What is the Highest Elo Rank in Brawlhalla?

Find out the highest elo ever achieved in Brawlhalla

Updated on Dec 18, 2023
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What is the Highest Elo Rank in Brawlhalla?

Brawlhalla, like many other competitive games, has a ranked mode and a ranking system.

Doesn't matter if you play 1v1s or 2v2s, both have the same ranking system.

Notice: The ranking system in Brawlhalla is going to change soon.

Difference between Elo and rank in Brawlhalla


ELO is the rating system in Brawlhalla. It's represented as a number, ranging from 750 (Tin rank) to 2000 (Diamond rank). Check out our detailed article on the ranking system.

Your Elo gets reset at the end of each ranked season.

The ranks in Brawlhalla are the following:

IN RankELO Range
Tin650 - 950
950 - 1250

1250 - 1389

1389 - 1682

1682 - 1999

US-E / EU: Top 150
BRZ: Top 100
SEA / US-W: Top 50
AUS / JPN: Top 25

What is the highest rank in Brawlhalla?

Thus the highest rank right now in Brawlhalla is Valhallan; it used to be Diamond at 2000 Elo in previous seasons, but now the Valhallan rank in Brawlhalla is given to the top 150-200 players in each region and is not based on a fixed ELO threshold.

Check the Ranked Elo distribution in Brawlhalla.

What is the Highest Elo ever achieved in Brawlhalla?


The highest ELO rating achieved in Brawlhalla is 3004 by Sandstorm. Sandstorm was the first to break the 3000 Elo barrier in March 2020, which remains to this day one of the most iconic achievements in the Brawlhalla community.

That said, while Valhallan is the highest rank (top Diamond players), there isn't an Elo cap in Brawlhalla. You can technically get numbers over 3000, like Sandstorm and other pro players did in the past, but it is unlikely, because the system rewards you with points based on your MMR and the MMR of your opponents, and if you are above anyone else in Elo you will gain very little when winning, and lose a lot for a loss.

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