New World Download Size [Latest Patch]

Find out the current download size of New World on Steam!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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New World Download Size [Latest Patch]

Did you know that the file size of the New World listed on the Steam page and other official sources is actually different from its download size? This is the case with nearly every single video game because the game files are compressed, so they can come in more compact sizes. This means less time spent downloading the game, and more time for playing, of course. Still, once the game installs, its size becomes larger, which is the case for New World as well. So keep reading if you'd like to find out the most up-to-date download size of New World rather than its install size, along with other interesting details about this game.

Where Can I Play New World?

You can play New World exclusively on Steam (Microsoft Windows). Unfortunately, this game is not playable on Linux or macOS, or consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, which have been verified by the developers on Twitter.

What Is The Download Size Of The New World?

The download size of the New World is 39.79 gigabytes (similar to Genshin Impact). You'll also need to add around 200 MB into the bargain for a Steam client. It's worth mentioning that this size may modify with future updates, however, this is the actual current download size.

For more info about download sizes of other games, check out the download size of World of Warcraft and the download size of Halo Infinite, and Rust.

Where Can I Download New World?

You can download New World only on Steam. Additionally, you can buy this game on both Steam and Amazon. Speaking of the latter, should you decide to buy New World on Amazon, you may choose between Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition, which includes in-game items and a digital artbook other than the base game.

New World, Same Old Problems

Ever since the first trailer for New World appeared, many gamers believed that this was going to be a new "WoW killer." Other than big names like WoW, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and such, there aren't that many MMORPG games worth playing at this moment. So naturally, players have embraced New World and had high expectations, considering that Amazon Games Studios is behind New World. But once New World got fully released, the game has received mostly negative reviews from players, excluding the critics. So what went wrong?


A big-budget studio does not guarantee a successful and stellar game, and New World is one of the textbook examples of that. According to various reputable sources, Amazon Games have spent over $200 million on developing New World so far, and yet, the game suffers from many issues. From nearly identical towns and outposts, shortage of mobs, poor quest design to a low server cap, incredibly toxic community, and innumerable bugs, New World certainly didn't come up to standard. Looking on the bright side, New World does have amazing next-gen audio and visual quality, gathering resources, a classless and unbounded system, crafting, and the fact that both casual and hardcore PvP players can enjoy it equally. That is, if it wasn't for all those issues previously mentioned.


Nevertheless, New World did break some gaming records (even after a rough launch) and managed to become the seventh game on the Steam list based on the number of all-time players, with over 900 000 players. But here's the thing - this is an MMORPG game, so that leaves lots of space for development and growth after its initial release. 

If you look at New World as a basic game with lots of potentials, which is the fact, you'll then realize that all these issues can become a thing of the past, but only if Amazon Games listens to what players have to say. This equity alliance between developers and players can certainly benefit both sides, and New World can become a truly remarkable MMORPG game. Still, the problem is that it will take lots of time for this game to thrive, and players simply don't have that much patience. 

They want a "WoW killer," (speaking of WOW: here is the WOW File Size) and they want it now. It's yet to be seen what will become of New World, and it would be such a shame if the players started abandoning this game. In most cases, patience does pay off, so hopefully, the players will have enough patience for New World.

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