What rank is 1300 Elo in Brawlhalla?

Find out what rank corresponds to 1300 Elo in Brawlhalla

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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What rank is 1300 Elo in Brawlhalla?

Through the ranked season, if you play Brawlhalla ranked mode (1v1 or 2v2), you will gain and lose Elo and that decides your rank.

Blue Mammoth Games has made it so Brawlhalla's ranked seasons are roughly 3 months long, like similar games. Each ranked season has a soft reset at the end, changing your Elo, and, in consequence, maybe also your rank.

Ranked in Brawlhalla

First of all, you'll need to know how the ranking system works. In short, Brawlhalla uses the Elo system as its rating system: you gain and lose Elo through ranked play; when you win, you gain some, and when you lose, you lose some.

Ranked rewards in Brawlhalla

At the end of each ranked season, you will gain rewards based on your rank, like Glory, based also on the number of ranked games you've played and won, and you will also gain a border and a ranked avatar at the start of the new season, based on your maximum rank reached.

What rank is 1300 Elo in Brawlhalla?

1300 Elo in Brawlhalla is Silver 4. You will need a few more wins to reach Gold. Just remember to do so before the ranked season reset.


If your Elo is 1300, you are in the top 69.30% of players. Silver and Gold are average Brawlhalla players; while it depends on a lot of factors, if you are Silver it means you have a basic understanding of the game, like how not to fall off the stage and you are somewhat good at hitting your opponent. Meanwhile, Gold players are more consistent in hitting the enemy, while also having a better understanding of dodging.

The biggest mistake at this rank is spamming signature attacks. Instead, one should focus on learning how to hit their normal attacks, and if they do this, they will climb very fast into gold.

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