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Is Platinum a good rank in Brawlhalla? At what ELO is Platinum? How to get out of this rank?

Learn where Platinum falls on the ladder, and how to get out of it

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Is Platinum a good rank in Brawlhalla? At what ELO is Platinum? How to get out of this rank?

In Brawlhalla’s ranks system, there are 6 ranks: Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

What is the Platinum Rank in Brawlhalla?

Platinum is the beginning of semi-high level play. Getting here probably requires you having a decent understanding of 2-3 Weapons/Legends, having a fairly comprehensive understanding of fundamentals (neutral, stage control, matchup dynamics, etc.), and mechanical prowess. In this guide, I’ll discuss how to properly train, review your replays, and how to use sparring to accelerate your learning. 

Percent of total player base in each rank.

Is Platinum a good Rank in Brawlhalla?

Being a Platinum player puts you in the top 3% of all Brawlhalla players. This is where most players who are really determined to climb end up, and it’s a decent accomplishment to achieve.

Highest percent of total player base in each rank.

What ELO is Platinum in Brawlhalla?

Platinum ranges from 1682 to 2000 ELO. You can go below 1682, you’ll just stay in Platinum 1, the lowest division.

How to Train for any Weapon or Legend

Training is mainly about two things: learning new techniques and combos, or improving consistency of these techniques and combos. In Platinum, you should be very confident with the weapons you play, so I’ll focus more on a warmup regiment that can also be used for general training/refining.

The Offline Play menu

You should already have a list of 5-8 combos and strings to practice. Perform each one over and over until you perform it true/optimally (min. dodge window) 3-5 times in a row. 

Make sure your settings are synced up with the picture below. For combos, you should never see a purple text that says, ‘Dodge Window: X’. That’s the amount of frames that your opponent was out of hitstun, which makes the combo not true. For strings, you’ll probably find yourself hitting a wall on the Dodge Window, ranging from 2-7 frames. Seeing the Dodge Window helps you know when you’re consistently hitting perfect combos/strings, and, once you’re hitting 90% of all attempted strings/combos, you’re ready to go into ranked.

If you’re trying to learn a new weapon/legend, you can use this same regimen, just know that it might take a little longer this way.

Optimal Setup for Practicing Combos in Training in Brawlhalla

After finishing the above session, take a 5-10 minute break. You just did some pretty rigorous training, and your fingers might even feel sore. Once you feel ready to play the game again, queue up for experimental. Just play a couple games to get comfortable fighting against a live opponent. Something a lot of people don’t consider when trying to understand why their climb is slowed down is the mental aspect of improvement, and it really can hinder your progress. No matter how confident you are, there is a small part of you mind that is nervous about competing with someone else, so you’ll always be performing slightly worse in a real game than you do in training. Experimental helps to mitigate this, as it’s a bit easier than ranked, and there are no stakes. Just play a couple games, focusing more on hitting combos you’re not comfortable with, than winning. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for ranked.

Orion SSig

That’s the foundation of a more advanced warmup/training regiment, but feel free to tweak it to how you learn best, or how much time you wish to spend training.

Advanced Review

With that out of the way, let’s discuss some more advanced review technique. In some of my previous guides, I gave you a basic guide on how to observe, advantage, disadvantage, and the neutral game. These are the core fundamentals of the game, and are crucial to advancing through Silver and Gold. Once you get out of Gold, you’ll need some more advanced fundamentals to keep climbing at a reasonable rate. Keep reading to learn about downloading habits and engagement analysis.


In essence, downloading is just analyzing your opponent’s habits, and modifying your playstyle to punish them. In replay analysis, downloading is more focused on your habits - seeing what commonalities there are between every engagement you lose. To begin, analyze the advantage state of the game, and stop every time it flips from one player to the other. 

Arcadia SSig

If you lost advantage, what caused you to lose it? If you gained advantage, how did your opponent blunder? By analyzing these traits and looking for a pattern, you’ll easily be able to start noticing in both you and your opponent, and, as you improve at doing this, you’ll even be able to analyze mid game, which makes you more adaptable,which is crucial to advancing past low Platinum. Once you’ve learnt how to download your opponent, you’re ready for how to do advanced engagement analysis.

Volkov SSig

Engagement Analysis

The goal of engagement analysis is to notice who wins each engagement (when you exit neutral and actually deal damage), and why they won. For example, if we’re both at the same percentage, and I hit you, and you just return to neutral, I win the engagement. It can be very complex, but it basically breaks down to this: How many times does your opponent need to win neutral to take one of your stocks, and, if they do win neutral, how well can you mitigate your loss? The easiest way to determine this is the following: every time one person hits another, tally all of the damage they do before returning to neutral. Do the same for the person losing neutral, if they’re able to retaliate. The person who does more damage probably won that engagement, but there are some more nuanced factors, such as stage control, baiting out dodges, breaking weapons, etc. You’ll have to figure it out case-by-case, but starting with the above method is really the key to getting the ball rolling on this.

How to Find Sparring Partners

Once you’re at a Platinum level, your climb inevitably becomes slower. This is because increasing your percentile by one in Platinum is equivalent to raising your percentile by five to 6 in Silver/Gold. Proper training and replay review are great for helping you accelerate your climb, but they have a certain ceiling to how much they can help you. If you really want to start improving quickly, you’ll need to start using sparring and tournaments.

Discord Looking for Game Servers

The best place to find sparring partners is probably LFG Discords. Some of the more prominent ones include Brawl League, nSig, and Permhub. On these servers, you can find people to just play in private lobbies against. Playing against the same people over and over provides many benefits, including learning how to get comfortable in specific playstyles, becoming consistent, and having reinforcement to improve from others. If you can get some players in higher divisions than you, or even Diamond players, all of these benefits get amplified immensely.

Platinum is the second lowest ranked division in the game. This is where a players cap off, but, if you’re really gunning to keep going, check out or guide on how to get to Diamond. If you’re not sure where to start, try checking out our tier list for legends.

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