Halo Infinite File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

Check out the download size of Halo infinite for both PC and Xbox consoles!
Halo Infinite File Size For All Platforms [Latest Update]

Halo Infinite was initially released as a free-to-play multiplayer mode only to receive a campaign mode afterward, which has brought so much confusion regarding download size. So, for instance, you have one size for the multiplayer, and then you have to add another size for the campaign mode, do some math, and figure out the total size of the game. Since this is too complicated, we decided to assist our readers by revealing all the necessary details regarding Halo Infinite download size, so keep reading to find out all about it.

Where Can I Play Halo Infinite?

You can play Halo Infinite exclusively on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. And since the game is featured with the Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can also play Halo Infinite on practically any device which supports the Xbox Game Pass app via cloud gaming. 

What Is The Download Size Of Halo Infinite?

The download size of Halo Infinite depends on whether you wish to install multiplayer only or the Halo Infinite campaign mode as well. It goes from 18.53 GB (multiplayer) to 21.89 GB (campaign), depending on whether you're downloading on PC or Xbox consoles. For more information, have a look at the table below. The first number represents the multiplayer, the second one is the campaign mode, and the third one is the total download size of Halo Infinite in gigabytes:

Remember that you'll need an additional 200+ MB for the Steam client, should you decide to play Halo Infinite there. To learn more about the download size of games, check out our other articles, like the download size of Diablo 3 and the download size of Team Fortress 2

Where Can I Download Halo Infinite?

You can download Halo Infinite on Steam and Microsoft Store (PC), and Microsoft Store (Xbox One and Series X/S). You can also install Halo Infinite from a disc (consoles only), though you'll need an internet connection to download the additional files.

Outstanding Campaign, Lousy Multiplayer

If Halo Infinite didn't feature the multiplayer mode, we could definitely say that this game is nearly immaculate. It truly has an outstanding storyline, fantastic audio/visual quality, the addition of grappleshot, a wide variety of weapons, and above all — hilarious grunts. But, on the other hand, the multiplayer mode feels like a burden that prevented Halo Infinite from achieving its full potential. So what went wrong?

Seriously, hats off to game writers for making the grunts so comical!

At first, playing Halo Infinite multiplayer may seem incredibly fun. That is until you realize how many issues it has. For instance, many server issues and high ping cause desync due to the distant servers. Players cannot select the server closer to their location, so they are stuck with assigned ones. In addition, many players have reported disconnects, crashes, and getting stuck on the loading screen. This all caused loss of ranks, which made many players quit the game entirely. 

If you thought that's all, you were wrong. The multiplayer mode features predatory monetization and microtransactions, even though 343 Industries has reduced the prices. The progression system is almost non-existing unless you purchase a battle pass. And most importantly, the multiplayer gameplay isn't that good either because of some weapon balancing issues, ludicrous vehicles, and somewhat overpowered grappleshot. Oh, and did we mention cheaters? Like, lots of them. 

On a more positive note, if you're willing to pay no heed to the multiplayer mode, you'll have an incredible gameplay experience with the Halo Infinite campaign, especially if you're an old-school Halo fan. 

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