How Good is Silver in Brawlhalla? [Rank Overview]

Silver rank in Brawlhalla is the 'in-between' tier where players are quite decent, but still have room to improve.

Updated on Feb 25, 2024
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How Good is Silver in Brawlhalla? [Rank Overview]

What is the Silver Rank in Brawlhalla?

Silver is the third rank in the Brawlhalla ranking system, but I’ve always called it the ‘in-between rank’. Silver players aren’t quite average, but they aren’t necessarily horrible, either. This is also the division where matches begin to be a bit more evenly matched. Keep reading to see what you can do to deal with a more competent player base.

Silver Rank Distribution Brawlhalla

Is Silver a Good Brawlhalla Rank?

Being a Silver Player puts you in the top 95% of all Brawlhalla players, as you can see in the aggregated Brawlhalla ranking distribution down below. Though being almost identical to Tin and Bronze at the lower ranks, it is the first rank that starts to actually ramp in skill across the division.

Brawlhalla Silver Rank ELO Breakdown

RankELO Range
Silver 11130 - 1181
Silver 21182 - 1233
Silver 31234 - 1285
Silver 41286 - 1337
Silver 51338 - 1389

Rank Overview Brawlhalla

How To Improve From a Silver Rank in Brawlhalla

Replay analysis, research, and sparring are the three cornerstones of a Silver player that won’t stay there for long and rank up in Brawlhalla. 

Try to find people in a Gold rank or even a Platinum rank that will spar, get coaching, and consume content. The players with the most voracious appetites for learning will spend the least time here, so go all out, and spend as much time as possible learning, through whatever means you can.

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