles it is quite impossible considering there are hardly any places to drive without having to tread over boulders or trenches. Most of the time you will most likely get stuck

If someone has an airship of any kind good luck killing them, they will dominate the map and leave you dead anytime you try to exit buildings.

Vortex is also an extremely gray map making it difficult to spot enemies or have any kind of pleasure in team Slayer. Overall, this is probably your last pick for any big team battle map.

From Halo Combat Evolved to Halo: Infinite, some maps are still bringing a negative impact to Halo gameplay. Once you understand these flaws, you may never want to try these locations ever again. If you are struggling though, be sure to check other problems such as your matchmaking ping or if you are in fullscreen mode for optimum gameplay experience.

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