How to make Destiny 2 fullscreen [Solved]

Play Destiny 2 in fullscreen and resolve bugs with these 6 troubleshooting methods for PC.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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How to make Destiny 2 fullscreen [Solved]

Bungie Inc’s Destiny 2 has seen its fair share of ups and downs ever since its release, but with time, Destiny 2 has proven its place in the rankings of cosmic MMO Shooters.

If you’re looking to play this awesome space combat, futuristic, class-based shooter with RPG elements, it’s best to do so in fullscreen. There’s just so much to explore and enjoy in Destiny 2, to say that you’ll be missing out by playing in Windowed mode is to put it lightly.


From our handpicked solutions of 6 troubleshooting methods, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make Destiny 2 play in fullscreen mode
  • Fix resolution / partial fullscreen visual display bugs
  • Reduce stuttering, flickering or remove blackscreen
  • Set Custom Resolution or 16:10 Aspect Ratio in full screen mode

Solution 1: Toggle Full screen mode in Destiny 2 with keyboard shortcuts like F11 or Alt Enter

This is a must know tip for any player on Windows PC. For almost any video game you play on PC, you can activate fullscreen or exit it with any of these shortcuts below:

  • [Alt] [Enter] at the same time.
  • [F11] key.
  • Hold [Fn] then press [F11], only if your keyboard has a Fn (function) key.


Solution 2: Change your in-game video settings in Destiny 2

To fix the partial fullscreen bug where Destiny 2 doesn’t fit to your entire monitor space, we’ll need to adjust your Video Settings and change your [Window Mode] and [Resolution].


If this is a method you’ve already tried and did not work, delete two files from your Prefs folder first.

  1. Go to [ C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Bungie\DestinyPC\prefs ]
  2. Delete the 2 files: [ cvars.old ] and [ cvars.xml ].


To change your Destiny 2 in-game settings, do this:
  1. In the home menu, go to [Game Options].
  2. Go to [Open Settings].
  3. Navigate to [Video], which is located on the left bar.
  4. Set your [Window Mode] to Fullscreen, Borderless Windowed, or Windowed Fullscreen.
  5. Set the [Resolution] to your screen's native resolution.
  6. Apply settings.

If you don’t know what your native screen resolution is, right click your desktop and click on [Display Settings] to find it.


How to find your PC’s native resolution:
  1. Right click an empty space on your desktop and select [Display settings].
  2. Scroll down and find your [Display resolution].
  3. Find the setting in the dropdown menu that says (Recommended).That is your native resolution.

Solution 3: Use Steam Launch Options to force Fullscreen or Borderless Windowed mode in Destiny 2

Fortunately for you space cowboys, Destiny 2’s official migration from Battle.Net to Steam means you’ll have access to Steam’s Launch Options features. This feature allows users to force a game to launch in Fullscreen, or Borderless Windowed, or Windowed mode, so long as they configure it right.

With a little bit of tech savvy, this can be done in under 2 minutes.


To force Destiny 2 in Fullscreen mode or Borderless Windowed, do this:
  1. Find Destiny 2 in your Steam Library.
  2. Right click and Select [Properties].
  3. In the launch options text zone, for fullscreen mode, type -fullscreen.
  4. To force launch Destiny 2 in Borderless Windowed mode, type -popupwindow.
  5. Close the menu to apply settings.

Solution 4: Disable Fullscreen Optimization for Destiny 2 to avoid crashes or stuttering

You know how some default softwares on your Windows just isn’t preferable to keep defaulted? The same can be said for ‘Fullscreen Optimization’ settings which is enabled for all software on Windows PC.

This setting could be interfering with your Destiny 2 settings, leading to increased crashes, lag spikes, and fps drops. To fix this problem, we can disable the optimization option from Destiny 2’s exe file properties.


To Disable Fullscreen Optimization, locate Destiny 2’s application file:
  1. Search for Destiny 2 in your Steam Library.
  1. Right click and select [Properties].
  2. Navigate to [Local Files] and click on [Browse].
  3. Right click on Destiny 2’s application file, then choose [Properties].
  4. Under the [Compatibility] tab, tick the box for [Disable fullscreen optimizations].
  5. Hit [OK] to save.

Solution 5: Update or Reinstall your Graphic Drivers

In other cases, your stuttering / black screen / or inability to go fullscreen is caused by an outdated graphic driver. We can simply update or reinstall the Graphic Drivers to resolve the issue.


How to update your NVIDIA or AMD graphic drivers:
  1. Search for [Device Manager] and open it.
  2. Navigate to [Display adapters], double click to expand it, then select your driver.
  3. Double click to open your driver’s [Properties].
  4. Navigate to [Driver] and click on [Update Driver].
  5. Choose [Search automatically for drivers] and finish the installation if there is a new update.
How to reinstall your NVIDIA or AMD graphic drivers:
  1. Under your driver properties, select [Uninstall Device].
  2. Restart your computer and Windows will automatically reinstall.

Solution 6: If you are still experiencing black bars in fullscreen, set Custom or a Stretch Resolution in Nvidia Control Panel for Destiny 2

If you wish to set a Custom or “Stretch Res” in 1440 or create a custom Aspect Ratio such as 16:10, then this is the section for you.

This part requires you to create a new resolution in Nvidia Control Panel settings, which is a bit trickier and can lead to some problems with your other apps / games. Normally, setting your native resolution in-game should have solved the issue, so treat this like a last resort.

Be sure to try all other troubleshooting options on this list before proceeding.


How to set a custom Nvidia Resolution:

  1. Right click your desktop and select [Nvidia Control Panel].
  2. Go to [Change Resolution], which can be found under [Display].
  3. Select[Customize].
  4. Change your horizontal values ONLY, by multiplying it by 1.6.
  5. Save settings.
Force GPU Scaling override:
  1. Navigate to [Adjust Desktop Size and Position].
  2. Set your [Scaling mode] to Full-screen, and [Perform scaling on] to GPU.
  3. Tick the checkbox for [Override the scaling mode set by games and programs].
Set your new Resolution settings in-game:
  1. Open Destiny 2.
  2. Navigate to [Video] under your settings.
  3. Find your new Resolution and select that.

Voila! Enjoy your customized resolution in Destiny 2! Just remember this new resolution may mess with your other programs. You can always turn it off after your Destiny 2 game time, and reactivate the resolution before playing.

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