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Is Silver a good rank in Brawlhalla? At what ELO is Silver? How to get out of this rank?

Find out where Silver falls on the ladder in Brawlhalla, and how to get out of it

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Is Silver a good rank in Brawlhalla? At what ELO is Silver? How to get out of this rank?

In Brawlhalla’s ranking system, there are 6 ranks: Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

What is the Silver Rank in Brawlhalla?

Silver is the third rank in the list, but I’ve always called it the ‘in-between rank’. Silver players aren’t quite average, but they aren’t necessarily horrible, either. This is also the division where matches begin to be a bit more evenly matched. Keep reading to see what you can do to deal with a more competent player base.

Percent of total player base in each rank.

Is Silver a good Rank in Brawlhalla?

Being a Tin Player puts you in the top 95% of all Brawlhalla players as you can see in the aggregated Brawlhalla ranking distribution down below. Though being almost identical to Tin and Bronze at the lower ranks, it is the first rank that starts to actually ramp in skill across the division.

Highest percent of total player base in each rank.

What ELO is Silver in Brawlhalla?

Silver ranges from 1200 to 1400 ELO. If you go below 1200, you’ll stay in Silver 1 until 1149, where you’ll enter Bronze 4.

How To Improve from Silver

In Silver, you’ll start playing against mostly equally skilled players. This means that you’ll finally be able to watch replays in a more meaningful manner than, ‘oh, I shouldn’t have done X here’. The biggest mistake that Silver players make is not respecting their opponents enough to start analyzing them, so I’ll spend a majority of this article teaching you how to properly review your replays.

Mako SSig

Before we go over replays, here’s the guide on optimizing your controls: the first control to change is Press Up to Jump - if you have this enabled, it’s very difficult to perform Neutral moves. We generally press Up to perform a Neutral move, because pressing nothing is very difficult to time, and can be inconsistent. Make sure you have Press Up to Jump disabled.

Optimized Control Scheme for Brawlhalla

The next important control to change is Prioritize Neutral Over Side. In conjunction with disabling Press Up to Jump, this means that inputting diagonally in any direction will perform the Neutral move. This is important for some combos/strings, makes juggling a piece of cake, and also increases consistency across the board. 

With that out of the way, let’s discuss replay analysis.

How to Review Your Ranked Games

Replay review is more than just watching your games over, it’s deeply analyzing every sequence of events from multiple different perspectives. For beginners, learning how to identify the neutral game (where neither player has advantage) is the most important, and it’s what I generally see as a starting focus of replay analysis.

Ragnir SSig

Learning to read the neutral game is complicated, but let’s start simple. The most obvious way to identify neutral is to ask the following question: Is anyone attacking or dodging, or doing anything else that commits them to an animation/movement? If so, is that person gaining value, or trying to recover from a loss? If it is the former, then they are in advantage, whereas the latter means disadvantage. If you can’t determine, assume disadvantage.

Neutral Game in Brawlhalla

With this knowledge, rewatch your replays. Notice when the game is neutral, and what causes it to change. Track how many times you enter advantage/disadvantage, and if you are actually using each instance to either push an advantage, or mitigate a loss. As you start to become more comfortable with certain sequences, you’ll be able to more easily identify how to respond to almost every neutral break (engages, positioning, etc.)


While Tin and Bronze are mostly just about consistently playing the game, Silver is mostly about knowledge. Having the knowledge of not only how your weapon/legend works, but also some simple fundamentals, such as neutral and matchup dynamics, can really make the difference in how long it takes for you to start improving. There are literally hundreds of repositories for learning, but I think the best places to start are YouTube and Discord. 

YouTube is a more passive research process - you just look up some concept (neutral game, for example), and watch 2-3 videos going over the concept. This will add more Brawlhalla info to your recommended feed, so you’ll be caught up automatically with all sorts of concepts. 

YouTube search for 'Brawlhalla Combos'

Discord is more active, as you’ll mostly learn through actual conversations/lessons. Just sparring with players who are around Gold is going to help you really start to understand what’s keeping you from improving. For me, getting to Platinum was mostly due to constantly sparring, performing in small indie tournaments, and studying professional play.

Thor SSig

Quickest Tips for Climbing

As I said above, Silver is all about knowledge. Replay analysis, research, and sparring are the three cornerstones of a Silver player that won’t stay there for long and rank up in Brawlhalla. Try to find people in Gold or Platinum that will spar, get coaching, and consume content. The players with the most voracious appetites for learning will spend the least time here, so go all out, and spend as much time as possible learning, through whatever means you can.

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